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Gang Stalking – 200 plus readers disappear in one day?!

I keep getting messages from Facebook that someone is getting into my computer from Costa Mesa, Ca.  So I decided to check. I checked the IP #  I was sure it was going to lead to California, but surprise! The IP # leads back to Las Vegas.  It leads back to the library district. This is what it says:

TechName: ZL21-ARIN, phone # +1-702-507-6252, HostMaster@Lvccld.Org, address: 7060 W. Windmill Lane 89113. Key date: 1993-06-02; update 2011-09-24. You see , whoever is hacking my computer is doing it in a round about way so I don’t know where he’s really located. But thanks to Google, I now know  where the hackers are really located.  Of course, the hackers are also sitting next to me. I guess the library at Windmill Lane sets up the computers so the hackers can get into the computers. I don’t know if the library  district’s involved in the hacking. I think they are. How can they not know that their computers are getting hacked? The library hires IT experts and they should  be able to catch any hacking. If the district doesn’t know what’s going on, then the technicians don’t know what they’re doing.  I’m sure the library knows what’s going on.  And it’s with the approval of the government. Or it might even be a government tech.

There are also other IP numbers I have to check. I’m sure they’re all in Las Vegas, or nearby.

P.S. I had 590 readers yesterday. And now, I have only 345 readers. The hackers changed the number on me. 200+ readers are not going to disappear in one day. I mean, it’s possible, but I don’t think all those readers disappeared.

Oh, my readers are back on. WordPress.com, thank you. That’s why I love WordPress.com

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