Rosanne Marie – Myron May Suicide Letter – PLEASE SHARE

I know some of you don’t believe that Myron May was a target, but I do. Read the letter he left behind.

Contact info:

Gang Stalking, the NWO & End Times Bible Prophecy.

 Rosanne Marie – Myron May Suicide Letter – PLEASE SHARE


Myron May Suicide Letter – PLEASE SHARE

The purpose of this letter is 3 fold…

First, I would like to make a sincere plea to you not to let my personal story die …

Enclosed within this letter you will find a USB flash drive containing a personal testimony from me about the financial, emotional and psychological pain that I have endured over the course of the last few months since I have discovered that I was a targeted individual. I have literally been forced to endure a living hell. There are thousands of targeted individuals within the United States that literally suffer each and every day at the hands of our government. Personally, I have experienced significant harassment from law enforcement in every place that I have been these past few months.

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2 thoughts on “Rosanne Marie – Myron May Suicide Letter – PLEASE SHARE

  1. I refuse to buy much of his story because for a man as smart as Myron May was (or is) there would have been far better ways to get national attention for targeted individuals.

    Hell, if May wanted attention he could have taken a news station hostage and forced them to let him speak his mind on air. Yes, that would have been kind of violent too but it would have gotten the word out better than shooting at innocent people.

    It makes no sense that a well-educated, articulate person would shoot a few people HOPING that his story would get into the mainstream media and expose the crimes of gang stalking when its been covered up so criminally well across the world so far.

    Aaron Alexis story of violence alone would have made TIs look bad had non-Tis understood that everything Alexis complained about was a symptom of gang stlalking;WHY would May want to take the same basic route of violence to make targeted individuals look mentally unstable AND dangerous?

    There is very little logic to his actions when you read his final letter or manifesto of his targeting.
    His actions were that of a desperate man but his words did not sound sincere.

    I am not being “cold blooded” or looking for conspiracies within conspiracies;The entire story just “feels” wrong.

    That the FBI knew about the mail he sent out ahead of time is no surprise but it IS a surprise that the recipients just said “yes” to the G-men and did not ask for a search warrant or other proof that they had any legal right to take May’s papers and flash drive.

    Derrick R. from FFCHS (who also was sent an envelope from May) has less than zero credibility as he’s dragged his feet trying to help TIs.

    It truly sucks that the most attention centered around TIs DIRECTLY in the national and alternative media has been on the Dr. Phil Show, some local news casts around the nation when people were claiming electronic and/or physical stalking, the noise campaign that was on ’60 Minutes” of the couple suing (the beeping drive by’s) and there’s Pete Santelli’s gang stalking shows;He is as credible and as trustworthy as Alex Jones which means he is just another ass slave for the government.

    I have no proof. I merely go by what people do and do NOT do;What they say and what they never say.

    I like all other TIs would loving nothing more than to see the guilty mot—-krs behind this and enforcing it (including our civilian perps of course!) face justice from some kind of Snowden-type NSA coverage of gang stalking but it ain’t happened so far because as TIs, we’re practice for the NWO shit and the media KNOWs FULL WELL about it.

    They are not allowed to talk about it save a few exceptions which do NOT reach the audience TIs SHOULD get.

    Notice that every TI story that makes the national news from Myron May to Aaron Alexis, the poor mother in DC and on and on is a violent one as if its to portray TIs as mentally unstable and dangerous the same generalization smear tactic being used to try and take guns away from legitimate owners.

    For someone as brilliant as May, he did one shitty job of planning out his exit and informing the American public and subsequently, the world.

    • I agree to a certain point with what you wrote, and I wondered why he choose to kill instead of trying to stick in there. He wasn’t a target that long. I agree that the media tries to portray us as crazies. That’s the aim of those who harass us, to get people to think we’re all crazy when we’re not. If we’re crazy so is everyone else.

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