Gang Stalking – Perps and chocolate ice cream.

haagen-dazs vanilla honeybee ice cream

haagen-dazs vanilla honeybee ice cream (Photo credit: cafemama)

English: Logo of Target, US-based retail chain

English: Logo of Target, US-based retail chain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, perps, perps and more perps.

Perps everywhere.  I couldn’t get away from them.  As I walked, people popped up from behind poles, cars, trees,  doorways.  They hide behind these things, so I don’t see them coming and  cross the street. They want to make sure I don’t miss some fat woman’s ass, or chest so big  that it’s falling out of its bra.   But  I’m very good at catching them, and I always have an out. They think they’ve caught me and  can’t get away, but I always  screw them.  They see me, walk in front of me and I disappear.  They think I’m behind them, but I’m on the other side of the street, or climbed some hill.  And I never look back to see the surprise on their faces. I’m not interested in seeing their faces, but I know when they turn around they won’t find see me.  This always gives me a good laugh.  I can just imagine them turning around, looking and wondering where the hell I went.  I do this all the time.  I’ve become very good at playing the game.  If there ever comes a time when I have to fight for my survival, I’m not worried. I’ve become very adapt at escaping.  And I’m always testing my physical skills, going up hills, walking on gravel, glass, disappearing; one minute I’m there, the next, not.

As soon as I left my apartment today, the perps came  out of the woodwork, wearing, of course, the color of clothes I wear.  Perps tripping over themselves to get me to notice them.  I paid no attention and disappeared to where there were no perps.

As I walked, a few bikers tried to run me over with their bikes. I did not move.  One fell. Good.  More of them should fall.

I went over to 7-ll to make a phone call to Nevada Power.  As soon as I stood by the phone, perps everywhere.  The store became very, very busy, people in their cars were honking  horns, big trucks making a lot of noise, people standing by the phone  were talking loudly.  I couldn’t hear what the person on the line said.  I tried calling Nevada Power over and over.   I got no signal at all.  All I got was a ding sound.  Over and over I call, but to no avail. I finally gave up and decided to go over to the library and try to make a call there.

I arrived at the library, went up the steps, and before I got into the library, I saw people following me inside.  I went over to the phone (next to women’s and men’s bathroom), dialed the phone and immediately the perps began talking loudly, slamming the women’s and men’s doors non-stop.  A group of people  stood near me and whooped and hollered (is this a library?) non-stop.  I dialed Nevada Power over and over, no response.  Some woman kept coming online and telling me the  wait to get an operator would be an hour and a half.  She sounded as if she didn’t go beyond the first grade of school.

I kept dialing the phone and getting the same woman.  A few times I told her to get off the phone. She was obviously not a Nevada Power phone person. A perp, for sure.  You see, what they do when I use the phone is this:  I make a phone call, the call goes to a recording, or a perp’s phone and my call never gets through to the number I’m calling.

So I tried different numbers to Nevada Power, but the same woman always answered the phone. I finally gave up and left all the noise of the library.

I walked over to Target to get some groceries.  Again, perps all over the place, making believe they were shopping. I needed a few things and I knew I’d be out of the store soon.  I bought a small cup of  Haagen Daez chocolate ice cream. I tripled checked the flavor over and over.  I made my way out of the crowd around me and went to pay.  I left the store and took my ice cream out to eat.  Wrong flavor. Someone switched the ice cream and put vanilla in my bag. I decided to return to the store and return the vanilla.

On my way back to the store, my first bag tore .  I looked to see if there were slits in the bottom of the bag, and, of course, there were.  I’d been so distracted by all the perps that I forgot to check the bottom of the bags for slits.  I got to Target, saw the manager and told him I’d like to replace the ice cream.  While talking to the manager, my second bag tore.  I took my groceries, put them in my handbag, left the plastic bags on the floor and told the manager that someone put slits on the bottom of my bags and that he should keep the bags.  And I walked out of the store.

I’d had it with all the b——s!

As I was walking out the of store, more perps surrounded me.  I quickly escaped the b——s.

I had so many perps following me today that my mind just overloaded. I couldn’t tell if I was going or coming.

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39 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Perps and chocolate ice cream.

  1. My Mom ave me a reusable shopping bag a few years ago and it’s great. It holds a lot, it’s strong and it crumples up to fit in my purse. I think you should get one too and forgo the plastic/paper bags completely. If I knew your address I would send you one!

  2. Hello neverending1,

    I am a TI from NYC. The harassment is non-stop, especially when I am on the subway. My own mother and brothers have turned on me. Do you know of a group of TI’s that meet in or around the NYC area. (I had read on other gangstalking sites that in Canada they have groups.) I have no one to turn to… no one…

    • No, I don’t know of any program that’s in New York. I’m from New York, too. I live in Las Vegas now and there’s nothing here. I’ll try to find out if there’s a program in New York. Remind me if I forget. Send me a note. I don’t want to think about being on the subway. The bus here is bad enough. It’s hell, too. I have no one to turn to, either. We’re both alone. Oh, isn’t family just wonderful? When you need them in your life, they opt to believe the U.S. government. They turn everyone against us. It doesn’t matter who it is. But you have to be careful if you join a group.
      Not every group is a group for targets, even though they might appear to be. They’ll screw you more than help you.

      Do you live in Astoria? I used to live two blocks from the el train. on 35th St. and 28th Ave.

  3. Yeah, Target, what a name for a store! Sometimes they treat me so badly there I swear I’ll never go back, but it’s bad all over. I had a really bad day Monday as well. It seemed literally everyone here in Hell Town was a perp. I was stalked and harassed so much over one bus trip, oh man, and then when I got off the bus they were on bikes, walking by, etc….I felt like the enemy of the human race. Was Monday a special day for them? A ti used to say they followed the cycles of the moon.

    • Maybe they do. It is said that the bad comes out in people when the moon comes out. Who knows? But I don’t think the perps need the moon to come out to be disgusting pieces of human waste. I guess you and I both had really bad days. Yeah, I made the same connection about Target.

      • It seems as if virtually everyone is a perp here. Could it be mass mind control of some sort? Could people listen to “instructions” in their head all day instead of being thinking sentinent beings? Are they really alive? I feel as if I’m the most hated person on the planet.

        • I get the feeling of being hated, too. They’re just people who can’t think for themselves and have nothing better to do with their lives, and feel the need to run someone into the ground. As to them being alive, I doubt it.

          • Had another creepy bad restaurant experience. I think people are mind controlled here. No matter where I go what business, no matter how far from where I live, it’s always the same. I think the bad guys need only pull the switch, the NWO is ready to go.

            • I’m afraid to eat in restaurants now. I will with a friend or my mother, but not on my own when they can get away with doing nasty stuff, and I think your theory about the NWO is right. Two years ago I went on a trip to Washington with my son and I had soap put in my food in three of them. The other one put ground glass in my salad. We saw the guys who followed us. I think they would go in the back door, tell the kitchen staff some kind of bull sh_, and get them to try to make me sick. Once they even had the gall to come in and sit at a table near us. They all looked middle-eastern, were like in their 20’s, and were in a black, government-looking car which changed license plates in both Idaho and Washington. I’m sure they are the ones who assaulted me in the hotel in Idaho when Shaun went to get something to eat. I also got my credit card billed twice for one stay at a hotel in Washington. The owner was probably told to cheat me. Someone at a store treated me like dirt, too, which isn’t really a typical Washington thing. I didn’t know about Herr Obummer’s connections at that time, but I’m wondering now…Muslim Brotherhood?

                  • One time I ordered a lime drink in Taco Bell, the woman doing the serving, took the cup and went to the back. I didn’t think anything of it. When I got my drink, it had the taste of pesticide. I smelled it, and sure enough, it had the smell of pesticide. I told the bitch that it taste terrible and to give me my money back. She had a perp smile on her face all the time. Every time I think of it, I feel like going back to the Taco Bell and…

                    • That’s terrible. I’m glad you asked for your money back. That’s better than just putting up with it. What a creep!

              • You got physically assaulted? I thought the perps had a “no touch” order. Your experience sounds terrible. This is not America. The most that has happened to my food is getting the “trots” after eating it, once what seemed like an allergic reaction and of course rude staff who treat me like a beggar not a customer. Ground glass is scary and could kill! What lives we live! Do you still eat out? I’m thinking I should restrict myself to buffets/cafeterias/stores where you pick out the food yourself. I only started getting perped by Muslim looking people lately. They were the last holdouts. I heard the Northwest was perps all over. Oregon I’ve heard is real bad.

                • I’ve been physically assaulted many times. DEWS are no-touch, and they do that all the time, but when I’m asleep, I guess they use chloroform or something to keep me asleep, and do other things. I’ve been scratched, and have scars from it. Sometimes in places I can’t even reach, so I know I don’t do it. Another reason I know I don’t do it is the scratches aren’t like fingernail scratches. They’re like they were done with a needle. Sometimes they cut chunks of my hair out. The worst was the time in the hotel. I was drugged really bad that time and couldn’t wake up til 3:00 the next afternoon. I had a whopping headache, and I knew I had had implants put in in a place you don’t mention. It was really terrible!

                  As for restaurants, I will go to fast food chain drive-throughs and hope they don’t know who I am. I’ve had OK luck with that. I try to do buffets or cafeterias where I can pick out things myself if I’m alone. I only eat stuff I buy in convenience stores while traveling now if I’m alone too. I started that on the way back with my son on that trip. It was hard, but I decided to accept the fact that enjoying eating out is in the past for me. The ground glass just made cuts in my tong, but who knows if it was meant to do worse damage. I had that done in a place here in my town too.

                  So you you’ve seen Muslim type perps, too. I guess it must be becoming the norm then. Herr Obummer does claim he wants this to not be a Christian nation by 2016. It would make sense that they’d be training to torment us.

                  • I sure hope you secure your dwelling when you sleep. You sound like a high level target. My looks are ruined because I’ve cried so much I have huge bags under my eyes and puffy eyes and I am afraid of the dentist because they put in implants when I had extractions and through surgery I had a few years ago. If you had swallowed the ground glass you might not be here today.

                  • Someone was at the window. LIke you I prefer to see my food before getting it and take my life in my hands eating “out”. The perps are evil and sick. From the looks of the people I see around I would say most people are not Christians.

                    • I’m sorry you have had to so much crying that it’s had that affect. I know it doesn’t help much, but at least you know you’re not alone here… I’ve got suspicions about some of my dental work, too, and the quality of it sometimes seems deliberately bad.
                      Yeah, perhaps if I’d swallowed that glass…but who knows?
                      Yes, we secure our house with slide locks on the inside at night, but that doesn’t stop DEW attacks. At least that prevents the scratches, and the vandalism and such that goes with them getting access.

                      I just got back from a trip, and made sure my son and I only went to restaurants with my friend, went to drive-thrus, or unexpectedly pulled off the road without talking about it so that no one there would have been given notice we were coming, and made sure that there was no one else pulling in after us who could be going to speak to the kitchen staff. We didn’t have any trouble this time. We also took our rest breaks in the car, and made sure one of us stayed with it at all times. I bet that really ticked the perps off. They only managed to do things to the car at night, and when we were inside visiting friends, and everything had been removed during those times, so they put bad smells in the car, dumped wax on the carpet, put sticky stuff in the change keeping slots, and turned on the heater. They did steal a vest I accidentally left in the back seat when I thought we had taken everything into my friend’s house when we first arrived. It didn’t matter that I always left it locked.

                    • The evil never stops. I’m glad you found a way to outsmart them at restaurants. You are very blessed to still have friends.

                    • Yes, I am blessed to still have friends. There aren’t many but I care more about quality than quantity. Always have. I have a few family members left as well, though my Dad and sisters have been lost to the GS’ing.

                    • Goodness. Glad I don’t have people looking in mine. I keep the curtains closed, but still one should be safe to leave them open if they want to.

  4. Hi Gladys..been a very long time since I left a comment on your blog..but you have to be the very best writer I know in the TI community.. when this targeting mess is over and done(Which it will be one day..probably sooner than you think) you really should consider journalism.. with that compliment said.. what you said here reads like an even more severe version of what I go through..i’ve had the thing one time with a girl behind a bush where i’m trying to avoid these people not b/c i’m afraid of them but their aura..i don’t like being around their aura..and plus I think it’s good to dodge them.. no one can accuse you of being a criminal if you’re walking *away* from others..the most cops can think is you’re just a fearful mentally ill person(Which you aren’t mentally ill..but they are the criminals so like parents teach stay away from people who you think are out to do i went to a Mets game last Thursday lol i was with my father who my father knows all this is going on but pretends he doesn’t.. of course it’s the Mets lol so there were tons of empty seats..the whole section we were in was empty..slow but sure more and more people started coming into that section as the game went oriental group of 2 friends i overheard them say “F##K IT” and they sat REAL close to where we were sitting and started harrassing away quite bad..i mainly ignored all of this..i enjoyed the game still..the Mets won lol.. but later on we were leaving..i had smoked one cigarette in the stadium which is not allowed guy was telling a police officer “I’d have given him a ticket for smoking in here”..the police officer just smiled and didn’t say my case I don’t believe police are usually part of my harrassment.. some are..most aren’t in my case from what i’ve seen..i think the security guard did not like my father lol oddly is as though some of these people know what’s going on and either take my side or oppose me..the guard searched down my Dad a little they barely i just say all of this which i guess in this part of it i’m quite lucky to have *some* people on my side..

    • Being far away from New York, I think New Yorkers have always had a more open mind. They always tend to think for themselves. Here in Las Vegas, they’re far from what happened in New York and are still very raw in their thinking. Most of them live only to gamble, drink and have sex. There aren’t too many deep thinkers here, so they’re not into thinking that perhaps what they’re doing to someone can be wrong. The government tells them something is true, and, of course, it must be true. They really don’t think for themselves. But I’m glad you have some people in your life who are on your side. I wish I did.

  5. Hi neverending1, I haven’t posted in a while. Even as I write bs pops up in front of this box and I can’t see if I’m making a mistake so bear with me please. I lost my job. I moved back out in the country where I originally came from but they’re here too. Not as many of course but the seed is planted so the stupid can grow. No job and it’s been 6 mos. I just want to tell you again that we’re out here honey and were getting by just like you. It says in the bible that if people keep doing evil they will be “handed over” to the evil one. I can see it now.

    • I’m sorry you lost your job. Maybe you’ll find something in the country. I’m glad there aren’t too many perps there and hope it stays that way. Once the people find out, they’ll be coming out of the woodwork to drive you nutty. Good luck.

  6. Hey Neverending………………………..Too much. Hang in there! Are there ever any “regular” people who are nice. I try to triple enjoy the regular people who hold a door or just talk normal. My perps hide behind their sunglasses and ball caps – never seen so many ball caps in my life……and windshields. My perps are mostly in cars. There were some doing street theater at one point but now they are in cars……………….hiding behind their windshields. The perps you have are cowards and you are brave! I say the stalker/perps hide in hidey holes……they crawl out of their hidey holes like the rats they are. TI are the strong ones!!!!

  7. What a day! Good for you for going back and getting the ice cream changed. And it’s good you gave the bags back to the manager too. If they want to use them like that let them.

    • Yeah, this whole week, they’ve really been giving it to me. They’ve tried crashing my computer two times and the perps are like ants all over me. They’re disgusting pieces of you know what!

      • Yeah, I sure know what! Well, we’re glad you can still get online, and haven’t lost it in spite of their antics.

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