Gang Stalking – No rest for the weary.

Panda Express Logo

Panda Express Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tip Toes

Tip Toes (Photo credit: MTSOfan)

Christmas in the post-War United States

Christmas in the post-War United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I hope that all of you had a nice Christmas. I hope it wasn’t like mine.

These perps just never leave me alone. I’m on watch 24/7.  Every little nitpicking little thing I do, they imitate. I had to go out yesterday to get something to eat because I did not feel like cooking. I walked over to the Panda Express,    the only place open. I walked into the restaurant and there were two tables of Chinese people sitting at them.  As soon as I walked into the place, all the Chinese turned toward me and looked at me as if I were something from out of space.  And then they all began to laugh while looking at me. Well, I did what I always do, I gave them the finger. Then they began talking loudly.  One man in particular laughed loudly. And, of course, within a few minutes there was a line of customers.  I was going to stay in the restaurant and eat, but decided to leave when the place became chaotic. (That Panda Express has the worst food.)

Not even on Christmas can these bastards leave us alone!

And then I decided to go for a walk, but of course, within a few minutes people came out of the woodwork.  Skate boarders, bicyclist, white cars (of course) followed me. It was like a parade.  I avoided them by walking very fast and zigzagging all over the place, but it was hard to avoid them, there were so many.

I decided to go home.  And the two idiots upstairs began walking around as if  they weighed 500 lbs. each. And on top of that, they put on the hissing sound that I’ve told you about.  So I put on my radio, and that didn’t help. They now have gotten into my radio and make heavy breathing sounds, like two perverts. I have it on tape, but I can’t send it. I wish I could, but proof is all I need. I would take the tape to the police and ask for help, but I know I wouldn’t get any  help from the corrupt police officers. But knowing I have proof makes me feel better.  If anyone doubts what I’m saying about what they do inside my radio, all I have to do is put it on.

And the rest of the day, was just as bad.

You would think we’d get a break because of the holidays, but we don’t! It’s 24/7 misery.

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34 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – No rest for the weary.

  1. I HATE my neighbours the demonic freaaks.they everywere i go even in town now and also other perps it got worse this month dont know.why i also had a crap christmas to.i needed rest.what are they doing to you jumping up down? Fkin hell they just cant leave us alone can they i was a away for bit from this place i was going to go crazy just bbeing here am sure they have missed they cash cow .

  2. sry to hear your christmas sucked.
    unless ur choices are limited, going out to eat on big days like xmas isnt ideal. these things dont have any sense so they’d go harder make yoru christmas worse.

    the panda at my place isnt that great either. of course employees are gang stalkers. the food is a hit or miss. i can only eat there once in awhile cuz i get sick of the food fast. sucks cuz i like chinese food

    sucks for them this week cuz i didnt go to get groceries or anything this week lol, a lotta my gang stalkers are short on money this christmas hahaha

    • Good. I’m glad you agree Panda doesn’t have very good food. I thought I was being a bitchy New Yorker. You were smart not to go out on Christmas, or the whole week for that matter. There were so many of them all over the place. Now, I’m followed by mothers with five or six children with them. Ever since I wrote about the children being pushed toward me, it’s gotten worse with the children. They’re pushing even more of them toward me. Very, very sick parents. Their right to have children should be taken away from me.

  3. Sorry to hear the gangstalkers ruined your christmas, mine wasn’t too bad.

    By the way, I don’t know if you’ve heard of the Internet Archive, but it’s a website that allows people to archive snapshots of websites (that part of the website is called The Wayback machine)….so anyway, after seeing all the hacking and editing of people’s posts that was going on this blog, I decided to archive some of the pages (including the comments sections) I’m sure the hackers are just having some lighthearted japes and all that, but in case they’re planning anything more sinister than that, it’s useful to have a copy.

    One of the pages I made a point of archiving was the ‘Stay safe and sane targets’ blog on December 3rd 2013, because there’s an exchange between Ne1 and me about halfway down that makes no sense at all. Blatant hacking going on there, methinks.

    • I don’t have a camera. Every camera I’ve had they’ve hacked. I have to go back and look at my blog “Stay safe and Sane Targets” and see what it says. Thanks for letting me know. A lot of times, they change what I’ve written, or make changes to my spelling. By the way there’s a red line by the side of your comment. I guess they want to make sure I saw it.

      • I’m [strong]not[/strong] talking about photographic snapshots, what the internet archive does is save an html copy of a webpage at a given point in time. If you look for wayback machine on any search engine and then type ‘neverending1 wordpress’ into the wayback machine’s search box you should be able to find the pages of your blog that I’ve archived. I can’t post a link to them because my ISP has suddenly decided to add the wayback machine to it’s list of blocked sites.

        I went back and had another look at the blog of yours I mentioned and I couldn’t see any red line, so you’re obviously seeing a different version of your blog to me.

        Would you PLEASE try and start using a stronger password for your blog.

  4. Mine was bad as well. I went somewhere for Christmas dinner and things did not end up as well as I, er thought they would. I hate Panda restaurant. Their food sucks the service is rude and perps eat there. As a family we would go to a nice Chinese place on Christmas when I was younger. Growing up Jewish, all there was to do on Christmas (everything else was closed) was to go to the movies and eat Chinese. Nothing else was open but 7-11.

      • This place where I used to live…it’s like a community. I am not very involved there anymore but they let me eat there on major holidays. I was so poor this year I had nothing baked to bring.

          • No I invite myself since I have nowhere else to go. They approve me coming then I can go. I won’t make a huge dinner all for myself. One year I didn’t go and I ate nothing but an apple.

              • No, but I used to bring cookies, cake, etc..but was too broke this year. Had to buy some new “eyeballs” at the beginning of the month. It’s cheaper than a complete pair of glasses.

                    • Things have changed, they are cheaper than glasses. A complete set of eyeglasses includes the frames, lenses, any special thing like bifocals and of course the exam which is for either glasses or contacts. A complete pair of glasses with bifocals inside is about 500.00. Six months worth of disposable contacts is 150.00 plus the 10 bucks I have to pay to buy a pair of drugstore reading glasses. See how it works? You can only have what you can pay for at hand if you don’t have credit. Contacts are as cheap as 40.00 a box or about a 2 months supply if you overwear them a little long. Say you have an old pair of eyeglasses that you can still see out of pretty well that you can use when your contacts are out. That is how the poor pay to see, unless you get a govt voucher thru voc rehab or go to one of those horrible cheap places that make such poor glasses you can’t see out of them, they are crooked or make you dizzy. Remember the two pair for 99 bucks? That is single vision for one and the glasses suck.

                    • Even when I went to Lenscrafters they did not grind the lenses correctly. One lens did not fit the frame right. It was a shoddy job. With the exam it was over 300.00. I’ve gotten crooked glasses as well as ones that made me dizzy at cheap places. Maybe they do it right for non ti’s.

                    • I’m sure it was purposely done. There’s no business that’s not involved in our targeting. It’s sickening, isn’t it? This exactly what happened with the businesses in Nazi Germany.

                    • Everything we get is 2nd rate: food, glasses, housing, etc, etc, etc….I was treated noticeably ruder this time I picked up my eyeballs even though I have been going there for 2.5 years.

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