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Gang Stalking- – Banned from library for another year.

Hi, everybody.  You haven’t heard from me for  a while.  I didn’t have a computer to get in touch with you. You see, I’ve had a bad two weeks. The library banned me from its premises.  It was an experience.

I went into the library and all the computers were in used by some perp.  I saw the security guard come in and walk toward me, but  kept going. He went to talk to one of the librarians. She handed him a piece of paper and quickly disappeared. I felt the tension and could tell something was going to happen, and it did.

A woman and the guard came over to where I sat. The woman began to read something about trespassing in Clark Country library. I realized that I was being thrown out of the library and ran to the elevator. The guard and the woman followed me into the elevator. The guard told the woman to keep reading. The elevator got to the 2nd floor and I ran through the library, down the stairs, and got to the curve.  I took a quick look to my right and left and crossed over to the other side of the street. I was out of the library area and they couldn’t do anything to me anymore. I kept running and didn’t look back.

I’ll tell you tomorrow, if I can, what happened in the library to get me thrown out. As always a set-up from all the freaks.

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Gang Stalking – Entering another year of hell!

That woman I told you about yesterday at the library, showed up again today. Of course, she showed up exactly at the same time I did. And she was wearing “pink” as I am. And today she’s just as high as a kite.  She sat next to me, of course. She put her arms up to show me she’s wearing the same color, and smiled at me. What a coincidence she’s wearing the same color! Yeah, sure! I turned away from her and paid no attention.  She began babbling to herself in the way “druggies” do. She turned and began babbling to a man.  He gave her a dirty look and walked away. Oh, life is just so wonderful for us targets! How ever did we get so lucky? It’s one exciting adventure after another?!!

One thing, always stay calm no matter what. Even if I want to grab someone and do something, I just keep myself calm. That’s the only way to survive what we’re going through. They want us to lose our “cool”.

I must admit, I don’t always stay cool. It’s hard to always stay calm with what we have to put up with every day.  And we’re only human. But considering everything I put up with every day, I do a pretty good job staying calm when the perps take over the library.  If I did half the things the perps do, I’d be thrown out of the library and escorted out by a security guard.

I told you about the time a woman harassed me and I said a few four letter words to her. She went to the librarian and complained. And I was thrown out of the library for a whole year. A guy recently said to me “FY” in front of a librarian, but she did nothing. If that had been me, I wouldn’t be in the library now.

The woman is still in the library blabbing some nonsense.

Well, entering another year of hell!

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Gang Stalking – Again, I’m back! They can’t keep me down. And won’t!

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Hi, everybody.  I have not been able to type my blog for the last few days.  But as I told you, I would not give up, and I haven’t.  The gang stalkers denied all network access  to me, so I couldn’t get  on the internet.

I was taken off the internet because I was giving you too much correct information, plus I was telling you how to protect yourself.  And they don’t like that.  They want all of you out there all by yourselves without any help, or contact with anyone.

I said I wouldn’t give up and I didn’t.  So here I am again writing my blog.  Those people in the government underestimated my strength.  They thought they come after me and I’d be done.  Well, they’ve done a lot of things to me, but I’ve found a way each time to outsmart them.  Just imagine hundreds of people coming after you, government people, and trying to outsmart them.  I think I’ve done a pretty good of it.

I’m not typing on my computer.   I’m in the library typing this.  I was thrown out of the library a year ago, and told not to come back for a year.  Well, my year is up.  Isn’t it strange the way life works? The freaks mess with my computer and I can’t type anything on it, and library becomes available to me again.  That’s life.  Don’t you love it?  You know that saying about one window closes and another one opens up (or something like that), another window opened up to me.

This time at the library I’m going to be smarter.  I’m really going to try to keep my mouth!  If I were any of you, I wouldn’t place any bets on me.  I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut when someone is abusing me.

I’ve missed writing my blog.  I’m glad to be back in touch with all of you.  Stay safe, and I’ll have other tips on how to protect yourselves.

Thanks for continuing to read  my blog.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Targets, you deserve nothing but the best!

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H, there targets.  I know these holidays are bad ones for you.  You think back to the days you once had a family. Now you have no family. It was taken away from you.  You look around  and you see people running around to the stores to get gifts for their family and friends.  And here you are, alone.  You no longer have a family you can buy gifts for.  And if you have family, you might not be able to buy gifts for them because of your economic situation.  You probably no longer work because of all the abuse you suffered at work, or you got fired from your job, so you’re probably feeling down.  And you have every right to feel the way you do.  Not too people in our situation can handle what we’ve had to endure.  No one can go through what we’ve gone through and not feel down.  It’s a normal feeling.  Just don’t let it get you so down that you do something.  Those people who harass you are not worth you doing anything that might endanger your life.  They’re not worth a damn!

So do something nice for yourself.  Treat yourself to a dinner, or cook a good dinner. Go to church if it makes you feel better. Buy yourself something you’ve always wanted to buy. Put on Christmas carols and sing loudly.  It will let out some anger you feel about the way your life is going.  Buy some poor child a gift.  This last one will make you feel so much better about yourself, and you’ll make a poor child’s Christmas.  Just be nice to yourself.  If you go out, don’t pay attention to those we refer to  as “gang stalkers”.  They’re not worth you getting upset right now.  Leave that for another day.

You’re stronger than you think you are!  Just think! You made it through another year!  I know that a lot of people can’t handle what you’ve had to handle in the years  gang stalking has happened to you. You’re a winner, just don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  You’re a winner, and you will continue to win!

So have a very Merry Christmas and be nice to yourself.  You deserve nothing, but the best!

Countdown:  45 blogs to write.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Explain your strategy for life.

Explain your strategy for life.  Why are you here? What do you hope to achieve?  What matters most to you at work, at play, or at home?  How did you come to develop your approach to living?  Which parents, friends, aliens or spirits influenced your choices about how to live?

My strategy for life at this point is to stay sane.  I really don’t have any freedom in my life.  My life is totally controlled by what the perps do to me.  Every day I get up and hope for the best.  I plan things, but usually I have to change my plans because of what is done to me.  I can think only in minutes.  I can’t think long-term about my life.  If I think long-term I know something will happen that will remind me no long-term thinking for me.  Live moment-to-moment.

I’ve developed this strategy of living moment-to-moment because it’s the only way it works for me.  I can’t think of living for tomorrow, or the next hour, or next year.  It’s the here and now that I have to work with.  I have no choice in the matter.  I am a prisoner.  It’s the only way I know how to survive.  I can’t waste my energy trying to convince myself my life is ordinary, because it’s not.  I only wish it were.

Countdown:  79 blogs to write.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Pick a number from 1 to 10.

Step 1:  Pick a number from 1 to  10.

Step 2:  Now think of something interesting in your life or what you’d like to have in your life, related to that number.  For example, if you picked 6 , tell me about your favorite kind of beer (which comes in packs of 6).

I pick number 8.  I pick number 8  because it’s the month of my birthday.  I’d like to be free of this gang stalking.   Maybe something good will happen by August of next year that will  free all the targets from the things we’re experiencing.  That will be my birthday present.  To be free.    I know that August is less than a year away, but a lot of  things can happen in less than a year.  Maybe all the planets will align and cause a change in our lives.  I’m keeping all  my 8 fingers crossed.

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