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Rosanne Marie – Myron May Suicide Letter – PLEASE SHARE

I know some of you don’t believe that Myron May was a target, but I do. Read the letter he left behind.

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Gang Stalking, the NWO & End Times Bible Prophecy.

 Rosanne Marie – Myron May Suicide Letter – PLEASE SHARE


Myron May Suicide Letter – PLEASE SHARE

The purpose of this letter is 3 fold…

First, I would like to make a sincere plea to you not to let my personal story die …

Enclosed within this letter you will find a USB flash drive containing a personal testimony from me about the financial, emotional and psychological pain that I have endured over the course of the last few months since I have discovered that I was a targeted individual. I have literally been forced to endure a living hell. There are thousands of targeted individuals within the United States that literally suffer each and every day at the hands of our government. Personally, I have experienced significant harassment from law enforcement in every place that I have been these past few months.

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Gang Stalking – I hope my blog helps someone in the future.

Now they’re really coming after with the computer. I can get into WordPress, but they’ve covered the places where I can get in. As you can see, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. I got in.

If what’s happening to us targets ever comes out into the open, I plan to sue everyone who harassed me. And this includes everyone who did anything to me.

I’ll start with the ACLU. What a bunch of phonies. They’re for everyone’s civil rights except for targets. If this ever comes out into the open, I want everyone to decline the help of the ACLU. It knows what’s going on and has done nothing to help us. I’m sure it will be the first one in line to want us to sign up to sue the government. Don’t have anything to do with the ACLU.

And then there are all the crooked businesses who don’t care about what they do to us. They treat us like crap and we have no choice, but to buy things from them. There are Albertsons. The people who work at Albertsons are the rudest sales people. They are rude, rude, rude. And there’s McDonald.  Another bunch of no goods. Giving us the wrong food, giving it to us raw, leaving the cheese off our burgers, giving us coffee instead of chocolate, etc. And rude, rude, rude, too.

The bus company – The bus drivers make sure that our bus ride is horrific. Making turns to make sure we fall out of our seat. Heating up the seat where  we  sit.  Screeching their brakes to make us fall, closing the door on us before we’re out of the bus, coming to a stop  and making sure that we are 3 or 4 inches from the curve, especially if we have a suitcase, or carrying heavy items, and being rude, rude, rude.

And the Clark County Library – constant harassment, helping the perps with how to hack our computers, always blaming us for everything (nothing is ever anyone else’s fault; always a target’s fault). You’ve read how I’m treated at the library. It’s a constant thing. I’m never not bothered by the guards. The guards make ugly faces at me (I  do it right back to them) and acting like jerks. They never seem to hear all the noise, the chairs missing, all the criminal activity that’s happening in front of their faces, but all I have to do is raise my voice a little, and they run in to tell me that I’ll be thrown out of the library. That’s discrimination.

All the apartment complexes I lived in. I’ve made sure I wrote their names and location so I don’t forget. The torture I have to go through every night and day., allowing perps to run loose in my apartment, destroying my property, trying to basically kill me. They’re the worse of the worse. They belong in jail.

And there are a lot others who’ve made my existence a miserable one. I know what’s happening to us will eventually come out, but as always, it will take years. Things happened in the past with McCarthyism, etc., but it wasn’t found out for 30-40 years, so  it’s always hidden. The government always waits until  everyone is dead to let out information of what happened to American citizens. By that time all the tormentors are dead so are the tormented.

Oh, and how can I forget to include the U.S. government. The government that created the program that toture its citizens. The government that made it possible for crooked people to make our lives miserable while we were alive.

I might not be around to tell my story when that time comes, but I’m leaving behind the history of what I had to suffer. What my life was like while I was alive. I don’t think it will really make any difference to anyone 30-40 years from now, and no will really care, but I’m sure the government will make a fuss about it and everyone will just go on with their lives. But it makes me feel better if someone some day finds my blog and discovers that something that’s happening to them happened to me and they know that they’re not insane and that it happened to someone else.

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Gang Stalking – 200 plus readers disappear in one day?!

I keep getting messages from Facebook that someone is getting into my computer from Costa Mesa, Ca.  So I decided to check. I checked the IP #  I was sure it was going to lead to California, but surprise! The IP # leads back to Las Vegas.  It leads back to the library district. This is what it says:

TechName: ZL21-ARIN, phone # +1-702-507-6252, HostMaster@Lvccld.Org, address: 7060 W. Windmill Lane 89113. Key date: 1993-06-02; update 2011-09-24. You see , whoever is hacking my computer is doing it in a round about way so I don’t know where he’s really located. But thanks to Google, I now know  where the hackers are really located.  Of course, the hackers are also sitting next to me. I guess the library at Windmill Lane sets up the computers so the hackers can get into the computers. I don’t know if the library  district’s involved in the hacking. I think they are. How can they not know that their computers are getting hacked? The library hires IT experts and they should  be able to catch any hacking. If the district doesn’t know what’s going on, then the technicians don’t know what they’re doing.  I’m sure the library knows what’s going on.  And it’s with the approval of the government. Or it might even be a government tech.

There are also other IP numbers I have to check. I’m sure they’re all in Las Vegas, or nearby.

P.S. I had 590 readers yesterday. And now, I have only 345 readers. The hackers changed the number on me. 200+ readers are not going to disappear in one day. I mean, it’s possible, but I don’t think all those readers disappeared.

Oh, my readers are back on. WordPress.com, thank you. That’s why I love WordPress.com

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Gang Stalking- The beginning of my 6th year as a victim of government harassment.

Well, it’s  my anniversary. Today, July 11, is when my real gang stalking began.

I had  strange things happening to me before this date, but it was nothing I couldn’t handle. And then on July 11, the electricity began.  I began getting hit with electricity when I slept. Then they began to wake me up every 2 hours. I was followed everywhere. People began breaking into my apartment, putting things in my food, breaking my furniture, ripping my clothes, began playing loud music every day, cars with their lights on followed me everywhere, people became extremely rude to me. When I went to any store, I was treated as if I had a disease. My family joined in my harassment and tried to convince me that nothing was happening to me. They suggested I’d go see a psychiatrist. All along they knew what was happening.

Then I began writing my blog and readers told me they  were experiencing the same things. That they were victims of harassment, too. That they experienced sleeplessness, break-ins to their homes/apartment, followed everywhere, etc.  That their families were also harassing them. It was eye-opening.

So, July 11, is the day that I consider my anniversary date, but my harassment really began in 2004. But as I stated, it wasn’t as bad as its gotten in the last 6 years. The last 6 years have been a living hell. I’m never left alone, not at home, not anywhere. It’s a constant barrage of people who follow me. The people who follow me  has increased twofold.  Everything has increased twofold. I feel as if I’m in a prison, but it has no bars. And it seems what’ s happening to me now is never going to stop.

The zombies who do this to me and other Americans can’t seem to think for themselves. They think everything they do to us is funny. It’s all a game to them. They do what they are told to do. They don’t stop and ask “why?”. They just do what they’re told. It is our lives they’re messing with. How would they like it if we did to them what they’re doing to us? I can  tell you, they’d have a fit. They wouldn’t be able to handle what we have to live through every day, year after year. I think most of them would commit suicide.

But we targets seem to be a strong bunch. I can surely say that. It’s been my experience that we targets don’t give up easily. There are  some of us who have committed crimes against humanity, but I can understand why. Unless someone has been in our shoes, they can’t imagine the hell we live through every day.

I want to say to you targets: never give up. Don’t let them make you do something you’ll regret. And I believe in fighting back. I believe in fighting back in such a way that’s as sneaky as the way we’re treated. Everything that the perps do to us is very sneaky so that they’re never caught. So we have to be just as sneaky. That’s the only way we’ll survive. We do anything upfront and we suffer the consequences. We’ll always get the blame in any situation. So sneaky is as sneaky does.

So on the 6th anniversary of my gang stalking, I want to say “thank you ” to all my  readers.  Thank you for reading my blog and sticking in there with me. Thank you for encouraging me when I need encouragement. You’ve been lifesavers in my life. I appreciate every one of you. I also want to thank WordPress.com for helping me when I needed help with my computer.

Targets: Never, never give up! We will be free some day.

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Gang Stalking – Government wants you to report your local smogger.

What next?

I recently found out about this program. It’s been in existence for 14 years. It’s a program called “Smog Spotters”. It used to have another name, but it’s been changed to “Smog Spotters”.  This program encourages people to report  anyone’s car  that’s  spewing nasty stuff out of their car. They can report the person’s car by telephone or on-line. Once  a call’s made to “Smog Spotters”, the person reporting the smogger has to report the license number, make and type of vehicle, city of observation, county, date, etc.

Talk about Big Brother!

What will they think of next?

I believe in having clean air, but this reporting of smoggers doesn’t sit right with me.

It’ s  so  easy to get information on someone this way. And also keep track of them. Maybe the smoggers will end up on the government hit list.

I have an idea on how to get even with perps. Every time I see any of their cars spewing nasty stuff out of their cars, I’ll call and report them. How’s that for getting even?  They report everything we do, we report them dirtying the air.

There are a lot of problems in Las Vegas. Homelessness is about the worse. I’m seeing homeless men everywhere. I’ve never seen as many as this summer. Maybe it’s all the veterans who were sent home from the war.

Reporting people spewing smog is more important than ending homelessness.

Maybe there are a lot of cars spewing smog because people  can’t afford to get their cars fixed? Add another misery to their lives. They won’t have a car, nor a home.

By the way, The Environmental Protection Agency  requires that all states meet a certain requirement when it comes to how much smog a state has.

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No More Stealing by Government? A Long-Overdue Attack on Asset Forfeiture

Your government at work.

International Liberty

Since I’m a public finance economist, I realize I’m supposed to focus on big-picture issues such as tax reform and entitlement reform. And I do beat those issues to death, so I obviously care about controlling the size and power of government.

But I like to think I’m also a decent human being. And this is why I get even more agitated when politicians and bureaucrats engage in thuggish behavior against comparatively powerless citizens.

Some of the worst examples of government thuggery are the result of “asset forfeiture,” which happens when governments confiscate the property of people who haven’t been convicted of any crime. Heck, sometimes they’re not even charged with any crime.

*Such as when the government wanted to steal someone’s truck because a different person was arrested for drunk driving.

*Such as when the government tried to steal the bond money a family has collected to bail…

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Gang stalking – Do you know what a wasp does to a roach?

Do you know what wasps do to cockroaches?  I bet you don’t. Wasps are parasitic and use other living creatures to lay their eggs. They use the body of other pests as host.

A wasp will see a roach, land on it, spray a toxin into the roach’s back. The cockroach then becomes zombie-like. The cockroach will follow the wasp to where it lives. The wasp will have the roach for dinner. Doesn’t this sound like what happens to the perps? Once the government finds a willing host, it eats up host.  The perps become zombie-like and do whatever the government wants them to do. The only difference, the government doesn’t eat the perps for diner. It uses them to eat targets for dinner.  Basically, once the perps become involved with the government, they become parasitic. They no longer have free will. They’re in the clutches of the wasps (government).

There always have been perpetrators and victims. It’s nothing new. That’s the way the world’ s been since time immemorial. There  always have been evil people  willing  to do the bidding of the ones in power.

So, we targets are just dinner for the government perps.

But, the wasps, too, have  enemies – mammals, bees, etc. And hopefully, some day, the perps will have their enemies – the people of the United States. Maybe there’ll be an awakening of the zombies and they will realize that they’re nothing but parasites living off other people’s bad fortune. That they’ve had their day in the sun and the sun  will no longer shine for them.

I can’t wait for the dark days to come  for the perps,  because, then, my days will become sunny days. Wasps also hate the dark and cold days and don’t survive. Just as the perps won’t survive. It’ll be a dark prison for most of them.

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