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Gang stalking – Do you know what a wasp does to a roach?

Do you know what wasps do to cockroaches?  I bet you don’t. Wasps are parasitic and use other living creatures to lay their eggs. They use the body of other pests as host.

A wasp will see a roach, land on it, spray a toxin into the roach’s back. The cockroach then becomes zombie-like. The cockroach will follow the wasp to where it lives. The wasp will have the roach for dinner. Doesn’t this sound like what happens to the perps? Once the government finds a willing host, it eats up host.  The perps become zombie-like and do whatever the government wants them to do. The only difference, the government doesn’t eat the perps for diner. It uses them to eat targets for dinner.  Basically, once the perps become involved with the government, they become parasitic. They no longer have free will. They’re in the clutches of the wasps (government).

There always have been perpetrators and victims. It’s nothing new. That’s the way the world’ s been since time immemorial. There  always have been evil people  willing  to do the bidding of the ones in power.

So, we targets are just dinner for the government perps.

But, the wasps, too, have  enemies – mammals, bees, etc. And hopefully, some day, the perps will have their enemies – the people of the United States. Maybe there’ll be an awakening of the zombies and they will realize that they’re nothing but parasites living off other people’s bad fortune. That they’ve had their day in the sun and the sun  will no longer shine for them.

I can’t wait for the dark days to come  for the perps,  because, then, my days will become sunny days. Wasps also hate the dark and cold days and don’t survive. Just as the perps won’t survive. It’ll be a dark prison for most of them.

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