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Gang Stalking – Perps are traitors to America’s freedom.

Edward Snowden  knew  what the National Security Agency was doing while Bush was in office.  But he decided there was nothing he could do with Bush as president.  So he decided, he’d wait to see what the next president would do.  He assumed, wrongly, that the next president would find out what was happening to American citizens and stop the program.  He waited for the next president, Obama, to stop the program.  Four years went by, Obama did nothing. He again waited for the next president. Obama, again. After all the waiting, he decided that Obama was just like Bush and would nothing to stop the monitoring of American citizens and other countries.   This is when Snowden knew he had to do something to stop the program. He decided he had to let the American public know what was going on.  He leaked information to a British newspaper, and the paper published the information. After that, others papers also published Snowden’s leaks. And  then all the media   got into the act and talked about all the spying going on by the National Security Agency.

So Snowden waited a long time before coming out with the information he had. It was not a done deal when he gathered the information. He seriously thought of the consequences of what he was doing.  In my opinion. Snowden  is more of a hero than I  thought.    He’s as much a hero as those who fought the British to get America’s independence.  Not like the perps who are traitors to America’s freedom.

And it doesn’t matter what man wins an election, Democrat or Republican, they’re all controlled by the 1% and will do nothing to change the system from within once they get into office. No matter who gets into office, it’s be the same old same thing. Nothing will ever change. Nothing. The 1 percent run the country. We every day people have no say in what a president does. I don’t even know why I bother to vote at election time.

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Gang Stalking – A basket of rotten apples to Judge William Pauley III.

American Civil Liberties Union

American Civil Liberties Union (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rotten apples in the gutter

Well, the government can continue its spying on American citizens.  Aren’t we targets all so lucky?!!! Not!

A suit brought by American Civil Liberties Union to stop the spying by the American government was overturned by District Court Judge  William  Pauley  III.  He  ruled against the ACLU. The judge ruled that what the government is doing  is  legal and it can continue to keep millions of phone and email records it now has in it warehouses. It can continue to spy on us because it keeps the country safe from terrorists.

The first time, the U.S. government lost. Judge Leon ruled that the N.S.A.’s spying on Americans was illegal and it violated the U.S. ban on unreasonable search.

And now, here we are again, Judge William Pauley overturned the ruling made by Judge Leon. I hope Judge William Pauley’s phone records and emails get a lot of scrutiny.

So, targets, don’t dream about what they’re doing to us stopping anytime soon. Judge William Pauley has given permission to the N.S.A. to continue the spying.

I’ hope the ACLU continues to sue the U.S. government and its creepy surveillance program on citizens.  The ACLU should definitely go to the Supreme Court and fight this one till the end.

I agree with the  writer below who thinks Judge William Pauley III is an ASSHOLE!  And I’m sure the Obama Administration is very happy with this ruling!

I feel like sending Judge William Pauley III a basket  of rotten apples.

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Gang Stalking – You better not cry when you find out you’re a YouTube sensation.

The seal of the U.S. National Security Agency....

The seal of the U.S. National Security Agency. The first use was in September 1966, replacing an older seal which was used briefly. For more information, see here and here. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cover of "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town (...

Cover via Amazon

This to be sang to the tune of “Santa Claus is coming to Town”. I thought I’d get us all ready for the Christmas season.

You better watch out, you better not cry,  you better not pout, because National Security is coming to town. They know when you’ve been bad (like had sex with  someone who’s not your wife/husband), they know when you’ve been good (when you act like a zombie and accept what they do to you), so you better watch out.

They watch you while you’re sleeping .  They watch you when you’re awake, so you better be good because National Security is coming to town. You see, they plant cameras in your apartment and watch you. So you better be good, National security Agency is watching you.

National Security Agency is making a list, checking it twice, gonna  find out who you’ve been in contact with.

With guns at the ready, and a list of lies, National Security is coming to town.

They see you when you’re sleeping. They know when you’re awake, so you better be good and not indulge in any sexual acts, because you’ll become  a famous YouTube sensation.

You better watch out, you better not cry when you find out National Security Agency’s  been watching you.

National Security is already in town. National Security is already in town. National Security is already in town.

You better watch out, you  better not cry when you find out National Security Agency’s been watching you.

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Gang Stalking – Edward Snowden to testify via video.

Image representing Edward Snowden as depicted ...

Image by None via CrunchBase

Seal of the United States National Security Ag...

Seal of the United States National Security Agency, used between 1963 and 1966 before being replaced by the current seal. The NSA was formed in 1955, but did not have its own seal for several years. This seal was first used in February 1963, before being replaced in September 1966 with the seal used today. The NSA has no information on the origin or design of this seal. For more information, see here. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Edward Snowden is going to testify about what he saw when he worked for National Security Agency. He suggested that he’d testify and his suggestion has been accepted by the national community. I wish that if he knew anything about the targeting of American citizens, he’d say something. Maybe we’ll get lucky and something about what’s happening to us will come out. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. This targeting is happening all over the world to good people who’ve done nothing. If Edward Snowden says anything about targeting of citizens, there’s are going to be a lot of questions for all the countries involved, and that’s almost every country. I can just hear the backlash that’s going to occur, especially in the U.S. The U.S., after all, is supposed to be the freest country in the world. The U.S. will lost its reputation, and it deserves to. It is no freer than any other country, it’s just sneakier!

So keep your eyes open and look for Edward Snowden to testify. Whatever he says will be very interesting. Edward Snowden – more power to you! We targets love you!

Gang Stalking – Go, Edward Snowden!

English: Homeless man, Tokyo. Français : Un sa...

English: Homeless man, Tokyo. Français : Un sans abri à Tokyo. Español: Persona sin hogar, en las calles de Tokio. Türkçe: Evsiz adam, Tokyo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden (Photo credit: svennevenn)

The U.S. is at it again.  Now, N.S.A. has hacked the phone of the German Chancellor.  And Spanish citizens, 60 million of them, have had their emails and phone calls hacked.  The information, of course, came from Edward Snowden. I love this man. I hope he continues to give out more information.  Maybe some day he might reveal what’s going on with us targets.  And I’m so happy Russia gave him refuge. We wouldn’t know of any of this if he’d been put in prison.  If Edward Snowden hadn’t been given refuge by Russia, he’d be  in a prison now and we’d know nothing about what the N.S.A. is doing. I can bet they would love to get their hands on him and shut him up forever. Go, Edward Snowden!

I found another apartment. It’s not really an apartment I like, but it’s a place to live.  My time was running out, so I took the safe route,  I settled for what I didn’t want. I sure didn’t want to end up on the streets. I see too many homeless people in Las Vegas and what they look like.  I did not want to end up looking like a lot of them do.  But I can tell, it’s going to be hell.  I’m on the second floor. There is someone below me and someone on the third floor.  So I’ll be getting hits from below and above.  I can just hear the perps jumping up and down already, stomping their feet so loud that the next door neighbor will probably hear it. And it’s an apartment with a walkway, which I hate. I’ll have to pass by the idiots every day.  And I’m sure they will come out as they do now.  They will be waiting for me to open the door and stand around like zombies wearing perp colors.   The lease is only for 6 months. I’m gong to be keeping my eyes out for apartments that look half-way safe.  But, really, there’s no such thing as safe for us targets.

I told you about the studio with cameras and gated community and how I went back to check availability of the studio.  When I went back, the manager told me it been rented.  I told you I thought he was lying.  I’ve been proven right. I saw an ad in the newspaper for the same studio.  Not only did the manager not rent the apartment, but now he has to pay to put ads in the newspaper.  So  who’s the loser here?  Him or me?

And to the second apartment I almost had, they were playing games with me.  They were going to wait until a few days before my lease was up to tell me that they were giving me the apartment.  They were playing mind games.  But I’m sure they didn’t expect me to walk out of the complex.  Not only did the rental agent lose his commission, but the apartment is still empty.  I walked out of the manager’s office because I didn’t want this done to someone else. If they play games like this with me, then all other targets would get the same treatment.  I think now they’ll think twice about playing mind games with other would-be renters.

So, I’ll be moving into my new apartment on November 1, unless, of course, they f–k with me again.

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Gang Stalking – I will survive you f—–g bastards!

English: Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff ac...

English: Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff accepting the credentials of Jamal Khokhar, the ambassador to Brazil from Canada, in Brasilia, Brazil. Português: Brasília, DF, 09/02/2011. Presidenta Dilma Rousseff e o embaixador do Canadá, Jamal Khokhar, durante apresentação de credenciais de novos embaixadores no Brasil. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m beginning to like the President from Brazil Dilma Rousseff.  She’s angry at the NSA  for spying on her and Brazilian citizens. The NSA is also spying on Brazilian citizens as they are on us targets.  She’s filed  petition with the U.N. to force  the U.S. to stop the spying on other countries and Brazilian citizens.  Maybe, just maybe, the U.N. will investigate what’s going on with the U.S. spying on other countries.  Maybe an investigation by the U.N. will bring out information that the U.S. is not only spying on American citizens, but torturing them.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  I wait for the day we targets will finally be free.  And I wish President Dilma Rousseff all the luck in the world in her complaint to the U.N.

I went apartment hunting yesterday.  What a drag it is.  Everywhere I went, I saw signs of  other people getting targeted. The dog poop all over the grass, the blinds missing pieces, holes in windows, broken windows, garbage strewn in front of someone’s door.  Of course, everywhere I went the perps followed me.  I went in and out of complexes, but didn’t stop to talk with any rental people. I didn’t want to lose  time talking to people who I’m  are perps.

As I’ve previously written, I have very little furniture, so moving will be no problem.  The new furniture I bought when I moved into this apartment the perps ruined.  They broke every chair, shortened the legs of the chairs and the legs go every which way.  They  broke all the handles to my pots.  Or maybe I’ll just take the furniture as it is.  If I get any new furniture, they’ll just destroy it again.  Why waste my money?  Who knows?  Maybe the next place will be worse.  I never think the new place will be better, because it never is.  And my bed?  It’s going to be hard to carry a mattress to wherever I end up.

I can understand why targets kill themselves.  We keep moving thinking that maybe, just maybe, we’ll find a safe place to live. A place where we won’t be harassed by  perps.  But, of course, deep down, we know that won’t happen.  We know the perps will appear as soon as we move into our new place and start making our lives a miserable existence.

Yesterday, I was on my Facebook page and one of the targets wrote about how they killed all four of her kittens.  She found the last one barely breathing and it died.  What kind of people are these perps that they would do this to innocent animals?  They’re sick, sick people.  They call us nuts?!!!  Believe me, we’re sane compare to these savages.

Targets keep getting killed, or kill someone, or just plain kill themselves.  And the harassment continues by the government flunkies. They think nothing of driving someone insane.  They just pick themselves up and do it to other targets.  How do these savages live with themselves?

Of course, the harassment is not happening to any of us.  It’s our imagination.  We’re all crazy.

But I believe with all my heart, this will come out eventually.  And let me tell you, I intend to sue the f——g government for every penny I can get.  It made my life a living hell and it’s going to pay for it.  And I intend to stick it out to see it come to pass. The government will not stifle me.  I will survive and outlive every bastard no matter what they do to me.  I will survive.

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Gang Stalking – Come clean, National Security Agency!

The seal of the U.S. National Security Agency....

The seal of the U.S. National Security Agency. The first use was in September 1966, replacing an older seal which was used briefly. For more information, see here and here. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

tweets logo

tweets logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They’ve been after my computer for a while, but I’ve managed to keep it going.  Last night, the hacker perps tried to crash it, but I caught them in time and was able to keep the computer going.   Sometimes, I wish the bastards would kill me, because I’m not going to kill myself, or kill someone else.

Anyway, way before Edward Snowden told Americans about what the government is doing to Americans, re hacking their phones, computers, emails, tweets, I told you all about what was occurring.  Go through my older blogs and you’ll see I wrote about hacking way back then.  Of course, no one paid much attention.  I’m just a crazy woman who complains about people following her around, and government harassing her.

Ha!  To me Edward Snowden is a Godsent gift to my life.  He confirmed what I’d been writing about for three and a half years. Now, people everywhere know the truth and are listening to what’s really happening to citizens in the U.S.  Of course, there are still people who think what the government is doing is all right.  They make remarks like “I’m not doing anything so why should I care if they hack my phone, email, tweets, computer?”  Don’t these people realize it’s all about an American’s freedom not to be under constant surveillance?  If the government is listening to what someone is saying, what’s the next step?  The next step is what’s occurring to me. Not only constant surveillance of phone, computer, tweets, emails, but totally taking over one’s life, which is what they’ve done to me.

Now that Americans are aware of  what’s going on, the U.S. suddenly announces that 21 Americans embassies are under watch. Doesn’t anyone else find this strange?  Put out information that American citizens will be under attack and take away attention from the National Security Agency.  Isn’t it convenient that terrorist plots are happening in so many places?

The government wants to divert attention somewhere else so we all forget about the National Security Agency and all it’s snooping. Of course, they want Americans to fall for the bait. The government wants to show us how caring it is.  It cares about us by keeping us safe.  There’s that word again “safe”.  The government knows that if it uses the word “safe”, Americans will stop worrying about  other things and concentrate on the government keeping us safe.

The terrorist threats, I believe, are not going to happen.  The government is trying to scare us all.

And why would the terrorists be so stupid as to use phones to communicate with each other and let the U.S. government know what’s they’re going to do.  The terrorists must know that the U.S. government is listening in on phone calls, following theirs tweets, hacking their computers and reading their emails.  I don’t think the terrorists are that stupid.

I’m still waiting for the government to tell us about those 54 terrorist acts that were stopped by National Security Agency. That’s a lot of terrorist acts.  Come clean, National Security Agency.

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Gang Stalking – Free Speech? Not in U.S.

Outlawing the Occupy Movement: H.R. 347 Makes ...

Outlawing the Occupy Movement: H.R. 347 Makes Free Speech A Felony (Photo credit: watchingfrogsboil)

Every time I turn on the radio and have to listen to those government S.O.B.s tell me that the National Security Agency needs to keep information on everyone we call, email, etc., I have to control myself from not breaking the radio.  These government flunkies get on the radio and tell all kinds of sorry ass stories about how  the U.S. is safer because 54 terrorists acts were prevented by the NSA spying program.  All these people know how to do is lie, lie and tell more lies.  I don’t think any of them would know the truth if they ran into.

And then I have to listen to how Bradley Manning might be serving 136 years in prison.  136 years for what?!   From what I read about the information that Bradley Manning provided to Wiki-leaks, it was mostly information that did not put the U.S. in any danger.  Things like how the Afghanistan soldiers were molesting children, how Haitians are getting slave wages, etc.  These are things that are in no way harmful to America’s freedom.

What’s harmful to American‘s freedom are all the laws that the idiots in Congress and the House of Rep passed to take away most of our freedom.  They’re the real danger.  Let me see, there’s the Patriot Act, NDAA, FISA Amendment, drones the president sends out when  he wants  someone killed.  There’s also a law that Congress passed in 2012, I can’t remember the name, that prevents Americans from protesting near a government building. I think it’s H.R. 354 or 357*.   Protesters can be arrested if they’re near a government building or near someone who works for the government.   I could fill out three pages of laws passed since 2001 that take away our freedom in one way or another.

And who gets picked on?  A lowly, private first class soldier.  In my opinion, Bradley Manning should be given a medal for patriotism. He’s more of a hero than all those puffed up, self-important, braggart, do-nothing Congressmen.  We need to throw every one of them out of office.  Let them find a real job and do real work for a change.  It’s time to get rid of the dysfunctional Congress.  They’ve accomplished almost nothing this year, or last year.

*By the way, it’s H.R. 347, also known as the anti-Occupy law.

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Gang Stalking – Snowden will not get death penalty if he returns home.

Edward Snowden Found

Edward Snowden Found (Photo credit: rtcosmin)

Seal of the United States Department of Justice

Seal of the United States Department of Justice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Flag of Tacoma

Flag of Tacoma (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s some new information on Edward  Snowden.  The Justice Department told the Russians that if they return Snowden to the U.S., they will not seek the death penalty for him, nor torture him.   The U.S., which is supposed to be such a bastion of freedom is promising the Russians not to torture Snowden.  It just sounds a little strange to me.  Is the U.S. admitting that they torture citizens who out the U.S. on its practices?  The Russians told the U.S. that they will not send Snowden back to the U.S.  And if I were Snowden, I wouldn’t believe anything anyone from the Justice Department told me. I’d take my chances with the Russians.


There’s now a computer program that’s a crime predictor.  Every morning when police officers show up for work, they’ll go into their computers and look into red boxes  that predict where crime is most likely to occur.  And police officers will head for the area that the computer predicts will have burglaries, car break-ins, etc.  It makes me think of Nazi Germany.  What if I ever happen to be in the area that the computer predicts a crime will occur?  Will they think I’m up to something?  Or anyone else who happens to be in the same area, will they suffer the same fate?  This computer program is in its third week in Seattle and Tacoma, Washington.  It is also in use in Los Angeles, California.   There goes more spying on American citizens.  1984 is definitely here!


I don’t know if you’ve read about the NSA amendment  introduced by Rep. Amash to stop digital surveillance by the U.S. government.  It’s the Amendment to stop the NSA from snooping on Americans via their computer, phones, emails, etc.  When I say pass, I mean that Congress voted for the government to keep spying on U.S. citizens.  If  the Amendment had passed, the yeas would have won. The vote was 217 nays and 205 yeas.  So Congress will keep snooping on you.

Some Congressmen said they  voted against it because of  all the terrorists acts the NSA snooping stopped.  I’d like to know exactly what terrorists acts the NSA spying stopped.  I keep hearing 54 terrorist acts prevented.  If 54 terrorists acts were stopped, why doesn’t the government tell us what they were?

I can’t believe that the men and women in Congress can’t see what defeating this amendment will do to the privacy of Americans?  First,  spy on everybody’s phones, computers, emails.  I wonder what all the government spying will lead to in the future?  It will lead to  more and more spying on Americans.  But if Americans are happy to give up their freedom, who am I to complain? We’ll get the kind of government we deserve!  The wingnuts and the moonbats at their best.

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Gang Stalking – Senator Ron Wyden(D-Oregon) has my vote.


Information (Photo credit: heathbrandon)

Official portrait of United States Senator .

Official portrait of United States Senator . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Patriot Act

Patriot Act (Photo credit: daveblume)

Senator Ron Wyden (D-Oregon), again spoke about the data collection and privacy rights at the Center for American Progress Action Fund. He spoke about the NSA  government authority collecting information on law-abiding citizens, and how collection of this information seems to be limitless.   He also spoke about how the Patriot Act as we citizens know is not the same Patriot Act the government secretly uses to interpret the law.  The government uses its own definition of the law to spy on citizens.

So the Patriot Act as we know it  is not the same Patriot Act that the government uses. I guess the government makes up its own Patriot Act as it needs it.

Senator Wyden also said that if something isn’t done about all the surveillance of citizens, the government will be creating a surveillance state  that will be worse than the one we have now.

Senator Wyden also made comments about other things he knows that he cannot divulge.  And I’m sure when he spoke about things he cannot divulge, he was thinking of American citizens like us who have written and told him about our targeting.

I’ve asked you all before to fax Senator Wyden and tell him about your targeting.  The more information he can gather on what’s happening to us the better.

As a matter of fact, Senator Wyden threatened to leak information about what’s happening to American citizens if Obama doesn’t do something about NSA spying.

So, please, do your part.  Fax Senator Wyden and let him know what’s happening to you.  The more of us faxing him information, the more power he’ll have to help us. Senator Wyden is doing his part by speaking up as much as he can. Please help by providing more information to him.

Senator Wyden has my support on what he does. If he ever runs for President, I’m voting for him. No one else has taken the time, except Udall, to speak up in our name. He’s A-0ne in my opinion.

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