Gang Stalking – 200 plus readers disappear in one day?!

I keep getting messages from Facebook that someone is getting into my computer from Costa Mesa, Ca.  So I decided to check. I checked the IP #  I was sure it was going to lead to California, but surprise! The IP # leads back to Las Vegas.  It leads back to the library district. This is what it says:

TechName: ZL21-ARIN, phone # +1-702-507-6252, HostMaster@Lvccld.Org, address: 7060 W. Windmill Lane 89113. Key date: 1993-06-02; update 2011-09-24. You see , whoever is hacking my computer is doing it in a round about way so I don’t know where he’s really located. But thanks to Google, I now know  where the hackers are really located.  Of course, the hackers are also sitting next to me. I guess the library at Windmill Lane sets up the computers so the hackers can get into the computers. I don’t know if the library  district’s involved in the hacking. I think they are. How can they not know that their computers are getting hacked? The library hires IT experts and they should  be able to catch any hacking. If the district doesn’t know what’s going on, then the technicians don’t know what they’re doing.  I’m sure the library knows what’s going on.  And it’s with the approval of the government. Or it might even be a government tech.

There are also other IP numbers I have to check. I’m sure they’re all in Las Vegas, or nearby.

P.S. I had 590 readers yesterday. And now, I have only 345 readers. The hackers changed the number on me. 200+ readers are not going to disappear in one day. I mean, it’s possible, but I don’t think all those readers disappeared.

Oh, my readers are back on., thank you. That’s why I love

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14 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – 200 plus readers disappear in one day?!

  1. If they can read my mind and my internet what the fuck are they still doing following me,im going to move on in the hope you perps and fags will follow me and my behavior will rub off on you. follow me masons you wont go hungry you wont steel or do drugs, i wont drink around you and you will dress appropriate for public appearances you will not invade anybod elses privacy or cost society money or problems, i just want to assist my fello brothers and sisters watch me and learn homos just laugh at them stay strong they are wrong they need a sucker you dont need them ill settle for four million

  2. God cant hurt,the military taught me to eat food that was thrown away,so at 2:30 in the morning we have dumpster patrol so dont you think we should follow punish the drug the dealers in the community or wait will the cops get caught with two kilos of cocaine in the trunk? Sad think we need a national site any one with a blog should be on board of directors Greg Gamanch had a lawsuit going? what became of lawsuit or was a perp scam. As always perps burn in hell fags you as well im still waiting for my summary and my eight percent im wasting your time masons and perps so immature hows the donations going masons?

  3. My experience has been that these libraries are remotely linked to centralized servers. IT staff are cheaply hired for ‘part-time security’ jobs by shell “security” firms that peddle ‘security risk management’ programs (read: harassment-for-hire) workers.  It’s relatively easy to set computer stations that are hard-wired and on wireless networks.  You’re very likely hacked by the wireless route, without knowing it (because it runs on a Lineux operating system, in a partitioned part of the drive that Microsoft OS can’t recognize/block.  Permissions are probably set up to let perp-idiots sit outside in the Library parking lot or inside the Library and hack away at the workstation at which you’re seated on any given day.   They hack our home systems the same way. 

    • So you’e hacked, too. This morning on the radio, I was listening to how people are getting hacked and the radio went off until the story was over. There’s nowhere to run.

  4. Theyll realize the expirement is not worken,im considering posting a video should make a couple good points will take quite awhile will be a good start,i have to locate some hard honest work masons are scarse so is targetting i usually rest a bit when worken cause no homless mason perps bother me cause they know ill ask them to work. such a waste of time weres the missing kids?

  5. I wonder how many other popular TI bloggers like you get this kind of treatment, Neverending.
    Renata who hosts a great TI show on Talkshoe just started a blog and a Twitter account-She gets targeted like crazy at work, home;24/7 but has somewhat of a support group:Family, friends and some TIs in her area-You being forced into being a loner are an EASIER target for these cowards.

    One thing is for certain: You are kicking Fkng ass as far as reaching TIs otherwise they would not attack you to and from the library as MUCH as if you did NOT have a popular gang stalking blog.

    Criminals, cowards;The lowest of the low like the sick F evil retarded children they ARE do not want ANY truth about organized gang stalking getting out not to mention that THEY THINK THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO FORCE US TO LIVE BY THEIR RULES;The rules the govt/perps say we should think and live by and by giving them the finger via your great blog you’re “breaking the rules.”

    Wonder if any perps are aware that their perping of us is being monitored and evaluated;I’m including ALL government workers involved in gang stalking/workplace mobbing AND their obedient civilian zombie ass slave super spy patriots?

    I know that the scum in the government and civilians gang stalking us think its “funny” as part of their power trip over us that they can see and hear all we do;That our lives are open books to them.

    What part of “EVERYONE IS UNDER SURVEILLANCE” do these losers NOT get?
    Everyone’s private moments are being recorded and or seen by live operators at various times,

    Neverending, how can I find your Facebook page?

    I’m not into Facebook or other government created “social networks” AKA data gathering traps but I’ve learned some good stuff from some Facebook feeds.

    • I’m not into Facebook, either, but it’s helped me with some of the things happening. I have to look to see what my name is and I’ll get back to you. I think they don’t get harassed because a lot them of them don’t want to acknowledge that their family and friends are perps. I did. I’ve never been one to deny what’s happening around me. I see things as they are. But if they’re happy that way, whom am I to judge them?

  6. Most all of the internet computers I have used here at the library and the senior center are big time antiques, the internet connection is slow. I told one or two librarians I could speed them up a lot, but of course they have an IT expert. Am not a networking specialist at all, but the reality seems to be they do not want the poorer people to have the same pcs that are used in newer, upper scale neighborhoods. Some really good librarians, others do not want you to interrupt their internet surfing, pretty hard job for

  7. John 3:19-21(KJV)
    19And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.
    20 For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.
    21 But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.

    The light is the Lord Jesus Christ!:) Believe on him and He will lift you up!

  8. They really seem to get a thrill from what they inflict on harmless and innocent individuals. You’ve done so well to have got this far and still able to function in society the way you do. At one point in my life I really couldn’t handle the thought of going out and having these demonic ‘people’ following me around with their phones.

    I guess in many ways its served as a blessing to me, Its led me in the direction of the Lord:). And I pray for all those facing similar circumstances that you too turn to Jesus Christ.

    Oh and just some advice folks, dont expect to get help from any doctors, psychiatric or mental institution, there totally riddled with them! THEY WILL make things worse for you through mind games and a false diagnosis. If you’re struggling mentally and physically go online and ‘doctor yourself’, theres tons of info to help you overcome. No need to rely on a third party.

    Police siren in the background as Im typing this- thats another favourite of theirs. These ‘people’ are ill! and being led by dark forces.

    I once seeked help and stayed in a mental ward for almost 3 weeks. BIG mistake. I was put under huge trauma from both the staff AND the patients!

    Vegas must be full of them, ‘SIN city’. I imagine they feel very much at home there lol.

    Keep your head up neverending I really feel your pain, literally:( But all things work together for good to those that love God:)

    Take care for now:)


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