Gang Stalking – Another fun day at the supermarket.

Another fabulous day at the supermarket.

I got all the things I needed and headed for the register. I saw a woman running to beat me to the register. It’s okay with me. She can run to get to the register, I’m in no rush.  The woman puts her food on the counter and begins to talk to the cashier. I take my things and put them on the counter. I bend down to put the basket where it belongs. The woman reaches over me and drops her basket  over my head and hits me. I get up and say to her, “You hit me. Don’t you even say “excuse me”?  The Asian woman turns around, says, “Oh, I’m sorry.” I turn to her and say, “You purposely threw that basket to hit me!”  I see the Bagger smile and the cashier, too. I  see red. These people just never leave us alone.  So I take my things and pushed them forcefully toward the woman’s things. All the things go on the floor. I turned to the woman, “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize my strength.” No ones dares say a thing to me. They know they’re a bunch of jerks. The woman leaves the store with a big smile on her face. The cashier turns to me and says, “How are you doing today?” I reply, “Do you really care? No! You don’t care, so don’t ask me.” And I continue, “Oh, I’m a lot of fun to have around” The cashier doesn’t dare look at me. He knows he’s a creep along with the woman who left the store and the Bagger.

There are days I just want to _______________  _________________ ___________. You can add into the blanks whatever you’d like to say.  I know we all have days like this. The freaks just never stop coming. And to that bitch who threw the basket on my head, you”ll get yours.

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8 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Another fun day at the supermarket.

    • Oh, through emails or messages to their phones. The perps are always watching us and when they see something that they can get paid for, they text message right away. And the text message gets passed on and on, within minutes.

  1. On a TI Talkshoe show on Sunday, I commented on how the perps would NEVER do this shit if they thought for one second they could get into legal trouble;Officer(s) corrupt cowardly traitors at the local to federal levels assure our civilian perps that its safe and OK to harass us with the physical stalking and using DE weapons on us and because big brother gave them permission all bets are off and the perps feel better about their own shortcomings by giving US grief,

    Looking back on my twenty plus years of perping, Neverending I can say without reservation that every single perp I have encountered had several major moral and character defects.

    They (perps) enjoy opportunities denied most TIs thanks to the smear campaign but they are unhappy, low-self esteem “people” pretending to do good and knowing its wrong. They are the among the worst hypocrites, liars and criminals our diseased society has intentionally produced.

    Put it this way: Were I NOT being gang stalked by this human shit I would never, ever want to be friends with ANY of the sorry, stupid sick asshole perps I’ve met over the last 20+ years and those perps I know of now.

    I could not stand the neighbors on my street BEFORE I knew I was a TI and what little respect I had for SOME of them has been tossed out along with that for authority figures I once respected and admired,

    No matter HOW insulting these fucking criminals treat you, I and other TIs, Neverending, please remember that they are NOT in any way shape or form TRUE TO THEMSELVES and most lack a decent amount of empathy and humility and they know full well the type of people they are and are NOT and guarantee that to the last man and woman perp they are in many ways unhappy.

    What self-actualized person (sorry for the pop psychology term) with a strong social conscience and empathy could do this shit to another person?

    Good for you for basically telling your waste of space, waste of flesh perps to “fuck off” (in so many words).

    Thanks to Flaw enforcement’s illegal, warrantless surveillance of us and their illegally sharing our personal information with our civilian perps (as used in our smear campaign with lies, half-truths and omissions) , the damage done to our reputations is irrevocable but at least all targeted individuals can look themselves in the mirror and state with full confidence, “I’m true to myself and I could never imagine doing this to another person.”

    Because as MUCH as I’d LOVE to see my perps get some kind of legal justice for the shit they’ve done to ME alone-I would NEVER wish them to go through years of being targeted, harassed, made physically sick through DE weapons and other methods (as you’ve so clearly written of).

    To wish another person to be perped is to condone torture.

    Which is something the perps are gung ho into-Torturing, tormenting us, trying to get some kind of reaction by using triggers that took YEARS to condition into us.

    When I write, “I’m grateful I’m not one of them (perps),” I mean it with every fiber of my being.

    And I do not want to IMAGINE the million plus dollars that has gone into my targeting over the last two plus decades!

    The military-grade tactics, weapons, the extensive training of many of our perps and the insane amount our good, kind, honest police and fed friends make, the money and bonuses paid to the civilian perps, the cost of energy to power their “toys,” the wasted gasoline following us around, the cellphone bills and cost of the apps used to keep track of us, the money that goes into the 24/7 surveillance, the money spent on collecting data on us, the bonuses paid for getting us extra-upset (I’m assuming)-And probably as rumors have stated, payoffs in drugs, and other crazy stuff. Just disgusting like every single perpetrator piece of s–t.

    The budget for YOUR perping must be staggering too, Neverending!

    • The most accurate account of their “spending per TI” is contained in an overheard statement.
      “Gee, why didn’t we think of religion? We could have saved $40,000. What are we going to apply the “cars” to?”
      That was over a 2 week period.

      It is estimated from perp confession and TI watchers (not perps), that they spend an average of One Million Dollars per year, per TI.
      Only an entity which can print it’s own money can afford to mess with people on this scale and that makes the financiers, governments.

    • Oh, I’m sure what they spend on me is staggering. I’m harassed 24/7, 365 days a year. That’s money that could be used to feed millions of people who go hungry in the U.S. If I get cut off, they’re trying to disconnect my computer. And I agree with everything you wrote, except, I don’t know if I agree with not wishing the perps the worse in life.

  2. When I go to a grocery store, it’s a laugh riot. With me doing most of the laughing.
    Sarcasm pointed at childish behavior can be quite amusing. Especially when it’s an adult acting like a 3 year old.
    Yet other times people act like decent humans beings.
    I reckon the BS is how they attempt to mirror my supposed mood. (they’re rarely correct)

    New Post –
    Feel free to copy and re-post for your readers and feel free to use my real name.
    (anyone who doesn’t know what my real name and phone number is, hasn’t been paying attention – lol)
    I got the first part from an ally in Australia… then I added personal comments.

    When ya get to the part where they read minds – it is true. They can. (there is a patent for that device)
    And I love to think lies to make them jump in their cars for the purpose of wasting time, energy and gas so I can jack-slap them for their stupidity in believing that.
    Yes. It is for bizarre fun to a bizarre people. And I can imagine some really intense BS for them to react to.

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