Gang Stalking – Odd Interlude

I want to recommend a book to targets. The name of it is “odd Interlude”. It is by Dean Koontz. I’ve read a few of his books, but this one makes me think he knows about how evil the government is. While reading this book, I felt as if someone knows what’s going on.

An evil being takes over a town. The town is located near the Pacific Coast of California. The people of the town in turn are good one minute and evil the next. It seems they are being controlled by some electronic means. And when this being turns the switch on anybody, they turn into evil beings. Just like what happens to the zombies who turn on us all the time. The people are afraid to do anything that will get them noticed, because the evil being will turn on them and make the family, friends turn on them, too.  The evil controls everything in the town. So they do as they’re told and don’t dare disobey the evil one and don’t think about it. It sounds very much like the zombies who harass us.

Doesn’t it sound exactly like what’s happening to us. The perps have no control over what they do to us, which I don’t believe for a minute. The zombie perps do exactly what they’re told to do without question. The evil, of course, refers to the government. That’s the evil force behind everything.

The title character’s name is Odd Thomas. He’s odd, because he can tell when evil beings are around. People request his help in getting rid of the evil spirit.  Of course, the people don’t have any idea the government’s involved.

I suggest you read this book. You’ll find that the lives of the people in the town closely resemble what’s happening in our lives.

We targets have truly entered the “Twilight Zone”. Life gets weirder and weirder.

Oh, and to those who are religious, Good Friday to you.

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12 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Odd Interlude

  1. You’re close, NE.
    I know you know who it was that handed you over and I know who did me.
    Sometimes you have no choice but to get sucked in by something false somebody assumes about you, then everything you say they spin it to suit that belief, then they twist things around and you say something, they take to mean something else entirely. Then this so called good person is out for blood.
    Hindsight you can see you would have been better off just walking away, but you didn’t sense any danger coming from this person of reputation, of affluence, of such great moral character.
    Once you’ve been exposed to this game long enough, with the lies, the mind games, the street theater literally everywhere you go, you doubt even people who claim to be targets. You become exceptionally sceptical especially of people who share things in common with you, or who pretend to.
    The great thing is that what I’ve been told by the smartest people I can think of, and the most reliable, albeit, former friends, lines up with what I believe God is telling me to do.
    Hold fast. I know this is unimaginable, and undeserved, and nobody believes us, but hang on, sister. Keep doing your research. Never stop learning and never give up.
    The great thing is that God doesn’t live in the here and now. He is not constrained by time or the callendar. I know in my heart that he already knew this would happen and he has a plan. The battle belongs to the Lord, and he has already won.
    Just give it to him and you cannot lose, because God never loses.

    • I’ve gone beyond close. I know who started this war against me, but I can’t say anymore. Don’t want to give them any warning. Thank you for your encouragement and I won’t give up.

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    • The police will take you in for what?!!! Don’t pay attention to the lowlifes. They’re playing mind games with you. I bet the police won’t show up. If the police do come, act very, very calmly, say nothing, admit nothing and say you want a lawyer. And take the 5th if you have to. Good luck to you. Let me know what happens.

  3. I was very sorry to have stopped reading his books when I decided to only read Christian fiction. The deal is this: Koontz DOES know about gangstalking and all the rest but does nothing about it. He cashes in on it as an idea, a theory, a good plot. He has gotten very rich off his books. He is very prolific. Some similar Christian authors with conspiracy theories are Frank E. Peretti and Lis Wiehl. Wiehl wrote a series where the conspirators used watered down psych drugs piped from a well to turn people into violent zombies–all originating from a posh private boys school. (spoiler oops). In Frank Peretti’s books devils and demons supernaturally attack humans and cause chaos until the hero stops it.

      • Yeah, I came to that conclusion after awhile. He has not stepped up to help us but uses the idea of gs as a plot line to make money. He is probably a perp.

          • I have no idea. But the time is here when someone must be brave to stand up to this and be willing to lose it all. Someone with means and influence. No one will help. Silence is consent especially since it’s obvious he knows. Just read more of his books and see.

  4. I used to read a lot of Dean Koontz and many of his books if not all have to do with dark conspiracies. Even his first book was about bad men poisoning a reservoir to turn people into zombies and take over the world. He also deals with what sounds a lot like gangstalking. There are at least two or three books of his I’ve read where a cabal of elitists are chasing an innocent person and have extraordinary knowledge of the person and can track them the way they do us. Dark Rivers of the Heart is one of those books. I was such a big fan of koontz’s books that I had a perp show up at my library that looked like him who then perped me.

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