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Gang Stalking – Odd Interlude

I want to recommend a book to targets. The name of it is “odd Interlude”. It is by Dean Koontz. I’ve read a few of his books, but this one makes me think he knows about how evil the government is. While reading this book, I felt as if someone knows what’s going on.

An evil being takes over a town. The town is located near the Pacific Coast of California. The people of the town in turn are good one minute and evil the next. It seems they are being controlled by some electronic means. And when this being turns the switch on anybody, they turn into evil beings. Just like what happens to the zombies who turn on us all the time. The people are afraid to do anything that will get them noticed, because the evil being will turn on them and make the family, friends turn on them, too.  The evil controls everything in the town. So they do as they’re told and don’t dare disobey the evil one and don’t think about it. It sounds very much like the zombies who harass us.

Doesn’t it sound exactly like what’s happening to us. The perps have no control over what they do to us, which I don’t believe for a minute. The zombie perps do exactly what they’re told to do without question. The evil, of course, refers to the government. That’s the evil force behind everything.

The title character’s name is Odd Thomas. He’s odd, because he can tell when evil beings are around. People request his help in getting rid of the evil spirit.  Of course, the people don’t have any idea the government’s involved.

I suggest you read this book. You’ll find that the lives of the people in the town closely resemble what’s happening in our lives.

We targets have truly entered the “Twilight Zone”. Life gets weirder and weirder.

Oh, and to those who are religious, Good Friday to you.

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – Would you ever fight over a sneaker?

The "Jumpman" logo is used by Nike t...

In Seattle, WA, several fights broke out at stores selling the new Air Jordan sneaker.  Like for many holiday sales, people began lining up the day before to reserve a spot and make sure they got the sneakers.

Would you ever wait in line overnight for something?  If so, what?

Standing in line to get a new pair of sneakers?  No way, no how.  I think most of the people who stood in line did it so they could say “they’re in with the latest style”.  As soon as the sneakers hit the ground, it’s old stuff and will become out of style, and everybody will start wearing them. It seems to be the American way to want to be the first at doing anything.

Air Jordan XI - Space Jam colorway

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Would I wait in line overnight for something?  Probably not, but I might do it for the experience. I’ve stood in lots of long lines in my life, but not at night waiting to buy something.  I’ve always liked doing odd things, and this experience fits into that category. Odd.

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