Gang Stalking – Government wants you to report your local smogger.

What next?

I recently found out about this program. It’s been in existence for 14 years. It’s a program called “Smog Spotters”. It used to have another name, but it’s been changed to “Smog Spotters”.  This program encourages people to report  anyone’s car  that’s  spewing nasty stuff out of their car. They can report the person’s car by telephone or on-line. Once  a call’s made to “Smog Spotters”, the person reporting the smogger has to report the license number, make and type of vehicle, city of observation, county, date, etc.

Talk about Big Brother!

What will they think of next?

I believe in having clean air, but this reporting of smoggers doesn’t sit right with me.

It’ s  so  easy to get information on someone this way. And also keep track of them. Maybe the smoggers will end up on the government hit list.

I have an idea on how to get even with perps. Every time I see any of their cars spewing nasty stuff out of their cars, I’ll call and report them. How’s that for getting even?  They report everything we do, we report them dirtying the air.

There are a lot of problems in Las Vegas. Homelessness is about the worse. I’m seeing homeless men everywhere. I’ve never seen as many as this summer. Maybe it’s all the veterans who were sent home from the war.

Reporting people spewing smog is more important than ending homelessness.

Maybe there are a lot of cars spewing smog because people  can’t afford to get their cars fixed? Add another misery to their lives. They won’t have a car, nor a home.

By the way, The Environmental Protection Agency  requires that all states meet a certain requirement when it comes to how much smog a state has.

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22 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Government wants you to report your local smogger.

  1. Not only as a nation but as a world we have reached the point of “no return” with citizens spying on other citizens amidst a media-reinforced constant state of fear, paranoia, hopelessness, confusion and anger.

    I say with sad confidence that we are in a totalitarian state in most nations.
    The media both “news” and “entertainment” keeps people distracted enough to buy into the bullshit that they still live in a democracy (in nations calling themselves “free republics”).

    Just the POWER TRIP citizen spies get off of gang stalking (and other illegal tattle tale programs) is intoxicating;Addictive for the weak-minded and weak-spirited eager to please local to federal law enforcement cowardly criminals who would just as soon spit on their citizen informants.

    I have tried to empathize or try and relate to the pathetic, imbecilic, foolish, embarrassing shit perps do for money and I do not understand that people’s pride and dignity is SO warped, SO shitty that they happily do whatever they’re told to F with someone for power, money and to feel part of something bigger than themselves.

    I wonder how much each local Infraguard/TRAITORS plays in our targeting?

    • From what I’ve seen, Infra-Gard plays a role in communications. And in some cases give orders for someone to be in a certain place, at a certain time.
      I’m quite sure that Infra-Gard plays a big role in targeting.

      • You read my mind! I’ve been thinking about Infraguard’s huge role in spying on Americans-Thanks for keeping America safe, FBI.

        These f—krs share “exclusive data” with business owners and other community members.
        Sadly, there is very little information about Infraguard because they are secretive traitors like the rest of the government agencies who routinely screw over the same Americans they took an oath to protect.

        Infraguard most likely works with neighborhood watch and community watch groups working with the local police of course and the local s==t fusion centers (as we’ve been told) coordinates the flow of information between a S-load of government agencies which translates into a lot of evil as—les with computers and I Phones and other “toys’ tracking TIs using unholy amounts of money.

        You’d THINK that the people in government and Infraguard who KNOW how evil this shit IS
        would have second thoughts about hurting their fellow human beings but FAKE prestige, a paycheck, a feeling of power, FAKE patriotism and other empty rewards are HUGE motivators for TINY minds.

        You can see all kinds of interesting stuff about Infraguard on Facebook but how much of it could actually be useful?

        A transparent democratic government with freedom of speech, press, assembly, privacy, ect
        and its all just another heap of lies we’ve been fed from day 1.

        Disgraceful. Disgusting and disappointing;Smiling, stupid traitors helping America and the rest of the world slide over the abyss for the sake of a handful of insane sociopaths.

        • I feel the same way. It’s like the Nazi regime. No one believed what was happening in Germany and no one believes what’s happening to us. I can just hear them say, years from now, just as the Germans said, “Oh, we didn’t know anything about it.” Sure, the German people didn’t know.

        • And those sociopaths are being funded by global governments, especially the USA.
          US gov can print money because it holds the worlds “reserve currency”. No other government can print US dollars. If Russia succeeds with China in toppling the US Dollar as the worlds reserve, gang stalking will all but disappear here.
          The gov won’t be able to print more money to pay someone to do squat.
          Friends in Belize and Guatemala don’t have it near as bad as we do here in America.
          They just walk into the jungle and turn and shoot the stalker. Their government doesn’t have the US resources to investigate or up the ante, so to speak.

          Since the “money supply” seems endless for the stalkers, it can’t be anyone other than a government funding it.
          Too bad we can’t get the stalked/TI’s to unite for our common defense.
          Having a community of our own would be ideal for stopping that BS.

          As for you Scott, be sure and BREAK THEIR ANCHORS, often.
          You can find a DIY De-Program here:
          My site.

          • I bookmarked your site a couple of weeks ago.

            The amount of info a TI MUST learn is huge once you manage to separate the science fiction government-sponsored disinformation and fear porn porn on the web
            from what makes logical sense-
            Especially after hearing enough TI radio shows (on Talkshoe) and reading enough seeing how so many different TIs experience the same symptoms.

            To say I was slightly furious once I discovered what triggers and anchors were is an understatement;They easily spent over one decade sensitizing me to certain people, colors, words and behaviors and it seemed as though one day I just “woke up” and my triggers were everywhere (I’m not naming them here as not to give these s-stained cowards the attention they crave).

            And from what I’ve learned about Remote Neural Monitoring so far is to keep our minds off of trying to improve ourselves;”our own thinking and mental clarity” is something they try to keep us from.

            So many times during the day I immediately notice that my thought patterns are NOT typical of my usual mindset.

            Like all other TIs, I’d love nothing more than for this to stop and the criminal traitors and cowards behind this to serve hard time except nearly every professional segment of our society has been infiltrated and/or controlled by the perps from the top (govt) down, Flaw enforcement at all levels, the “justice” system, lawyers, DAs, ect all aware of gang stalking in various degrees.

            The media keeps everything nicely covered up which includes the internet since its nearly impossible to find solid, useful information if you’re a TI whereas nearly ANY OTHER subject you can find a near-endless stream of information.

            Gang stalking is covered up so tightly because it breaks so many local, state, federal and international laws and the losers in charge and enforcing this know it as do MOST of our civilian perps who know what they’re doing is illegal (not to mention immoral) but since officer fedscum or local corrupt copscum flashes their badges, tells the civilian a horrible story of us (smear campaign) most people immediately cooperate (plus plenty get paid!).

            Not to mention that nearly all of our perps are brainwashed to varying degrees;They are too bluntly STUPID to coordinate complex perping so they are literally mind controlled zombies.

  2. Well, we can always start reporting perps to Smog Stoppers.
    Give the sicko’s something to do with their spare time. And it lets Big Bro know who they are.
    Of course, if Smog Stoppers actually send someone out to look, they get to watch assholes be assholes while they’re at it.

    • John Nutter, did you get my messages, or were they deleted?
      They’re more than assoles. They’re worthless pieces of shit!
      I haven’t been able to get into my WordPress account for two days. They changed password on me, but I got in today. I bet they’re unhappy. The bastards!

      • Try again. I’ve had nothing in email, by phone or anything from you.
        It’s either extreme hatred of you or fear of what I do for TI’s. And likely both.
        Keep trying.

  3. Proud patriotic Americans tattle-tailing on each other thanks to government/media-fueled paranoia (and an endless budget to reward people with nothing better to do):

    Operation TIPS, Community Oriented Policing, Infraguard, Neighborhood and Community watch groups (when they use it for gang stalking) not to mention all of the local, state and federal agency “anonymous” tip hotlines looking for “domestic terrorists” (everyone behind and enforcing gang stalking) and other “bad, bad people” in addition to a dozen or more bullshit “keep America safe by turning each other into the govt” programs.

    So budget waste in the U.S. has been obvious for a long time but can you imagine the money wasted at all levels of government on gang stalking, work place mobbing and the rest of their sadistic hate-driven programs? The amount of money and manpower that’s gone into the technology for gang stalking (and tracking and monitoring everyone in general) must be staggering.

    All because some elitist rich, ruling the world sick fucks are bored and have control issues.

    They actually have programs for Smog while testing and using DU and other poisonous weapons.

  4. Is a real problem for merchants with buisnesses most people hate them i spent nearly six years living on the street never asked for a dime from anyone and no government check. Living in storage unit as maintenance really cheap.My first hot shower in f ve years was in prison for criminal tresspassing when i got out was jailed again in the same day! In a city of four million? Then three more times same month! Been four years since being looked up resist perps anyway you can.

    • Then people wonder why there are so many shootings. I understand it. The way we’re treated is as bad as someone in China is treated, but you hear about all the bad things China does to its people, but not one peep out of American journalists about the same treatment Americans get.

  5. Get as many as you can,Texas also has large homeless community some veterans eight out of ten were desendants of freemasons either father Grandfather most do many types hard controlled substances more than alchohol about half get some type goverment financial suoport nearly all ask for money thievery is pretty rampant most pak together

    • Good. Why should Americans be snitching on other Americans? That’s the way it starts. A little snitching on something and then something else and something else and then a full-blown totalitarian government.

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