Gang Stalking – I hope my blog helps someone in the future.

Now they’re really coming after with the computer. I can get into WordPress, but they’ve covered the places where I can get in. As you can see, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. I got in.

If what’s happening to us targets ever comes out into the open, I plan to sue everyone who harassed me. And this includes everyone who did anything to me.

I’ll start with the ACLU. What a bunch of phonies. They’re for everyone’s civil rights except for targets. If this ever comes out into the open, I want everyone to decline the help of the ACLU. It knows what’s going on and has done nothing to help us. I’m sure it will be the first one in line to want us to sign up to sue the government. Don’t have anything to do with the ACLU.

And then there are all the crooked businesses who don’t care about what they do to us. They treat us like crap and we have no choice, but to buy things from them. There are Albertsons. The people who work at Albertsons are the rudest sales people. They are rude, rude, rude. And there’s McDonald.  Another bunch of no goods. Giving us the wrong food, giving it to us raw, leaving the cheese off our burgers, giving us coffee instead of chocolate, etc. And rude, rude, rude, too.

The bus company – The bus drivers make sure that our bus ride is horrific. Making turns to make sure we fall out of our seat. Heating up the seat where  we  sit.  Screeching their brakes to make us fall, closing the door on us before we’re out of the bus, coming to a stop  and making sure that we are 3 or 4 inches from the curve, especially if we have a suitcase, or carrying heavy items, and being rude, rude, rude.

And the Clark County Library – constant harassment, helping the perps with how to hack our computers, always blaming us for everything (nothing is ever anyone else’s fault; always a target’s fault). You’ve read how I’m treated at the library. It’s a constant thing. I’m never not bothered by the guards. The guards make ugly faces at me (I  do it right back to them) and acting like jerks. They never seem to hear all the noise, the chairs missing, all the criminal activity that’s happening in front of their faces, but all I have to do is raise my voice a little, and they run in to tell me that I’ll be thrown out of the library. That’s discrimination.

All the apartment complexes I lived in. I’ve made sure I wrote their names and location so I don’t forget. The torture I have to go through every night and day., allowing perps to run loose in my apartment, destroying my property, trying to basically kill me. They’re the worse of the worse. They belong in jail.

And there are a lot others who’ve made my existence a miserable one. I know what’s happening to us will eventually come out, but as always, it will take years. Things happened in the past with McCarthyism, etc., but it wasn’t found out for 30-40 years, so  it’s always hidden. The government always waits until  everyone is dead to let out information of what happened to American citizens. By that time all the tormentors are dead so are the tormented.

Oh, and how can I forget to include the U.S. government. The government that created the program that toture its citizens. The government that made it possible for crooked people to make our lives miserable while we were alive.

I might not be around to tell my story when that time comes, but I’m leaving behind the history of what I had to suffer. What my life was like while I was alive. I don’t think it will really make any difference to anyone 30-40 years from now, and no will really care, but I’m sure the government will make a fuss about it and everyone will just go on with their lives. But it makes me feel better if someone some day finds my blog and discovers that something that’s happening to them happened to me and they know that they’re not insane and that it happened to someone else.

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2 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – I hope my blog helps someone in the future.

  1. Nearly everyone has their price.

    When a piece of shit “law” enforcement criminal from the local to federal government tells civilians to work in groups against you people don’t question authority because they’ve been indoctrinated into blind obedience even if it means performing extreme criminal acts and as you’ve seen more people than ever happily do evil shit especially if they’re doing it as a GROUP with the hive mentality wherein if all members of the group are doing bad shit its much easier for each member of the group to keep on tormenting someone.

    The power the perps have is addicting and honestly, every one of these sad motherfuckers are so empty and so bored that gang/group stalking and workplace mobbing is the most excitement and fun they’ve ever had in their “lives.”

    Thanks to the shit they put in food, water, medicine, the air (chemtrails, ect) and the way society and “entertainment” have been designed there are more evil mentally ill people than ever-I am not speaking of the harmless mentally ill, those with anxiety, depression, OCD and some personality disorders. I speak of the evil motherfuckers, you, I and all other TIs (and just plain regular people who want to be left the fuck alone) put up with;People who make their world worse for everyone else just by existing.

    The ACLU, lawyers in general, private detectives, government legislators and “law” enforcers at the federal, state and local levels ignore their oaths, the media is fully controlled and to expect kindness, compassion or fairness in this program is to lie to oneself.

    This is a shitty country and a shitty world.

    The deluded, misguided dumbed down fools who call themselves, “good Americans” sicken me.
    You’re supposed to be a good human being as in be nice to other PEOPLE-Fuck nationalism.

    But we live in a world in which kindness, compassion, empathy and wanting peace instead of war are usually called “weak.”

    Gang stalking is most likely the ugliest, most painful wake up call to how bad this world and its “people” can be.

    • Yeah, those “good Americans” make me sick, too. They just reiterate what’s been put in their dumb heads. They don’t think about what they are doing to other people. They’re just being “good Americans”. I guess we targets are the “bad Americans”. We who just want to live our lives in peace and not tell anyone what they should think and do.

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