Gang Stalking – Come clean, National Security Agency!

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The seal of the U.S. National Security Agency. The first use was in September 1966, replacing an older seal which was used briefly. For more information, see here and here. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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tweets logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They’ve been after my computer for a while, but I’ve managed to keep it going.  Last night, the hacker perps tried to crash it, but I caught them in time and was able to keep the computer going.   Sometimes, I wish the bastards would kill me, because I’m not going to kill myself, or kill someone else.

Anyway, way before Edward Snowden told Americans about what the government is doing to Americans, re hacking their phones, computers, emails, tweets, I told you all about what was occurring.  Go through my older blogs and you’ll see I wrote about hacking way back then.  Of course, no one paid much attention.  I’m just a crazy woman who complains about people following her around, and government harassing her.

Ha!  To me Edward Snowden is a Godsent gift to my life.  He confirmed what I’d been writing about for three and a half years. Now, people everywhere know the truth and are listening to what’s really happening to citizens in the U.S.  Of course, there are still people who think what the government is doing is all right.  They make remarks like “I’m not doing anything so why should I care if they hack my phone, email, tweets, computer?”  Don’t these people realize it’s all about an American’s freedom not to be under constant surveillance?  If the government is listening to what someone is saying, what’s the next step?  The next step is what’s occurring to me. Not only constant surveillance of phone, computer, tweets, emails, but totally taking over one’s life, which is what they’ve done to me.

Now that Americans are aware of  what’s going on, the U.S. suddenly announces that 21 Americans embassies are under watch. Doesn’t anyone else find this strange?  Put out information that American citizens will be under attack and take away attention from the National Security Agency.  Isn’t it convenient that terrorist plots are happening in so many places?

The government wants to divert attention somewhere else so we all forget about the National Security Agency and all it’s snooping. Of course, they want Americans to fall for the bait. The government wants to show us how caring it is.  It cares about us by keeping us safe.  There’s that word again “safe”.  The government knows that if it uses the word “safe”, Americans will stop worrying about  other things and concentrate on the government keeping us safe.

The terrorist threats, I believe, are not going to happen.  The government is trying to scare us all.

And why would the terrorists be so stupid as to use phones to communicate with each other and let the U.S. government know what’s they’re going to do.  The terrorists must know that the U.S. government is listening in on phone calls, following theirs tweets, hacking their computers and reading their emails.  I don’t think the terrorists are that stupid.

I’m still waiting for the government to tell us about those 54 terrorist acts that were stopped by National Security Agency. That’s a lot of terrorist acts.  Come clean, National Security Agency.

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34 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Come clean, National Security Agency!

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  2. Brina wrote:
    Minneapolis, MN
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    Judge it!
    Dec 4, 2008
    Gang stalking appears to be a well orchestrated crime to lessen our constitutional rights as Americans. Orchestrate a crime, propose a law to fix it. Mad Genius.
    Minneapolis, MN
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    Judge it!
    Dec 6, 2008
    They are tageting individuals they suspect are mentally unstable which in turns discredits the testimonies of the T.I. The main idea I want to stress is that you cannot lump all mental disorders in one bag. I have anxiety disorders, but I do not have schizophrenia, hallucinations or Think I am someone that I am not. I don’t think everyone is out to get me. I am a T.I. and I know that this phenomenon of gang stalking is real. I have a child that was immobilized on the floor unable to move as a result of this phenomenon. If you try to tell those in the professional field what is going on they hold you in the hospital against your will for 72 hours. This evil is going on under the radar of the public and mental illness is the excuse to discredit victims of this abuse.
    They have ppl at the mall surrounded with cellphones because I don’t own one and they are relaying the microwave attack thru their radius via my implant or whatever. YThese ppl have opened the bedroom doors of children allowing child pedophilia to become possible thru gang stalking. God will take care of this Psalms 64.

    • The mental health professionals are working with the government and know exactly what is going on. They know there’s nothing wrong with us. They’re doing what the American Nazi government tells them to do. But there will be a time when the s–t hits the fan and all that’s happening to us will come out in the open.

  3. Reply »
    |Report Abuse |Judge it! |#13 May 9, 2013
    Brina wrote:
    I am staying at harbor lights shelter they allowed the theft of my tablet and boost phone in order to try and shut my Facebook down, now since I have three police reports they now have resorted to taking my possessions while I sleep and accessing mY accounts accessing the pin to my stolen phone on my tablet. Minneapolis Salvation Army Harbor lights.
    Reply[/QUOTE[QUOTE who=”Brina”]My name is Sabrina Taylor I changed my last name after I began to be stalked because of the frequency of electronic attact I assumed insurance fraud adter going to shelter It became very clear that gang stalkers ruled the homeless shelter envioronment esp the staff who procure all personal info birth cert. SSn and ID’s In my situation I have exerienced extreme discrediting campains via lies feed through hearsay and other things being said via v2k. IN MY CAMPAIGN TO BE LEFT ALONE I HAVE HAD TO ENDURE DEATH THREATS HAVING OFFICERS DRIVE BY SHUTTING DOWN MY CELLPHONE. GANG BANGERS SPEAKING OF HARMFUL INTENT. FALSE relationships in order to gain access to ny emails and facebook accts, This gang stalking campaign has included pc hacking phone tapping apartent entering w/o consent bank info monitored false hospitalization due to v2k attacks. Constant stressors. And repeated microwave attacks with the intent of causing heart attack. I am convinced death is the intent. My kid does not want to kill herself yet this group contantly allow me to hear terrible things that infer our deaths, Military is definitely involved, So is intelligence,but the thread of comnand extends from military, law enforcement, transit, homeland security operatives taxi drivers anbd store owners al the way to street thugs. This group is too expansive to be ignored,
    I am researching FBAR and FACTA reporting to the IRS in order to ascertain if possibly international insurance fraud may be a possibility. It can be trace if a corporation, business or person has received foreign insurance money and or it can be used to monitor persons who have offshore accounts period with the monitoring of income into those accounts whether a dual citizen or not……I have never traveled abroad nor do keep company with foreigners…….all problems have solutions BRINA wrote:
    As of date I have been a gang stalking victim for over 6 years. I am not certain as to where my experiece began, but I am certain that I should not have been a victim with a prebubesent child in my care. I am threatened via v2k everyday that myself and my now 19 year old daughter will be murdered. The mind control program has been trying to induce matricide. They have messed my daughter’s head up. They exploited me and my kid. Now they have people who are knockkneed around me saying they are going to set me up for murder of my child or force her suicide by torture or sublimination. Instaed of leaving us alone they have insisted on trying to kill us off. Erasing all account of Facebook and proof of the torture that I endured as a result of being burned almost everyday for over 6 years. My child was exposed to microwaves as well. This cannot be alloew to happen to children!!!!!!! THESE PEOPLE KEEP MY KID AWAY FROM ME SO THAT THEY CAN V2K THAT THEY ARE KILLING MY CHILD WHILE EXPOSING ME TO HPM EXPOSURE!!!!!!!! copolamine THE COPS IN MINNESOTA alloed this drugging of my kid and myself it is in her blood!!!!!!!!!!

    • I’m sorry about what’s happening to your daughter. The perps don’t care who they hurt. It’s just another person they can get credit for abusing. I hope things get better.

  4. The point: When spying and stalking is happening to THEM THEY make a fuss, when it’s happening to you or me no-one cares… It’s not NSA per se… THEY are so called psychiatrists/Illuminati…

    They tried to harass me via network on my work and at home… at work they tried to make me believe it’s my colleges who are doing it, but in fact it’s some or more dudes with advanced computer tools who probably have a big “disability” pension from the government of my country and they have to do this to justify their purpose… they’re trying to make it as life’s normal hickups… but I am an IT pro:

    Download this:

    If you see under “Local port” column “icslap” or “microsoft-ds” and some IP from internet on “Remote port” it’s someone spying on you… right click and disconnect…

    Computer spying is just a part of it and I can protect from it… but how they know what you doing is almost beyond belief and what you don’t know won’t hurt you…

  5. what I began to notice is people have long lost their sense of law ( moral and mans )and justice. So they continue to deny to others without realizing that one day they would be denied too.

  6. personally before I leave aim going to do what the Russians did in ww2 ‘scorched earth policy’ aim going to through my computer in a bathtub I filled full of water and a special salt solution and destroy anything I cant take with me just like the Russians did.

    • Not too long ago, I put my old computer in the oven and burned it. I put on the oven, on a very high setting, turned off oven, to be safe, and put computer in right away. It burned to a crisp.

      • I would not dare due that it would set off the smoke detector which in turn would send out the fire dept. if I turn it on when I throw it in the water it will short out the who system instantly and the salt will ruin the motherboard and the hard drive. which in turn would draw attention and I would not be able to slip away.

        • Everything you wrote sounds very funny. I know you didn’t mean it to sound funny, but it put my imagination to work. I had a good laugh. I’m glad you’re still around. Thanks.

          • well at least I have some purpose in live. there getting smarter last night the incapacitated my internet today I get up to call the company before I try it comes back on coincidence? it wasn’t like the internet was down its like they disconnected something. today the landlords coming up to supposedly change batteries in my smoke detectors that’s just a rue.

          • well I figured out how their going to try and railroad me a woman who the conveniently don’t mention her name said I was an unregistered sexual predator that’s how the community plans to get rid spread a false rumor and put me away they’ll think of anything to further there cause

            • I’ve heard this happens to men all the time. They accuse them of being child molesters. I wonder how many men were accused of sexually abusing a child who were not? Just be careful.

                • This has been going for years. Did you ever hear of MKUltra? It’s just a continuation of the same program with different people. It’s a program that keeps on giving. It never stops. It’s a baby the U.S. government never wants to let go of.

            • I’m sorry to hear that! That’s a common accusation that they use to make the perps hate you. I don’t know what they say about me. Probably something similar since they took my kids away for no reason years ago. I suppose they did it to make it look like I really had abused them so people would think the lie was legit. I never abused my kids. In fact, my 17 year-old trusts me so much we’re more like best friends than Mother and son, and we talk about everything and like to hang out together. My other son was murdered at the age of 21. We know it was the FEDs. He said he thought FEDs were watching him before it happened, then the cops refused to investigate it, which is a mark of a government execution. His crime? Wanting to help me set up a home security system, and computer security, and nail down who was hacking me. If I’d have know at that time it was GS’ing, and that the government was doing it, I would never have asked him to help me! I regret it every day. He died trying to help those he loved.

              • get this I wake up to get my glasses that I lay beside my bed they are suddenly gone no trace of them in the apt, they must have got a key from someone fortunately I have a spare they didn’t know about from now on iam going to duct tape my door shut so they cant turn the dead bolt I think my social workers in on it I dare not tell her about because I see a physiatrists today she will use that against me

                • I can tell you she is. There isn’t any profession that’s not involved in our gang stalking. The f—–g government has everybody on its side. Even if you told her about what’s happening to you, she’d make believe she didn’t know what’s going on. All these professionals like doctors, nurses, social workers, etc. should all lose their license. They’re not fit to treat anyone.

                • Gladys is right. Your social worker’s in on it. My counselor in England would just laugh about eveything I told him. You are wise not to say anything to them about it. I had some bad ones here, but refused to talk to them anymore after they purposely drove me to take an overdose. Now I know they were in on it too. I still see one, but I know she’s OK. I know a perp counselor when I get one now. There are certain things they say.

                  The creeps hide my glasses in weird places when they get in sometimes. They also bend them so that they will be blurry when I wear them. Very irritating! Making your door unopenable from the inside when you’re home is a smart move. We have slide locks on our doors because no matter what kind of locks you use, they will have a master key for that brand. I think they get them from the local cops, but that’s just a theory.

                    • Yeah, that could be, but I’ve heard of a TI who owned his house being perped too. Also, I tried a lot of additional locks that weren’t the same brand on my door in England – paddle locks, and a special one from a locksmith (who I now know are also in on it) and they got through them all.

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