Gang Stalking – Eviction for stupid nonsense?


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Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s always something.

I found the following notice on my door from the complex manager:  24 Hr. Violation Notice**

It has the date, my name, apartment number and Nature of Violation:

Where it says Other, there was a check mark.

Comments: Please remover(sic) window covering from bedroom window. We need to see the blinds.

Why do they need to see the blinds?  The blinds are facing the back and no one can even see the window.  I went to the back to see how much I can see of the window.  It was hard for me to see the blinds from where I was standing.  There are pebbles in the back and the next complex is about 3 feet from me.  Someone has to really be watching my window to even know that I have something on my  window.  What I have on my window are two pieces of cardboard.  I keep the cardboard on my window to protect myself from getting hit with electricity from building number 6.  The people behind my building spend all night trying to hit me, so I put the cardboard up to protect myself. The cardboard has been there since I moved in.  I guess it annoys the handlers of the perps that they haven’t driven me insane or kept me from sleeping.

This is just another way of harassing me.  There is no reason anyone would care if I have cardboard or not.  No one can even see it. I can understand if I had the cardboard in the front where there are people walking, but in the back where no one can even see the window?  And I see windows that can really use some intervention from the manager, but nothing’s done about them.

They just want me to remove the cardboard so the perps behind me can hit me with electricity.  There’s absolutely no other reason.

I don’t even know when the 24 hours are up.  There is no time on the notice, so 24 hours can mean anything. I wonder what the manager would do if I didn’t remove the cardboard? Evict me?

The idiots just never stop with the nonsense. They always have to come up with something.  The same b.s. as everywhere else I’ve lived.

The s–t never ends.  I guess the manager has nothing better to do with her time.  This is about the fourth notice I’ve received about some stupid nonsense.

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12 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Eviction for stupid nonsense?

  1. Why don’t they just leave a note that says “Please leave the blinds open and lights on 24/7/365 so we can illegally surveil you without difficulty.” I actually had a window guy who through all my blinds out, claiming he didn’t know how to put them back up. It was to make it easier for my perps to see inside my home.

    • I hope you have blinds in now. They also do it to keep you awake. Without blinds, the light gets into your apartment and you can’t sleep at night, causing you to get irritated and do something. And, of course, to see inside your house. They just never stop with the bs.

  2. That seems pretty weird. Why shouldn’t you put cardboard in your windows, if you want to? Though I don’t know what ‘getting hit with electricity’ is. Do you mean they somehow zap you?

    • It’s just electricity that comes through your socket. All the perps get a code and they’re able to zap me with electricity anytime they want. They do it to all the targets, and there are a lot of us. I can’t put up cardboard because they’ll throw me out of my apartment if I keep in. It’s total Nazism in the U.S. Thanks.

  3. What you could do is put the cardboard up on the other side of the blinds. That way, they can see the blinds & you still have your cardboard up. If they ask you why you have it there at all, you can say to block out light & noise.

  4. Maybe for the heck of it you should move the cardboard to the other side of the blinds so they can see the stupid things, and see what their excuse would be for complaining about it again. If it keeps you from being zapped, I wouldn’t get rid of it totally for them.

    • Oh, I’m not getting rid of the cardboard, that’s the only thing that’s protected me, otherwise, my back would be a horrible mess. I’m sure they don’t really care the cardboard is there, they’re doing it to make sure I get hit, and that’s their excuse. Thanks.

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