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Gang Stalking – Why don’t perps get Christmas spirit and give targets a break?

I  stood in line waiting to pay for what I bought.  Someone kept hitting me. I turned around, told the person behind to stop touching me.  He looked at me and said, “I’m not touching you.” I replied, “Sure, you’re not. It’s just my imagination, as always.”   A woman who heard the conversation said, “Oh, it’s Christmas. You sure don’t have the Christmas spirit.”  I said, “If you had to go through what I have to go through every day you wouldn’t,either.”  She said, “It’s Christmas don’t complain about what someone does.”  I turned to her and said, “If you had my life you’d want to kill yourself. You wouldn’t last too long.”  She turned and said, “I sure wouldn’t act like you.”  I said, “If you had my life you wouldn’t be here now. You’d probably kill yourself.”  Of  course, a perp, like all the others in line. I’d been in the store longer than I usually stay and the harassment in the store was awful. Everywhere I turned someone was imitating something I do in my apartment, or giving me weird looks, or pulling up their pants. They love to imitate me pulling up my pants. This I do while I’m home. I wear an old pair of jeans to bed because somehow it helps me not get hit electronically so much. And I’ve lost so much weight that the jeans won’t stay up, so I’m always pulling up my jeans.  I’ve never worn these pants outside my apartment and I don’t pick up my pants when I’m out, so they’re watching via camera. And  they have  audacity to tell me to have the Christmas spirit. Why don’t they get the Christmas spirit by leaving me alone for Christmas? They sure as hell don’t have the Christmas spirit themselves. If they can harass me during the Christmas season, they’re very unchristian. Bunch of phonies!

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Gang Stalking – Maybe they think it’s Christmas.

Every computer at the library went down. I’m sure the computers went down because of hacking.

I came into the library and one of the guards approached me, there were 2 others with him. The guard told me in a very nice way that the computers were all down. Usually this guard is very rude. All 3 guards came toward me to tell me. Maybe, they thought it would upset me and I’d say something. Well, I didn’t. I told the creep “thank you” and walked away. And then I ran into the head of the library. This is the woman who is always threatening to throw me out of the library. She saw me and said. “All the computers are down.” In a very, very nice way.  Two people in a row being nice to me in the library makes me very suspicious.

I think the computers went down because the hackers probably made changes to the computers. The hackers are always trying to stop me from writing my blog. So far, they haven’t succeeded!

I asked the head of the library, why did it happen. She said, “We don’t know. We came in this morning and all the computers were out.” I was going to say something to her about  the hackers messing with the computers, but I kept my mouth shut. All the computers down and no one thinks they’re  getting hacked.! Give me a break.

I’m still trying to get over on how nice they were to me, maybe they think it’s Christmas!

Oh, and the hackers now come into the library,  use the computers and have  mobile phones which they use to stop me from blogging. I have no mobile phone. WordPress.com,  please don’t let anyone in with a mobile phone. Thank you.

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Gang Stalking – No rest for the weary.

Panda Express Logo

Panda Express Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tip Toes

Tip Toes (Photo credit: MTSOfan)

Christmas in the post-War United States

Christmas in the post-War United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I hope that all of you had a nice Christmas. I hope it wasn’t like mine.

These perps just never leave me alone. I’m on watch 24/7.  Every little nitpicking little thing I do, they imitate. I had to go out yesterday to get something to eat because I did not feel like cooking. I walked over to the Panda Express,    the only place open. I walked into the restaurant and there were two tables of Chinese people sitting at them.  As soon as I walked into the place, all the Chinese turned toward me and looked at me as if I were something from out of space.  And then they all began to laugh while looking at me. Well, I did what I always do, I gave them the finger. Then they began talking loudly.  One man in particular laughed loudly. And, of course, within a few minutes there was a line of customers.  I was going to stay in the restaurant and eat, but decided to leave when the place became chaotic. (That Panda Express has the worst food.)

Not even on Christmas can these bastards leave us alone!

And then I decided to go for a walk, but of course, within a few minutes people came out of the woodwork.  Skate boarders, bicyclist, white cars (of course) followed me. It was like a parade.  I avoided them by walking very fast and zigzagging all over the place, but it was hard to avoid them, there were so many.

I decided to go home.  And the two idiots upstairs began walking around as if  they weighed 500 lbs. each. And on top of that, they put on the hissing sound that I’ve told you about.  So I put on my radio, and that didn’t help. They now have gotten into my radio and make heavy breathing sounds, like two perverts. I have it on tape, but I can’t send it. I wish I could, but proof is all I need. I would take the tape to the police and ask for help, but I know I wouldn’t get any  help from the corrupt police officers. But knowing I have proof makes me feel better.  If anyone doubts what I’m saying about what they do inside my radio, all I have to do is put it on.

And the rest of the day, was just as bad.

You would think we’d get a break because of the holidays, but we don’t! It’s 24/7 misery.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Targets, you deserve nothing but the best!

English: A Thanksgiving turkey that had been s...

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Acoustic Christmas Carols

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Pile of gorgeous gifts

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H, there targets.  I know these holidays are bad ones for you.  You think back to the days you once had a family. Now you have no family. It was taken away from you.  You look around  and you see people running around to the stores to get gifts for their family and friends.  And here you are, alone.  You no longer have a family you can buy gifts for.  And if you have family, you might not be able to buy gifts for them because of your economic situation.  You probably no longer work because of all the abuse you suffered at work, or you got fired from your job, so you’re probably feeling down.  And you have every right to feel the way you do.  Not too people in our situation can handle what we’ve had to endure.  No one can go through what we’ve gone through and not feel down.  It’s a normal feeling.  Just don’t let it get you so down that you do something.  Those people who harass you are not worth you doing anything that might endanger your life.  They’re not worth a damn!

So do something nice for yourself.  Treat yourself to a dinner, or cook a good dinner. Go to church if it makes you feel better. Buy yourself something you’ve always wanted to buy. Put on Christmas carols and sing loudly.  It will let out some anger you feel about the way your life is going.  Buy some poor child a gift.  This last one will make you feel so much better about yourself, and you’ll make a poor child’s Christmas.  Just be nice to yourself.  If you go out, don’t pay attention to those we refer to  as “gang stalkers”.  They’re not worth you getting upset right now.  Leave that for another day.

You’re stronger than you think you are!  Just think! You made it through another year!  I know that a lot of people can’t handle what you’ve had to handle in the years  gang stalking has happened to you. You’re a winner, just don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  You’re a winner, and you will continue to win!

So have a very Merry Christmas and be nice to yourself.  You deserve nothing, but the best!

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – What I want for Christmas.

Last Christmas

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Someone asked me today what I want for Christmas.  I couldn’t think of anything that I want (I could use a bed, but it would be destroyed if someone gave it to me, so why bother getting something that’s going to be destroyed).  Thinking about the bed made me think of gang stalking.  So now I know what I want for Christmas.  I want the gang stalking to STOP.  If there’s someone out there who can grant this wish, you’ll have my admiration forever.   I know this is wishful thinking on my part and it won’t happen,  but it  makes me feel better to think that it might stop.

So that’s what I want for Christmas.  The freaks to stop bothering me, and everybody else!

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Christmas in the post-War United States

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