Gang Stalking- The beginning of my 6th year as a victim of government harassment.

Well, it’s  my anniversary. Today, July 11, is when my real gang stalking began.

I had  strange things happening to me before this date, but it was nothing I couldn’t handle. And then on July 11, the electricity began.  I began getting hit with electricity when I slept. Then they began to wake me up every 2 hours. I was followed everywhere. People began breaking into my apartment, putting things in my food, breaking my furniture, ripping my clothes, began playing loud music every day, cars with their lights on followed me everywhere, people became extremely rude to me. When I went to any store, I was treated as if I had a disease. My family joined in my harassment and tried to convince me that nothing was happening to me. They suggested I’d go see a psychiatrist. All along they knew what was happening.

Then I began writing my blog and readers told me they  were experiencing the same things. That they were victims of harassment, too. That they experienced sleeplessness, break-ins to their homes/apartment, followed everywhere, etc.  That their families were also harassing them. It was eye-opening.

So, July 11, is the day that I consider my anniversary date, but my harassment really began in 2004. But as I stated, it wasn’t as bad as its gotten in the last 6 years. The last 6 years have been a living hell. I’m never left alone, not at home, not anywhere. It’s a constant barrage of people who follow me. The people who follow me  has increased twofold.  Everything has increased twofold. I feel as if I’m in a prison, but it has no bars. And it seems what’ s happening to me now is never going to stop.

The zombies who do this to me and other Americans can’t seem to think for themselves. They think everything they do to us is funny. It’s all a game to them. They do what they are told to do. They don’t stop and ask “why?”. They just do what they’re told. It is our lives they’re messing with. How would they like it if we did to them what they’re doing to us? I can  tell you, they’d have a fit. They wouldn’t be able to handle what we have to live through every day, year after year. I think most of them would commit suicide.

But we targets seem to be a strong bunch. I can surely say that. It’s been my experience that we targets don’t give up easily. There are  some of us who have committed crimes against humanity, but I can understand why. Unless someone has been in our shoes, they can’t imagine the hell we live through every day.

I want to say to you targets: never give up. Don’t let them make you do something you’ll regret. And I believe in fighting back. I believe in fighting back in such a way that’s as sneaky as the way we’re treated. Everything that the perps do to us is very sneaky so that they’re never caught. So we have to be just as sneaky. That’s the only way we’ll survive. We do anything upfront and we suffer the consequences. We’ll always get the blame in any situation. So sneaky is as sneaky does.

So on the 6th anniversary of my gang stalking, I want to say “thank you ” to all my  readers.  Thank you for reading my blog and sticking in there with me. Thank you for encouraging me when I need encouragement. You’ve been lifesavers in my life. I appreciate every one of you. I also want to thank for helping me when I needed help with my computer.

Targets: Never, never give up! We will be free some day.

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21 thoughts on “Gang Stalking- The beginning of my 6th year as a victim of government harassment.

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  3. Sometimes I wonder do you really believe that people are “hitting you with electricity with their mobile phones”, Bottom line is that there are only “psychiatrists” and “mental patients” as it was in the last 150 years just these days of witch hunt modern day “patients” are treated differently (brain interface, telemetry…), “Psychiatrists” goal is to make believe the “patient” is “crazy” and make him seek treatment hence voices, following around… These days most of the “patients” (in modern days you may call them TI’s, in the past they were called schizophrenics) are really “psychiatrists” pretending to be “patients” injecting confusion and probably having fun, a lifestyle for them… It’s very hard to sort through all the Internet clutter and conclude who is for real and who’s not…

    • I don’t believe I know they are. I can see their phone light up to green and they turn it toward me and I get red electricity marks all over my body. And I’m not imagining the marks.

  4. Nice post a shame that you have to write about your experiences as a Target and not a writer. What ive noticed is most of these people really are scum in ways im glad i found out about Targeting so i can resist these fools when i see them and educate persons about evils of freemasonry and the police people are aware internet and blogs as yours can assist cause as long as im alive they will get negative comments at every chance cheer up they failed not you

  5. There’s a good percent of targeted individuals who angered some well-connected:

    (1) Cop or some other upstanding, honest member of Flaw enforcement from the local to
    federal level
    (2) Neighbor
    (3) Co-worker, supervisor, boss
    (4) Someone in the army
    (5) Someone jealous of them and/or someone who wanted their wife or girlfriend
    (6) Pissed off ex-husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, wives
    and more-

    And all these WORTHLESS sons of b—tches had to do was “make a phone call” to the “right person/evil asshole/traitor/scumbag/criminal coward” in government to put the person on the “list” and start their gang stalking and/or workplace mobbing.

    This is our “great country” wherein some secret society, well-connected, good ol’ boys/girls club submits an innocent person’s name to whatever part of the government that starts the perping and that person’s life becomes misery? On the criminal whim of some angry, retarded “adult?”

    And we’re supposed to be “proud’ to be part of this widespread criminal enterprise called “the democratic Untied States?!

    The husband and wife on TV, on “20/20” angered the town fire chief (I think) by TRYING TO OUTBID HIM FOR A HOUSE and now the guy’s had a few years of non-stop noise campaign including emergency responders because he upset his town’s head asshole bigshot over the legitimate bidding on a frigging house? You want to torture a person over a real estate deal? Your ego is that fragile and you’re THAT used to submitting people’s names to “the list?”

    And as far as I KNOW it is a VERY RARE OCCASION when the TI has been able to LEGALLY get some serious payback at the person (or people) they KNOW put them on the gang stalking list!!

    We’re not supposed to be disgusted and sickened by this total disregard for another human being because a self-important asshole “knows people” who can F up another’s life “just because?”

    • That’s exactly what’s happening. We get put on a black list as dangerous individuals by someone who thinks we’ve done harm to them in some way. They’re too important to have someone disrespect them. How dare we? I know my sister’s husband is part of a community organization and what he says goes. I think I must’ve pissed my sister off in some way, and she had him put me on a blacklist. He also belongs to the mafia.

    • Scott, I don’t know who I pissed off in 2009 and 2010 but my gangstalking was bad for a long time. The local PD followed me EVERYWHERE. I finally confronted one in CVS and I never saw him again. The gangstalking from the PD finally quit. When I confronted I was nice and sweet but he got my gist. Went from seeing him everytime I left the house (probably had a tracking device on my car) to not seeing him at all.

      They gangstalked my hubby many years ago. They’d fly over his house with a helicopter. He could see during the day the cameras filming his back yard. They harrassed him at work. It was hell on earth from him. Once he left the job and the area, his gangstalking stopped.

      Your commentary on NE1’s site is much appreciated. I gain a lot of insight out of your posts.

  6. My initial stalking started well before 2000, as far back as 1995, but your observation that the intensity really stepped up and became apparent in 2008-09 is true in my case as well.    But wait!  That’s also when the NSA began to tighten observation of the general US populace and stepped up cell phone surveillance abroad…   Yeah, just about the time when we began to hear of stalking cases in many First World nations, not just the US.   It correlates with the beginning of really big drug cartel activities in Mexico and a marked uptick in drug-cartel backed militia-for-hire activity in the Middle East and North Africa.   Lots of drug money to wash, sloshed merrily into the hands of the economically needy in the US, Europe and elsewhere…   Your perps are laughing because  stalking gang activity is stupidly simple to carry out, and they get their perverted jollies out of trying their best to manipulate us as they see fit.   But there is remedy coming. 

  7. The way so many people from every part of society are so eager to follow the script makes you wonder three basic things:

    (1) When a TI is being perped by multiple retards in a short time period with each having their role in this perverse play, they are under some form of mind control to make sure they follow orders to the letter to make the target squirm.

    (2) Most people blindly accept everything an authority figures tells them without questioning if its right or wrong (or they just don’t care)

    (3) Most people are just no good. They have a cheap price to hurt others. They have little to no empathy, are dumber than ever and find suffering funny.

    I refuse to buy the idea that most people are afraid that if they don’t cooperate with the government representatives asking them to perp someone that THEY’LL GET PERPED or some other kind of punishment for wanting nothing to do with harassing someone.

    Yes. The govt in the form of traitors in uniforms, badges with official vehicles and other crap can be intimidating (should not be that way in the U.S. EVER) but these so-called “good citizens” should be able to question and/or tell the govt representatives “no,” I want nothing to do with this without fear of reprisal,

    Like you, I have lost faith in all things American insofar as nationalism and patriotism and the rest of the media-driven, history-rewritten bullshit brainwashing TELLS us is reality–Gang stalking and all of its variations contradicts EVERYTHING that is supposed to make America such a “free,” “great” nation and still “the land of opportunity.”

    Having so many, many ugly truths forcibly bared to us its IMPOSSIBLE to look at America the way we did when we were younger and naive-IMPOSSIBLE to look at our fellow human beings with faith and blind trust ever again-IMPOSSIBLE to trust nearly ALL authority figures.

    I saw your post on “Stop Organized Gang Stalking.” I wish you could have links on a few dozen TI websites only to get as many subscribers as possible to piss of these “people” who are happy being chickenshit, petty, childish, sadistic, smirking loser F—ng assholes,

    What kind of peanut brained conformist no-personality, mind-controlled imbecile finds inflicting pain on a total harmless stranger fun? Too many peanut brained zombie assholes.

    I mean when you think of the embarrassing skits and stunts perps are instructed to do for money, drugs, whatever-When you think how these jokes do the DUMBEST SHIT to aggravate us its the same as a dog performing tricks, a trained monkey-Its like one of those shitty reality TV shows where people will do ANYTHING for money or feeling a little power.

    As I’ve learned the basic nature of this program I have have one belief upon another irrevocably shattered: There are people and institutions I will never trust or believe in again.

    This includes the very depressing realization that most people are NOT fundamentally decent;Although not everyone is against us (TIs), there seems to be NO SHORTAGE of willing participants and I will say this for the 1000th time: I am grateful beyond words that I am NOT one of these cookie-cutter clone clown cretin cowards and even though I KNOW I’ve been conditioned and brainwashed as a TI, I am not and never will be one of these empty, shallow people.

  8. Interesting. My stalking too became apparent and stronger in 2004 after I stood up to one of my co-workers and got him in trouble at work. Now, I wished I had kept my mouth closed. I might not be in this position if I had. Life is hard; being targeted is harder.

      • Not that I know of. The firemen made their presence known then only I didn’t know they were against me. I naively trusted him and them. I thought the firemen and police were watching out for me. So ignorant of me. Now I know. I also experienced a lot of street theatre involving police then. Not until now have I associated it directly with him.

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