Gang Stalking – In the end, we targets will win!

I hope your Thanksgiving Day was half-way decent. I know the lives we lead are not easy. Not for one day, not for one week, never! The fact that we survive day-to-day is a testament to our strength as targets.

I cooked myself a Thanksgiving dinner and pigged out. I could barely moved from my table. Now, I’m going to have to do a lot walking to make up for all I ate. I didn’t cook a turkey. I bought deli-turkey, a box of stuffing, made mashed potatoes from scratch and got a jar of brown gravy and heated it up. It wasn’t too bad. The stuffing was really good. And I still have leftovers. It’s too bad that most of us spent Thanksgiving alone instead of being with our families, but that’s the cards we’ve been dealt and we have to make the best of the worse.

I’m   sure  that your Thanksgiving Day was no better than mine; the same old s–t as all the other days. The perps played loud music all day, cars honked outside my window, got hit electronically from all directions, people walked outside my apartment like 500 ton elephants. Just an ordinary day for me.

And today when I left my apartment, they were out in full force. The library closed for 2 days, so they weren’t able to get to me for two days. They made up for it on my walk to the library.  And now I’m sitting in the library and it’s full of  cretins. You should see these people. Most of them look like they never take a shower, or bath. I think most of them sleep in their clothes. I wonder what they do when I’m not around to harass? Do they go out rape and pillage? That’s the sort of thing these creatures do. I’m not calling them human beings, or maybe I should. I think human beings are the most vicious of all creatures. We think we’re so smart. That we’re smarter than all other creatures, but from what I’ve seen of human viciousness we humans have a long way to being humane. Humans seem to take pleasure in torturing other humans.  Maybe we should change the name of human to something that describes us in a better way.

Well, I’m hoping for better tomorrows for all  targets.  We will outlast the bastards who make our lives miserable. We’ll outlive them too. And we will stick around to get our stories out to a world that won’t listen. In the end, we will win!

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12 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – In the end, we targets will win!

  1. Had a great Thanksgiving. Was thankful that I’m tougher and smarter than my enemy.
    Am thankful for what all of my days as a loner taught me. Am thankful that all of the tips, tricks and hints we share as TI’s that makes some of our lives easier.
    And I am thankful for you NE1. And for this blog, I am grateful.
    Your strength of character and integrity has helped me more times than you may ever know.

    Bought an already cooked chicken, a Pumpkin Pie and an Apple pie.
    Celebrated it for the 2 days prior to Thursday and got Thursday off while the punks were busy elsewhere.

    Thank you NE1. You’ve been quite a blessing.

    • Well, thank you. And I’m glad you got to eat turkey and pumpkin pie. You’re lucky you got 2 days off from the punks. I didn’t get a break at all. And now that Thanksgiving is over, they’re really going after me. And I’ve been going after them. They do something to me, I do it right back. And you’ve also been a help to me many times.

      • NE1, I live outside of a Village (not big enough to qualify as a town)… on a hard to find dirt road in Lincoln National Forest where if I fire a gun, NOBODY cares.
        I have “stalker”, but good neighbors. They aren’t rude, crude, brass or tacky.
        And we do things for each other as neighbors generally do.
        I’m in no danger here. Very unlike being in a big city or small town.
        It seems as though I am being watched by some other faction/sect that isn’t hell-bent on harming me, my animals or the property I live on.
        It is bizarre. But I am thankful for it.

        • Yeah, I looked up your town. It’s the complete opposite of where I live. People everywhere and nasty city people.People who don’t care who they hurt. They just want to be cool and be in on harassing innocent people. You’re lucky to live where you do. It’s a beautiful place.

          • Yeah. With streets like Burro Ave and Chipmunk St., it’s like living in a cartoon. lol
            Well, I reckon I’ll go look up Rita rabbit and get some toon.

  2. Hi Neverending,

    Just read your comment-My part of Buffalo did not get that much snow compared to the parts south of metropolitan Buffalo.

    My Thanksgiving was just me. I’m glad that YOU were able to gorge yourself.

    Although I have a couple relatives in Buffalo that could have invited me but I know that the Amherst & Tonawanda police (suburbs of Buffalo) have spoken to them. Screw em. Don’t like them anyways.

    And honest to god, years before I knew I was a TI I liked being alone and we should not need a special day to be grateful for the bounty’s we have.

    You probably have noticed that MANY of your perps have a LOT to be grateful for yet are completely miserable, self-hating, bitter, childish, greedy and petty haters who should be kissing the f—ng ground for the blessings (non-religious) in their lives, yet they HAVE to be crazy assholes and perp us for money, power, that adrenaline high and for a “job well done” from their handlers, usually officer corrupt coward and/or a leader in the community.

    Sometimes I’ll get little to perping for days or weeks at a time to “get my guard down” and they went f–k nuts today with the dog walkers and vehicle synchronization to perping on the road from the PD and a regular vehicular perp to perping at the gym and more on my street as soon as I came home: I counted FIFTEEN separate morons (that I noticed!).

    I am 1000% convinced that they KNOW when we are vulnerable mentally and have high self-doubt.

    It sounds like they DID have to “make up” for not seeing you for two days-To catch up on their “hard work” of trying to get you (ALL TIs) to react.

    I’ve realized by now that one of the goals of the perps is to “show us our place” in that we have no “right” to be calm, happy, self-assured, ect.

    As far as the smear campaign goes, even thought the federal, state and local police have a hi-tech smear presentation audio/video file(s) on each of us there are perps who at THIS point know they are lying but love the money and power.

    Some people just obey because a corrupt POS in uniform tells them what to do with that blind obedience to ANYTHING an authority figure tells us (not just the PD:Teachers, doctors, politicians, lawyers, parents (well-meaning), ect.

    MY nephew perped me when he was here in October staying at my house for my niece’s wedding.
    I’m not shocked or hurt. This piece of shit was lost a long time ago and he NEVER has tried to better himself mentally and spiritually;He’s a bitter POS who I’ll be happy never to see or speak to again.

    I did not mean to write a short story here, Neverending.

    On one last note, there is a website in the works, A.C.T.I.V.E. TI Survivor Awareness which is meant to be a TI “buddy system” in which targets will choose another TI who will check in with them to see how they are doing once a week, month or every day;It will be a confidential registration process.

    The reason this site is being created is because so many TIs get lost in the system, getting involuntarily institutionalized and sometimes just go missing.

    Each TI buddy will have all requisite contact information for the other TI including doctors, phone numbers of family, friends and other data-Its a support system for targets to keep track of each other and a brilliant idea which is why I’ve been getting severe Tinnitus since I openly supported this idea and honestly, each and every perp can fucking choke considering the doors of opportunity forever shut to me forever;Opportunities I will NEVER have but which these filthy conformist cowards DO have.

    What they’ve done to ALL of us in a sane world would be punished at the local, state and federal levels but when did criminals ever admit their guilt? Especially since our entire judicial, legislative and “law” enforcement system is completely infiltrated.

    The site also has a nice summary of what gang stalking is and it looks good so far.

    If you are curious here is the link to it :

    The website’s creator, Keith is not in any way affiliated with FFCHs who have dragged their feet on this idea for years.

    By the way, part of your spirit which I admire is your cheerfulness and joy for life which comes through nearly all of your posts even when you’re LEGITIMATELY complaining of what these shitty criminals continually get away with.

    And since they WANT us depressed and hopeless, being optimistic and/or happy is one way to metaphorically tell the perps to “fuck off.”

    • Believe me, I don’t tell half the things I do back to them. If I did, you’d laugh your head off. That’s how I keep my sanity – by getting on their nerves. I’ve always been good at getting on people’s nerves, and now I’m an expert.

      I’m glad you didn’t have too much snow. I imagined you under 7 feet of snow not able to get out of your home. And as to family, I gave up on them years ago. I don’t interact with any of them anymore. It’s hard to make believe that someone loves you when they’re backstabbing you every minute. I don’t play well with backstabbers. Never did.

  3. Hi Neverending,
    Happy Thanksgiving! I am glad to hear you celebrated this Holiday with a great meal. We Targets are not granted a day off, it’s actually worse on the Holiday. I found several you-tube videos on Personality Disorders, it helps explain why people do the things they do. My favorite is a guy that goes by “Activism of Care” and “Sam Vaknin”. I hope these help you as they have for me.

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