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Gang Stalking- The beginning of my 6th year as a victim of government harassment.

Well, it’s  my anniversary. Today, July 11, is when my real gang stalking began.

I had  strange things happening to me before this date, but it was nothing I couldn’t handle. And then on July 11, the electricity began.  I began getting hit with electricity when I slept. Then they began to wake me up every 2 hours. I was followed everywhere. People began breaking into my apartment, putting things in my food, breaking my furniture, ripping my clothes, began playing loud music every day, cars with their lights on followed me everywhere, people became extremely rude to me. When I went to any store, I was treated as if I had a disease. My family joined in my harassment and tried to convince me that nothing was happening to me. They suggested I’d go see a psychiatrist. All along they knew what was happening.

Then I began writing my blog and readers told me they  were experiencing the same things. That they were victims of harassment, too. That they experienced sleeplessness, break-ins to their homes/apartment, followed everywhere, etc.  That their families were also harassing them. It was eye-opening.

So, July 11, is the day that I consider my anniversary date, but my harassment really began in 2004. But as I stated, it wasn’t as bad as its gotten in the last 6 years. The last 6 years have been a living hell. I’m never left alone, not at home, not anywhere. It’s a constant barrage of people who follow me. The people who follow me  has increased twofold.  Everything has increased twofold. I feel as if I’m in a prison, but it has no bars. And it seems what’ s happening to me now is never going to stop.

The zombies who do this to me and other Americans can’t seem to think for themselves. They think everything they do to us is funny. It’s all a game to them. They do what they are told to do. They don’t stop and ask “why?”. They just do what they’re told. It is our lives they’re messing with. How would they like it if we did to them what they’re doing to us? I can  tell you, they’d have a fit. They wouldn’t be able to handle what we have to live through every day, year after year. I think most of them would commit suicide.

But we targets seem to be a strong bunch. I can surely say that. It’s been my experience that we targets don’t give up easily. There are  some of us who have committed crimes against humanity, but I can understand why. Unless someone has been in our shoes, they can’t imagine the hell we live through every day.

I want to say to you targets: never give up. Don’t let them make you do something you’ll regret. And I believe in fighting back. I believe in fighting back in such a way that’s as sneaky as the way we’re treated. Everything that the perps do to us is very sneaky so that they’re never caught. So we have to be just as sneaky. That’s the only way we’ll survive. We do anything upfront and we suffer the consequences. We’ll always get the blame in any situation. So sneaky is as sneaky does.

So on the 6th anniversary of my gang stalking, I want to say “thank you ” to all my  readers.  Thank you for reading my blog and sticking in there with me. Thank you for encouraging me when I need encouragement. You’ve been lifesavers in my life. I appreciate every one of you. I also want to thank WordPress.com for helping me when I needed help with my computer.

Targets: Never, never give up! We will be free some day.

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Gang Stalking – And to a thousand more blogs – with WordPress.com, of course!

The Last of the Mohicans (1992 film)

The Last of the Mohicans (1992 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Writing boxes

Writing boxes (Photo credit: practicalowl)

Two Thousand and Ten Injuries

Two Thousand and Ten Injuries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m celebrating an anniversary today. This is the 1000th blog I’ve written. Whoopee!

When I signed into WordPress.com on October, 2010, I knew I was going to write about the things happening to me. I signed on, but I didn’t write anything for a month. And then I logged in again and wrote one blog. I wrote about my visit to the library to watch the movie “The Last of the Mohicans“. It’s a movie about the new settlers to America and the Indians.  Of course, the Indians were all bad, and the newcomers were all good.  The movie is very patriotic.  And I felt a lump in my throat when I watched the movie. I so loved America  in spite of what was happening to me.  But with the patriotism shown on the screen, I was afraid to stay when the movie ended.  I was afraid that the people watching the movie would attack me, so I left as soon as the movie ended.

Since that first blog, I’ve gone through a metaphorsis. I no longer feel the tuck in my heart about America. I can’t say I hate the U.S., but the love I had for it, I no longer feel. It’s hard to feel love when someone is abusing me. And that abuser happens to the U.S. government. The government I once so respected. In the three years I’ve written my blog, I’ve gone through some horrific things. I’ve been beaten, almost arrested, had  implant put in my year, and, generally, the last five years of my life have been miserable ones. Never in my wildest dreams did I think America, the country I once loved, would abuse me this way. But it has and continues to abuse.

The first two years I had very little traffic to my blog, but I didn’t care.  Even if no one read my blog, I  was going to continue to write about my experience. I had  to leave a record of my existence,  and  to warn  others  of the danger to their freedom by the U.S. government.

So, here I am, almost five years later, and I have a lot more readers, and I’ve awaken some readers as to what is happening in their lives. And that’s the part that I like, letting others know that they’re not alone.  That there are a lot of others who are experiencing  the same thing. And that it’s a worldwide experience, The harassment is happening to people all over the world. Other governments are also harassing their citizens in the same way. My readers and I have  become community of targeted individuals, and we try to help each other in the really bad times.

When I began to write my blog, I didn’t think I could write one blog, and here I am, a thousand blogs later. I didn’t know I had that much writing in me.

It’s been a unique experience writing this blog. I’ve learned a few things I didn’t know about myself. The first one is, I’m stubborn as a mule and don’t give up easily.  I’ve been tested in ways I never thought  I’d be tested and I’ve survived, and  I’ve been made stronger by writing this blog.  If I should survive for as long as the harassment continues, I know that  after this… takes effect, everything will seem like kid’s play, the petty things in life will not bother me.  And I’ve learned to appreciate an ordinary day, since I seldom have ordinary days anymore. And today, if I went to see the movie “The Last of the Mohicans”, you can bet I wouldn’t come out first. The bastards no longer have any power over me. And I can tell all you targets, the b——s will get their day in prison.

And thank you readers for all the comments you make. You make my blog a lot more interesting.

And to a thousand more blogs…

Gang Stalking – Grow up, Americans, and stop harassing your fellow citizens!

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the University of Southern California (Video of the speech) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cute Little Girl in Pink Dances on  Beach duri...

Cute Little Girl in Pink Dances on Beach during the Kite Festival. (Photo credit: mikebaird)

The woman whom the police shot in Washington was a target. I know she is.  I listened very carefully to what everyone said about her.

They drove this woman so crazy all she wanted to do is die. That’s why she went through the gate. She wanted to end it all.

This woman’s next door neighbor said she was very quiet and kept to herself. Her neighbor said she never caused any problems.  She got fired from all her jobs. and recently had a baby. And she used to hear voices  telling her President Obama was talking to her. The perps talking to her, of course.  Why would an employer fire a woman who was a good worker?  He fired her because he was probably told to do it.  And here she was pregnant, hearing voices and without a job?  The bastards just drove her insane.  And her mother was definitely involved in her stalking.  She said her daughter was acting crazy.  How would she know?  She didn’t live with her daughter? The next door neighbor said she wasn’t crazy, Why would the mother say she was?  Because the mother was a no-good mother.  She was harassing her daughter.  I have no proof of any of this, but this woman was another victim of gang stalking. All the signs are there.  A good, decent woman driven to insanity by those freaks of nature who should all be in prison!

It’s happening more and more. Every week we read of someone just losing it.  And all the experts come out of the woodwork to say she was insane.  A bunch of idiots they are!  They don’t  know shit!

Now, a little girl lost her mother. A mother who loved her from all accounts I’ve read. She took really good care of her.  If she’d been crazy, she would’ve mistreated her daughter, but she didn’t.

Another day, another victim of gang stalking.

When the hell is this going to stop???  How many more people are going to get killed before something’s done?

Wake up, Americans!  Wake up to the damage you are doing to your fellow citizens, and stop the nonsense. Grow up!

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Gang Stalking – Perps missing a lot of brain cells.

English: Bathroom Refacing

English: Bathroom Refacing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, as is typical when I come into the library, the place is full of perps.  All of them trying to hit me with electricity from their computers, or from their phones. The s–t just never stops. These people are so stupid that I can’t even fathom how they think. I don’t think most of them have too many brain cells.

I don’t know who lives next to me anymore.  I don’t know if it’s the Moroccans, or someone else.  I saw the Moroccans moving a lot of boxes, so I don’t know if they were sending care packages to their family, or moving somewhere else. But whomever lives next to me is ridiculous.  She/he spends all day long sitting around waiting  for me to go into the bathroom.  Every time I enter the bathroom, he/she has to turn on the water.  Boy, that must be really exciting.  Sitting around waiting for me to go to the bathroom so she/it can run the water.  Stupid, isn’t it?  No brain cells!

Anyway, I’m not going to stay on too long today, I must go apartment hunting.  I just came into the library to answer any comments made by my readers.  Readers, you keep me going. Thank you.

P.S. Since I have to come to the library to use the computer, I’ll be slower in my responses to your comments. So, please, be patient with me. Thanks.

Hi, I decided to come back to the library. Of course, everybody’s gone home. There are two computers unused.  I sat right down and began typing.

While I was gone, I went shopping for  food.  I went into a “unname” store and got a few things and water.  I finished shopping and went to the front to pay.  I was behind a man on-line and the cashier took his finger and twirled it around his ear and pointed in my direction.  All of us did this as a kid, so you know it means crazy.  So I  took my finger, twirled it around and pointed it at the cashier. I did it over and over. The cashier dared not look. The man in line began laughing at what I was doing.  The cashier put my water in a bag, which they usually don’t do. I became suspicious.  When I left the store, I took out the water to see what he’d done.  The water was squirting all over the place.  Ok, I said to myself. You want to f–k  with me, I’ll f–k with you, too.  I went back into the store. put the water on the that turnaround thing with the plastic bags, and the water squirted all  over the plastic bags, on the cashier, and everything got wet.  The cashier ran to get paper towels and tried to dry himself and the floor.  In the meantime, I’d left my food by the cashier and ran to get another water. When I came back to the front, the cashier was no longer smiling and still cleaning up the mess. He also had another helper.  Since I’d left my food by the cashier,  I loudly checked to make sure nothing been taken out. Before I left the store, I put on a big smile and told the cashier to have a good day.  He sure did not look happy.

When I left the store, I went to pay my rent.  The manager asked me, “Do you want a receipt?”  She knows I always want a receipt so she purposely always asks to annoy me. I said, “Yes, I do. I don’t trust anyone in here.”  She got a call while she was writing my receipt. While on the phone, she took her middle finger and ran it up and down the crack of her breast.  So I took my finger and did the same thing. She looked at me and was going to say  something, but stopped herself and her finger.

You want to f–k with me, I’ll do the same thing back. I know it sounds childish what I did, but, hey, we targets need to have some fun, too.

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Gang Stalking – Police officers are also victims of harassment.


Brian WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER (Photo credit: National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund)

Corner of Bedford Ave and N. 6th

Corner of Bedford Ave and N. 6th (Photo credit: ifmuth)

5th Ave Brooklyn New_York north east side

5th Ave Brooklyn New_York north east side (Photo credit: mjording)

English: Looking north on a mostly sunny sprin...

English: Looking north on a mostly sunny springtime early afternoon as Five Boro Bike Tour climbs under Summit Avenue footbridge, past St Stephens Catholic church, and out of Brooklyn Queens Expressway trench in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Brooklyn North Side mural (with dog)

Brooklyn North Side mural (with dog) (Photo credit: cyclonecy)

Back at the hell hole again.  That’s the library to you.  The hackers broke my computer again. This time the computer only lasted about two weeks before they broke it. The computer is not broken all the way. I was smart enough to give passwords to my hard drive, so they froze the computer.  No programs work.  I can hit and hit and get nothing.

I was reading about a police officer in the North part of Brooklyn, N.Y.,  and he’s experiencing gang stalking, too.  His gang stalking began with the “stop and frisk” program.  This is a program where blacks and Hispanics get stopped for absolutely no reason at all, except for their color.  This police officer is a decent human being and did not want to go along with the program.  He would not stop people and frisk them.  If he saw  someone                              somewhere doing nothing, he left them alone.  The higher-ups wanted him to stop everyone he saw while patrolling in his car.  But he wouldn’t do it. He didn’t feel right harassing people who’d done nothing.  He got demoted to foot patrol in his neighborhood and then  driving around prisoners to where they had to go.

The top brass kept harassing him about his low arrest numbers.  They harassed him so much, his blood pressure went through the roof.  He ended up in the hospital. He spent a week in the hospital and went back to foot patrol.  And again, he wouldn’t arrest anyone.  The upper, upper brass even went to visit him at home and told him to improve his numbers. The told him to “pay the rent”.  Meaning, arrest more people so the police department looks good.

His harassment got so bad,  he decided to quit.  But, no, the top brass wouldn’t let him quit.  They knocked on his door and broke into his apartment.  They told him to get up and go back to work. But feeling as sick as he felt, he said “no”. They yanked him out of bed and told him to get dress.  He wouldn’t get dressed.  They called EMT and had him put in a mental ward. He lives by himself and no one knew he’d been put in a mental ward.  His father didn’t hear from him and went searching for his son.  He eventually found him in the mental ward and took him home.  Both  father and son moved to upstate N.Y.  But the harassment by top brass didn’t stop.   Police officers still show up at his door, knock loudly and say nasty things to him.

He decided to sue the police department.  He had proof of everything that happened to him.  He tape recorded every word from every officer.  But he lost.  And till this day, he’s not left alone. He’s still harassed.

He’s  sued the department again and his trial is coming up soon.

So, I have to believe there are decent police officers out there, but if they follow their conscious, they’re in for a hellish time. I guess that’s why a lot of them just do what they have to and keep their mouths shut until they can retire. This office officer made me realize there are decent police officers out and we shouldn’t judge them all with the same broad brush stroke.  They also are victims of harassment.

P.S. I ran out of time on the computer I’m using, so I had to get in line again.  Yesterday, no one in the library. I used the library for three hours without stopping. Today, gang stalkers waiting in line to use computers, of course. What a surprise!!!!

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Gang Stalking – On the move again…




A motor officer patrolling in Arizona on a BMW...

A motor officer patrolling in Arizona on a BMW “motor” Photo © by Jeff Dean (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



I’ll be moving from my apartment.  I got a notice on my door that said the following:


Community Policies Violation.  Warning to Resident.


It has my name, address, etc.  It comes from Pinnacle, the management company.


“This is your last warning, as we have discussed before your inappropriate behavior cannot continue…You cannot continue harassing your fellow neighbors.  Police was(sic) called and event #130922-1639 was filed against you. Please stop by the office to speak to Manager. Please do not continue this behavior. We will take further action if you continue this.”


At the end, it had 2nd Warning (last warning) and signed by Manager.


Yeah, I’m such a harasser.  Every day the perp next door comes into my apartment, the one in apartment 203, too, and who knows who else is here while I’m out.  And every time I come back home, they’ve done damage to something in my apartment, or stolen something, ruin the vegetables I’ve  bought. That’s when they’re not hitting me with electricity and making monkey noises, leaving garbage in front of my door, honking their cars, slamming doors, etc.  Yeah, I’m the harasser.  The perps are such angels.  I’m the bad one.


This is how they slowly drive us to insanity.


I went into the office with the note and told them I’m moving out.  The manager had me sign a form.,and I’ll be leaving on the 30th of October.


I have absolutely no idea what I’ll do. It doesn’t matter if I move out of state, stay in the state, get a new apartment, it’ll be the same bullshit wherever I go.  Nothing will change.  Just the faces will change, but the same harassment will continue in whatever apartment I rent.


The police officer who came to see me yesterday wrote me up as being a racist,  That’s what that code means.  Someone can call me white trash, but I can’t respond in kind.  I told the woman harassing me to go back to Africa after she called me white trash.  It’s okay for her to call me names, but it’s not okay for me to call her names back.


But then, I’m only a target.  We targets have no rights whatsoever.  No one ever listens to our side of the story. I showed the officer how they took my chairs apart.  He said he wasn’t interested in hearing about my chairs.  No, siree. What the perps do to us is never considered a crime, but if we targets defend ourselves, we’re criminals right away. It doesn’t matter what happens to us.  We don’t count.


So, I’ll be on the road again looking for a new place to live.  Now, I have to look for another miserable place to live. Nothing ever changes.  It just gets worse all the time.


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Alex Jones Satellite Harassment/Terrorism With John Hall!

Here’s a video you should watch. It’s about Aaron Alexis and the truth about microwave and how it controls all of us. [NE1]



Published on Sep 20, 2013
Alex welcomes to the Infowars studio Dr. John Hall, anesthesiologist and author of A New Breed Satellite Terrorism to discuss the FACTS of the possibilities of Government Mind Control and Satellite Harassment/Terrorism. http://www.satweapons.com/

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Gang Stalking – Maybe it’s all a dream.


Hell (Photo credit: KomodorO // Paco LopeH)


Dream! (Photo credit: Melody Campbell)

It’s about the fourth day of quiet.  It’s been really quiet where I live. It’s so quiet it feels creepy.  I can almost hear myself think.  But they haven’t stopped hitting me with electricity.  That’s continued non-stop. And they broke into my apartment when I went out.

It’s really strange not to hear slamming doors, beeping horns, no one standing outside and looking up into my apartment, no cars passing by revving their engines, no dogs walking by barking, no one making a lot of noise, no one coming to my door knocking on it and running away, no garbage thrown outside my door, no marks on my door. I feel as if I’m living in another dimension. (You see how they change my writing? I didn’t do that, and I’m leaving it that way as proof of harassment.)  When they’re annoying me, I know what to do, but with all this quiet, I don’t know what to do.  I get a very uncomfortable feeling. It’s more stressful than when it’s noisy.

In four years of gang stalking (oh, now it’s back to its normal  look), I haven’t gotten a quiet period.  It’s always been noisy. Even today when I went out, I didn’t see too many perps.   I don’t know what’s going on.  I know my harassment hasn’t stopped, and I don’t think it will stop, but it creeps me out  not to hear anything.  The only reason it can be this quiet is because of the weather. It’s hot as hell out there.  I guess the perps can’t handle the hot weather.  Poor babies.  I hope the weather gets hotter, maybe 120.  That should keep them all quiet for a while longer.

Or maybe I’m still asleep and it’s all a dream.

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Gang Stalking – Another “black stain” on America’s history.

ordinary people

ordinary people (Photo credit: wader)


Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chaos - From The Charminar

Chaos – From The Charminar (Photo credit: Lovell D’souza)

Every time I stop and think about what is happening to me, I get angry. Whatever did I do to deserve this?

I know the answer is nothing.  I haven’t done a f—–g thing, and neither have other targets.  We, targets, were randomly selected to suffer this fate. We haven’t done a darn thing.  It is the government who should ask itself  this question “Why is it harassing good people who’ve done nothing to deserve this fate?”  Why doesn’t the government pick on people who’ve done nothing, but wasted their lives living off the government and creating havoc? But people like that wouldn’t be good test subjects.  They’re not normal people and experiments would tell the government nothing about the public and how it would behave in times of chaos.  So they need every day people to test.  People who really, in a sense, have very little power and no one will listen to.

We’re ordinary people who pay our bills on time, don’t borrow money, live off what we earn, aren’t criminals, and are good people.   We’re people who don’t shove our opinions down anyone’s throat.   We live our lives as we want to and let others do the same.  We don’t like the government  intrusion in our lives.

And there’s the paradox, we now have government watching everything we say and do.  There’s no place we can go and not have someone pursue us.  They come after us everywhere.  Cameras are put in our homes, apartments, cars, etc.  There’s never a moment when some perpetrator is not doing something to us  make our lives miserable.

We’re treated like stepchildren no one likes or cares about.  We’re subjected to everyday indignities that other Americans don’t suffer. We’re maligned  by other ordinary Americans who are sadists.  These ordinary people have been given power by the government to make our lives as miserable as possible. And these ordinary people lap up all the power the government has given them and act like spoiled brats.  They don’t care about the person they’re treating like an unwanted dog.  They enjoy the power in knowing that they can do whatever they want to us targets.  No one is going to reprimand them for being bad children.  The praise they get from the government is worth any prize. They see themselves as “special people” picked by the government to help.

But, as has happened in other places, lots of other places, this targeting of ordinary Americans will eventually open up a  “Pandora’s box” of  the evil perpetrated on innocent Americans who’ve done nothing.  Who’ve done nothing, but live their lives in a way that made America proud.

And now the so-call “freedom” America speaks about when it refers to itself  as “free”, is nothing but another black stain on its history.

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Gang Stalking – No sympathy from me for 501(c) targets.

The national debt clock outside the IRS office...

The national debt clock outside the IRS office in NYC. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Seal of the Internal Revenue Service's Office ...

Seal of the Internal Revenue Service’s Office of Chief Counsel. The design is the same as the Treasury seal with an IRS/OCC inscription. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I must admit  I’m getting  sick of hearing about those people who the IRS harassed.  I heard one of the senators today ask an IRS target:  Did you think the government could ever target you like this?  The woman answered by saying she was very upset and didn’t think she could ever trust the government again. She was asked to show her donor list. My! What harassment!

Come on, now.  The IRS was doing its job. It’s supposed to check out what it has doubts about. Congress (Republicans) is using the IRS story to get sympathy for itself. Their ratings are so low, they had to do something to make themselves look good.  Plus, the Congressmen don’t want anyone to mess with the 501(c) people.  The 501(c) people are the people from whom they are going to be getting money for their campaigns. And it’s a no-no to pick on their contributors.  How dare the government pick on their  contributors!  It’s just wrong, wrong, wrong.

But it annoys me that these 501(c) people are getting so much sympathy. Oh, what poor souls! They’re being harassed by the IRS.  How dare the IRS harass American citizens.

What bullshit!

Why doesn’t Congress go after the people who are really harassing American citizens?  But we don’t count, we’re not 501(c) people. We won’t be contributing to the campaigns of Congressmen.  So, it’s okay if we real targets continue to be victims of government harassment.  They don’t care what happens to us.  They only care about getting attention for their 501(c) people.  And the 501(c) people are eating it up.  They’re testifying on how horrible their experience has been.  How they were questioned on why they should be considered a 501(c) group.  How they’re so upset about being questioned that they can’t sleep. Oh, my heart goes out to all these 501(c) people.

The 501(c) people should experience what it is really like to be a target.  They should experience break-ins to their homes every day. They should be awaken every two hours at night.  They should experience someone following them everywhere. They should experience having clothes torn, furniture ruin, things stolen, etc. They should experience rude treatment everywhere they go.  They should experience never being left alone for a minute, lots of noise constantly, treated like a thief.  And all those really great things that happen to us on a day-to-day basis.  Then they can complain about  harassment from government.

What suffering did they endure?  Being asked a few questions?  Give. Me. A. Break.  So what if  the IRS asked few a more questions!  I wish that’s the sort of harassment I and other targets are experiencing.  We would kill for this kind of targeting.

So, 501(c) people, you don’t get any sympathy for me.  You’re all a bunch of babies.  Now go cry some more…waaaaaaa.

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