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Gang Stalking – new film on Edward Snowden’s life

Guess what? A film on Edward Snowden’s life opened at the New York Film Festival. It tells what happened in Edward Snowden’s life once he decided to divulge information that the NSA was spying on all of us. There are other movies on Edward Snowden’s life being made. The information that Edward Snowden recently let out about the NSA, includes  information that  million-plus Americans  are  on the “watch List”. That’s a lot of Americans being watched. Maybe the story will come out  about what’s happened to us targets. It’s taken a long time to even get to the point we’ve gotten. And when it all comes out in the open, all those American citizens who harassed us will get their due punishment. I certainly hope so. I will definite be one to testify about all the torture we all suffered. I’m not shying away from anything. I’m going to make sure all the criminals end up in prison.

And maybe, just maybe, the American public will finally wake up to what’s happening in the good ole’  U.S. of A.

See video: http://www.slashfilm.com/citizenfour-trailer-edward-snowden/

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Gang Stalking – Americans, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Every morning when I take my walk I feel as if I’m in a movie. You ever see those movies where cars are following someone and then the cars run into each? Well, that’s what happens to me every morning. All the cars running into each other to harass me. The cars run into each other practically running  over people to get to me. It’s so nice to be so popular!

What they’re trying to do to us is break our spirits.  They want to make us  empty shell of ourselves. They want to make us obedient zombies as they’ve made all those people who harass us. Those people are all zombies. They can’t think for themselves. They just do what they’re told. Most of them have to do what they’re told because most of them have been in prison and they get threaten to be sent back to jail if they don’t obey the lord and master. This is exactly what happened in Nazi Germany. The people were so afraid of being picked on, they kept quiet and said nothing. There were those who saw what was coming and began to prepare. Those who didn’t prepare thought it was just a passing phase. That it wouldn’t last too long before life would get back to normal. And we know what happened to all those people who didn’t prepare. They were sent to camps where they were  mistreated and some put in ovens. Those who saw what was coming did a little better. A lot of them escaped and went to other countries. Others stayed and fought back. And others hid and were never found. Others took on  identity of being Germans, and passed.

So now the same thing is happening in the U.S. and no one is listening or paying attention to what is going on. They think that corrupt police, politicians, government employees, etc. is just a passing phase. They’re not preparing for what is to come. There are, of course a lot of American who are aware of what is going on, but nothing’s happening to them, so they don’t care what’s being done to others Americans. They happily take part in tormenting other Americans. And then there are others who know and are preparing for what is to come. They’re the smart ones.

But in the end, we  tormented  targets can’t get anyone to listen to us. How can we when the news media’s owned by  politicians and the 1 percent?  It’s amazing how the internet can get millions of people to comment on some nonsense, but we who are out here trying to warn the world of what is happening, can’t get anyone to pay attention to us.

To all those Americans who don’t believe what’s going on, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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Gang Stalking – American Civil Liberties Union – you suck!

I. as a citizen, can’t get anyone in American Civil Liberties Union to talk to me. No, I have no rights whatsoever.

On the other hand, people who sneak into America from El Salvador, Mexico, Guatemala, etc.  have the right to return to the  U.S. and go before a judge and the judge will decide if the illegal aliens had their rights taken away from them. GIVE. ME. A.BREAK! They’re here illegally and have no rights as citizens, so what is this thing about having their rights taken away?  They’re not citizens and have no rights as Americans.

Here is a video that explains the whole thing about the illegals – http://dailycaller.com/2014/08/28/obamas-deputies-allow-deported-illegals-back-into-the-us/

Isn’t it nice for the American Civil Liberties Union to be so concerned about illegal aliens and not give a s–t about what’s happening to Americans?

Don’t you just love the ACLU people?

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Gang Stalking – Americans are the living dead.

It’s been a week of more and more perps. I don’t know how many there are. It sounds like I’m  exaggerating, but I’m not. There must be at least 300 perps after me. It seems people in Las Vegas have absolutely nothing to do with their lives. Their only life seems to be harassing people and drinking. They do nothing else. They spend all day running after people who haven’t bothered them  and then spend the rest of the time drinking, or doing drugs.

In the last week, they’ve been ripping all of my clothes, putting oil into my barbecue sauce, smashing my fruits and vegetables.  Oh, I forgot, also stealing my clothes and then returning them a day later, or not at all.   And, of course, the daily break-ins haven’t stopped.

I never know when I return home, what I’ll find in my fridge, my bathroom. my bed, my closet. It’s the same feeling I get when I come to the library. What will they do to me at the library? And what they will do to things in my apartment when I’m gone?

No person should have to live as I’m living;  not me, not you, no one!   The crack heads and all the lowlifes  belong in prison.

How is it that no one knows what’s happening to us, but some twitter gets  million hits when he/she couldn’t get a table at a fancy Las Vegas hotel? And a host states that he doesn’t want hippos showing up at his nightclub.

It’s ridiculous!

No wonder the USA is going to the dogs.

The USA has become a place where no one thinks anymore.  They truly are zombies. I’ve used the word “zombie” for a long time now, but, really, I thought American citizens aren’t really zombies. But I’ve given up on that idea, they TRULY are ZOMBIES. They’re the living dead.

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Gang Stalking – Write to Senator Wyden and stop the torture of American citizens!

First of all, to those of Irish descent, Happy St. Paddy’s Day. If you’re a target, I hope it’s a good one, and have a good ole time! (I’m wearing green nail polish today in your honor!)

And now on to what I want to say to you today.  I just finished typing a letter to Senator Wyden of Oregon.  He’s in the intelligence area and he’s spoken out a lot about what the NSA is doing, so I have to trust him.  There’s really no one else who has even bothered to discuss what the NSA is doing. They’re all cowards!!

I’ve asked you to do this before, but I don’t think too many of you bothered to go through with it.  So, again, I’m asking you.

Please, please write to senator Wyden and tell him what’s happening to you.  Tell him everything, leave nothing out.  No one is going to do anything for us unless we push them.  I’ve written to Senator Wyden before and got no response back.  But later on, I understood why. He’s not allowed to divulge any information he has, so he can’t really contact me.

So please write the Senator.  The more of us who contact him, the better.  If you targets want the harassment to stop, we have to speak up.  That’s the only way this is going to stop.  Silence will get us nowhere!  Silence has rarely gotten things done.  Maybe once in a while, but seldom.

I’m including Senator Wyden’s address in Washington and Oregon, and his fax and phone numbers.  Again, please write to him, or fax him.

Senator Ron Wyden (Oregon)

Tel: (202) 224-5244  –  Fax (202) 228-2717   Wash, D.C.   – 221 Dirksen Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C.  20510

Portland office:

911 N.E. 11th Ave. – Ste. 630 – Portland, OR 97232  (503) 326-7525

Let’s stop the harassment of American citizens once and for all.  Write Senator Wyden ASAP!!!!

And thank you to all those who will take the time to write the Senator.

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Gang Stalking – More Americans are renouncing their citizenship.

Today the library is so noisy I can’t hear myself think. And someone messed with all the computers. I couldn’t even find the mouse. I had to look all over for it. It was hidden under the desk. I wonder if the librarians did it. They’re the last ones out of the building and they come in every night after everyone’s left and try to put things in place.

Well, enough about the librarians. I heard yesterday on the radio that a lot of Americans are renouncing their American citizenship. And I don’t blame them. But it’s not for the reason you think. A lot of the Americans who moved to Europe are renouncing their citizenship because of the IRS. Wherever we Americans live, we have to pay the U.S. government taxes. If someone from Spain moves out of Spain and goes to live in Canada, the Spanish government no longer collects taxes from the Spanish citizen. The U.S. is the only country which collects taxes when a citizen decides to live elsewhere.  If that citizen doesn’t pay his taxes, the IRS hounds him/her for the taxes.  A lot of banks in Europe cancelled bank accounts of Americans because the U.S. makes them give them information on the accounts of Americans. The European banks don’t want to be bothered with American accounts and all the problems they cause.  And that’s why Americans are renouncing their citizenships. They don’t want to be bothered with Uncle Sam’s Internal Revenue Service hounding them.  So rather than put up with Uncle Sam, they decided they rather give up their citizenship and be able to keep their bank accounts.

At one time, America used to be a place where people from other countries wanted to come. Now, Americans are running away.  In the years before 2013, about 500 Americans renounced their citizenship.  In the year 2013, 3000+ Americans renounced their citizenship for various reasons. And I think that number is going to skyrocket in the following  years. America is no longer the place it used to be.  It’s become rotten to the core. I know a lot of Americans still think America is the only country that’s free, but that’s not true. There are a lot of countries that are freer than the U.S. America has a long way to go before it can say it’s free.  If I had a place to go, I’d leave!!!

(By the way, I got the information National Public Radio)

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Gang Stalking – In search of Edward Snowden?!

Targets, I think we are in trouble.  If we expect the “sleeping Beauties” (the American people) to wake up any time soon from their slumber, we’re going to wait until hell freezes over.  Maybe we’ll have to wait 100 years, too.

Yesterday, I had to do grocery shopping at Albertsons (I absolutely abhor this place). My first stop was the deli section.  I began talking to the deli worker, which I seldom do, and we got into matters of government.  I happened to mention Edward  Snowden to the woman.  She looked at me puzzled.  She said, “Who is Edward Snowden? Is he an actor on television?”  I said to her, “You don’t know who Edward Snowden is?”  She replied, “No. I I’ve never heard of him.”  I said, “You’re putting me on, aren’t you?”  She replied, “No, I’m not. I don’t know who he is.”    Another deli worker stood next to her, so I said to him, “You do know who Edward is, don’t you?”  He said, “No, I’ve never heard of him, either.”  I replied, “You’re  both putting me on, aren’t you””  Both of the shook their heads. The man said, “Is he an actor on t.v.?”  I said, “No.”  I continued, “I can’t believe you don’t know who Edward Snowden is. Do you two live in a cave?”  They both gave me a nasty look.  A customer came up to the counter and I asked her, “Do you know who Edward Snowden is”?  She replied, “No, I don’t. Who is he?”  I then asked, “Do you know what the NSA is?”  All replied they’ve never heard of N.S.A.  I really thought they were putting me now, but then realized they really weren’t.  None knew who Edward Snowden is.

I walked around the store a while and when I saw a customer, I asked him/her, “Do you know who Edward Snowden is?”  I got blank expressions from almost every customer.

Finally, at checkout, I asked the cashier, “Do you know who Edward Snowden is?”  He replied, “Yes, he’s that guy who told us about the NSA spying on us.”  What a relief, not everyone is in  slumber.

It just shows that Americans are asleep.  They’re all zombies. I can’t believe that few people in the store knew who Edward Snowden is.  How can anyone not know who he is? He’s been a constant presence in newspapers, t.v., internet postings, radio, etc. How can anyone not know about Edward Snowden? I am amazed at the lack of knowledge by American citizens.

So, targets, if they don’t know who Edward Snowden is , what chance do we have of them ever discovering what’s happening with us?  Practically none.

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Gang Stalking – I will never trust the American people again.

Fox News Channel

Fox News Channel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, there’s a different spin on the story of Miriam Carey, the woman shot by police in Washington, D.C.  CNN has a video of an eyewitness account of Miriam Carey’s baby taken out of the car before the cops shot her. If they could stop the car long enough to take out the baby, why couldn’t they take her out of the car, too? It just seems a little strange to me.

On my way to the library, I had a woman threaten to beat me up. I told her if she touched me with even one finger, I’d call the cops.  Of course, I wouldn’t call those useless cops, they’d put all the blame on me.   And I had all those brain dead people following me around.  All wearing a style, color, doing something I do, etc.  It takes a  lot of  brain power to imitate someone.  They’re all like monkeys.  Monkey see, monkey do.  I think, though, that monkeys are way smarter than these people.  I can’t imagine spending my life just waiting to have someone call me so I can imitate someone, or stand around looking like an idiot.  They just love standing around wearing a color I wear, or imitating something I do.  What an exciting life! It just proves what idiots they all are.

Fox News also mentioned something about Miriam Carey having the same thing happen to her as Alexis, I can’t remember his last name, the man shot in Washington recently.  Fox mentioned that her death had something to do with electromagnetism.

And, of course, everything’s blamed on mental illness.  The government can do anything to anyone and all it has to do is mention the words “mental illness” and everybody will shake his/her  head and accept what the government says. That’s the favorite word of the government lately.  And the government comes across as being innocent of any wrong doing.  Yeah, corrupt to the bone the government is.  I will never, never trust the government again in my life. Never!  Nor, will I ever put my trust in the American public.  What’s happening to us wouldn’t be happening without the consent of  the people. Just as happened in Germany.  Without the consent of the people in Germany, there wouldn’t have been a Holocaust if they hadn’t gone along with what the government wanted them to do.  I know saying this about the people of Germany is controversial, but it’s the truth.  Nothing really happens without the consent of the people. And this is true of every country. I can’t believe that the American people are so stupid, but they are.

By the way. there are even more people(I use the word loosely) at the library today. There must be over 100 of them. And the hackers are just having a good, old time trying to mess with my blog. It proves that the librarians give them all access to any computer I’m using.

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Gang Stalking – Edward Snowden tell everyone everything you know.

Image representing Edward Snowden as depicted ...

Image by None via CrunchBase

I got in again. What a miracle!  I wasn’t able to get on for too long yesterday.  I got on long enough to answer readers’ comments and then I got right off.  They tried to crash my computer, but I was able to stop it.  They love crashing my computer.  And I’m sure before long, they’ll succeed. These people are experts.  And I’m just a beginner, but considering, I’ve managed to stay on.  I’m proud of myself.

More information has come out about Aaron Alexis.  A reporter on KNPR radio said that Aaron was at the airport and some people began laughing at him. Aaron went over to the people and asked them why were they laughing at him.  Of course, the perps called security.  These people are such lowlifes.  This is what they do to us at airports.  I never pay any attention to them when I’m at places like the airport.  It’s a miracle I’m allowed into a plane.  And, of course, once we get into the plane, we have people harassing us. I remember the last time I was on the  airplane, I came out of the plane with big black and blue marks all over my arms, from the phones they use to hit us.  It was a woman two seats from me doing it.  And once I got off the plane, I stopped half-way to fix my bag.  The woman passed by me and said, “There.  You deserve what you got.”  And walked away.  I deserve it.  Whatever did I do?  Nothing.

Anyway, they’re doing a job all over the radio on the Washington shooter.  This man who used to teach  Buddhism. Does he sound like he’s any risk?  The government seems to like to go after people who are non-violent and make them violent.  I know we’re test subjects.  And so are the perps.  The perps think they’re free.  Oh, what a laugh!  Free, they’re not.   They’re also being studied. They’re being studied to see how far they’ll  go in committing atrocities.  This is the government continuing the MKUltra programs it began over 30 years ago.  They have to keep up the programs because of all the new technologies.  They have to know how far they can go to control people with the new technologies.

We, targets, can expect this program to continue.  Everyone’s involved. No doubt about it.  From the top to the bottom, we’ll get no help.  If  Edward Snowden knows anything about the program, I wish he’d open his mouth and be a real hero.  I wish he would let the world know what the U.S. is doing to its citizens.  Edward Snowden, if you should run across my blog, go for it and let the world know what’s happening to American citizens.  Be a real hero.  We’ll be forever in your debt.

Now, all the idiots on the radio are complaining about the agency that did background checks on Edward Snowden and Alexis Aaron. How the agency messed up on their vetting.  Of course, they found nothing in their backgrounds, because they’ve done nothing, but all the radio people are over the agency complaining about what a bad job it did about vetting both.  The radio idiots have absolutely no idea what’s they’re talking about. They go on and on about nothing and sound as if they do.  Do some investigating, you idiots!  It just goes to prove that the people on radio and televison don’t know s—t!

All you people out there who are not targets and are reading my blog, stop believing everything the press tells you.  Do your own investigating.  Stop being zombies!  Think for yourselves.  Get back that American spirit, which we’ve lost.

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