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Gang Stalking – Another fun day at the supermarket.

Another fabulous day at the supermarket.

I got all the things I needed and headed for the register. I saw a woman running to beat me to the register. It’s okay with me. She can run to get to the register, I’m in no rush.  The woman puts her food on the counter and begins to talk to the cashier. I take my things and put them on the counter. I bend down to put the basket where it belongs. The woman reaches over me and drops her basket  over my head and hits me. I get up and say to her, “You hit me. Don’t you even say “excuse me”?  The Asian woman turns around, says, “Oh, I’m sorry.” I turn to her and say, “You purposely threw that basket to hit me!”  I see the Bagger smile and the cashier, too. I  see red. These people just never leave us alone.  So I take my things and pushed them forcefully toward the woman’s things. All the things go on the floor. I turned to the woman, “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize my strength.” No ones dares say a thing to me. They know they’re a bunch of jerks. The woman leaves the store with a big smile on her face. The cashier turns to me and says, “How are you doing today?” I reply, “Do you really care? No! You don’t care, so don’t ask me.” And I continue, “Oh, I’m a lot of fun to have around” The cashier doesn’t dare look at me. He knows he’s a creep along with the woman who left the store and the Bagger.

There are days I just want to _______________  _________________ ___________. You can add into the blanks whatever you’d like to say.  I know we all have days like this. The freaks just never stop coming. And to that bitch who threw the basket on my head, you”ll get yours.

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Gang Stalking – Needed a break from all the perp stupidity.

Hi, targets. I know I’ve been M.I.A. the last two days. I had to take a break from the freaks. Coming into the library to type my blog is a horrendous experience. I wish all of you could spend a day experiencing what I experience every day.  It’s tiresome. I have to put with up people who aren’t civilized. They’re  all animals! People who’ve never had any contols placed on them.    People who grew up doing whatever they felt like doing to someone and not giving a s–t if they hurt that person. I don’t think any of them know what the right thing to do is. They can do whatever they want to me at the library. If I complain, the librarians tell me that the perps are not doing anything to me and that it’s my imagination. Yeah, I’m imagining that they’re hacking my computer, hitting me with electricity from their computer, that they’e snorting and grunting like pigs, that theyre imitating everything I do in my apartment. Yeah, it’s all my imagination!

Like the freak who is next to me. First, he began by hacking my computer. He couldn’t prevent me from answering your comments, so now he’s hitting me with electricity. He’s a very fat guy, either Indian or Mexican. He’s wearing jeans, and looks as if he hasn’t taken a bath or shower in a long time. I guess he’s too busy being a jerk to take a shower or bath. Now, he’s  moving his  foot up and down, that sends the electrcitiy my way when they do that. The thing is, he’s not hitting me. You see, I wear a hat, always. It’s cotton. The electricity goes to the top of my hat and I feel it hitting the hat. He can think he’s hitting me all the wants, but he ain’t doing s–t to me. And there’s a black woman behind me coughing as if she has a very serious disease.  Now, she’s awwwwwing, awwwwwing, and making all sorts of animal sounds. Also, she’s fake sneezing. And her child is making noise. Oh, A Mexican couple  just came in and they took a wooden chair and dragged  it  across the floor making a lot of  noise. It’s bad  enough I can hear them a mile away  when they’re talking, they have to make more noise by dragging the chair around the floor.

These are just some of the animals I have to deal with on a continual basis.

I needed a break from their stupidity.

Taking two days off wasn’t enough. I need a lifetime away from these creeps!

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Gang Stalking – We shall overcome; we shall overcome.

Muncich municipal waste disposal company, garb...

Muncich municipal waste disposal company, garbage truck MAN TGA 26.310 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Civil Rights March on Washington, leaders marc...

Civil Rights March on Washington, leaders marching from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

12 hours in 90s

12 hours in 90s (Photo credit: Astro Guy)


Suspects (Photo credit: Bret Arnett)

The person who moved in next door is gone.   A group of people picked her up, and told her to hurry up.  And off she went.  Couldn’t get away fast enough.  Well, good riddance to another gang stalker.

Lately, they’ve been parking a different car in front of my apartment every single day. Sometimes, I’ll catch the perp in the car. When I catch one of the perps sitting in his car, I’ll get out my little gadget and hit him. And they take off like lightning.  I caught one of them this morning.  A woman.  She made believe she was singing and listening to her radio.  So I got my little gadget and off she went.  Within about two seconds another car filled the space.  When I saw the car, I ran to get my little gadget, but the person disappeared quickly .  The car is still parked there, but the person took off.  I think he’s in Apartment 203.  The apartment where the perps hang out.  I should say where the “government people hang out.” The apartment where all their gadgets are in use, and they can watch what everybody is doing.  I’m not the only watched.  There are so many targets in this complex that you would be amazed at the number.  And there just as many perps watching us.  The sheeple doing the government’s job.

For two years like clock work, the garbage  man came at 11:30 a.m.  Today, he came at 12:25 p.m.  For two years   I made sure that I was waiting for the garbage man, so I could throw out my garbage and the perps can’t dig it out and  put it back in my apartment.  One day I was late and run out to throw my garbage into the dumpster just as the man was about to pick it up.  Since that time, they’ve purposely changed the time the garbage man comes. Last time it was 10:30 a.m. And then it was 10:15 a.m. And now it’s 12:25 p.m.  I asked the garbage man why the time change.  He told me that it’s summer and he changed the time because it’s cooler earlier.  So how does he explain the 12:25 p.m. time change?  It’s later and hotter.  There’s only one reason for the time change, and that’s so I won’t be able to throw away my garbage and they can get at it.

The people who run this government program seem not to be too smart.  Now, I understand why the government is falling apart.

One night last week, I stood outside my apartment to get some fresh air.  The weather was balmy and beautiful.  So I just stood in front of my apartment.  Within about five minutes, the man in the next apartment complex appeared on his balcony.  He was on his phone and looking self-important, as they all do when they’re reporting a target.   I watched him, and I knew that someone would come by to check out what I was doing.  The man went back into his apartment, and sure enough, there comes the white car of the monitor.  He passes right in front of me and looks to see what I’m doing.  I had my camera and took his picture and the car license.  He kept on going and immediately made a U-turn.  Of course, I got his car again and his license number.  I can’t even stand out in front of my apartment without some freaking  jerk reporting me.  It makes me so angry.  Next time, the monitor comes checking  up on me, I’m going to stand in the middle of the parking lot and see what he does.  And to that idiot on the sixth floor in the next complex, I got your picture.

And to use a phrase from the Civil Rights movement: We shall overcome; we shall overcome.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – What I want for Christmas.

Last Christmas

Image via Wikipedia - one of the freaks!

Someone asked me today what I want for Christmas.  I couldn’t think of anything that I want (I could use a bed, but it would be destroyed if someone gave it to me, so why bother getting something that’s going to be destroyed).  Thinking about the bed made me think of gang stalking.  So now I know what I want for Christmas.  I want the gang stalking to STOP.  If there’s someone out there who can grant this wish, you’ll have my admiration forever.   I know this is wishful thinking on my part and it won’t happen,  but it  makes me feel better to think that it might stop.

So that’s what I want for Christmas.  The freaks to stop bothering me, and everybody else!

Countdown:  49 blogs to write.

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Christmas in the post-War United States

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – My diary…gone.

Today if I come up with a few four letter words, I want to apologize beforehand.

I’m guess you can say I’m angry today. Today I discovered a diary I tried to hide from the freaks (gang stalkers) was no longer a secret. I’d hidden the diary in the only  place I thought was safe. But since the freaks found it,  I guess it was not a safe place.

I discovered that the diary no longer exists. All but about four of the pages are  missing. Five pages left that are meaningless. All the things I’d written, private thoughts, are out there for all to see. They just tore the pages out. They didn’t’ even try to  hide the fact that pages are missing.

This is a diary I’ve kept for years, since about the age of 16. To discover the freaks have it really makes me want to behead every one of them.

This is the second time someone has taken pages out of my diary. The first time it happened was when I was living with my sister in Arizona. I left the diary in my suitcase (locked) when I decided to come to Vegas to check it out. I left the suitcase behind because I was returning to Arizona, and then moving to Vegas.

Before I left Arizona, I decided to go through all my things and throw out what I felt I no longer needed. While going through my stuff, I ran across my diary. So I began to look through it. About 20 pages were missing. The only one who had access to my diary was my sister. She even left a note in the diary. I was very angry the first time  I discovered  pages missing from  my diary.   I forced myself not to say anything to my sister. I Needed a place to stay, and I knew if I said anything to her, she’d throw me out. So I kept quiet, but my insides were  festering.   I, somehow, managed to  control myself.

So now to discover the freaks stole most of the pages out of my diary was another stab in the back.  Now I understand some of the remarks that they’ve  made to me.

So I’m going to burn  the  five or six pages I have left.  Every time I look at the diary it makes me think  of the awful things I’ve had to endure.  It’s better to let it go, and start new memories.

Well, I’ve managed to control myself and not use profanity.  Believe me, the anger I feel for what these freaks have put me through pales in comparison to my anger.

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Gang Stalking – My numbers in blog readers are down.

I was expecting this to happen. Most of the people who read my blog are gang stalkers. And they were all told to read my blog (to find out information, of course)

They do this so I’ll get upset when I see my numbers going down. Surprise! I’m not upset. I was expecting you freaks to do this.

On June 8, 2011, I went to visit my doctor.  While I was there, the doctor asked me questions about what sites did I visit, how many readers I have, etc.  They’ve been artificially raising my numbers so they could then lower them.  I was wondering how long it would take for them for lower the number.   The joke is on you freaks!  It took longer for you lower my numbers than I expected.

You can see, I still get comments, but no one goes near what I’ve written.  Don’t you find it strange?  All those comments and no one is reading the blog.  Why bother sending me comments?  I seldom ever read them because I know they’re from all you freaks!  I’m not calling any normal reader a freak, just the real freaks.  And they know who they are!

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