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Gang Stalking – new film on Edward Snowden’s life

Guess what? A film on Edward Snowden’s life opened at the New York Film Festival. It tells what happened in Edward Snowden’s life once he decided to divulge information that the NSA was spying on all of us. There are other movies on Edward Snowden’s life being made. The information that Edward Snowden recently let out about the NSA, includes  information that  million-plus Americans  are  on the “watch List”. That’s a lot of Americans being watched. Maybe the story will come out  about what’s happened to us targets. It’s taken a long time to even get to the point we’ve gotten. And when it all comes out in the open, all those American citizens who harassed us will get their due punishment. I certainly hope so. I will definite be one to testify about all the torture we all suffered. I’m not shying away from anything. I’m going to make sure all the criminals end up in prison.

And maybe, just maybe, the American public will finally wake up to what’s happening in the good ole’  U.S. of A.

See video: http://www.slashfilm.com/citizenfour-trailer-edward-snowden/

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Gang Stalking – new video from Edward Snowden on NSA spying on New Zealand.

Another video from Edward Snowden. The NSA is spying on New Zealand citizens. – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaDpwDJobMY

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Gang Stalking – Russia grants Edward Snowden 3 more years.

I don’t know if you care what happens to Edward Snowden, but I do. He was really the first person who spoke out and had evidence to back his claims about government getting into our phones, computers, etc. There were others before him, but few of them could prove what the government is doing. I know a lot of Americans consider Edward Snowden a traitor, but I don’t. He had the guts to do something he believed in. He knew he’d get in trouble once he spoke out about  what the U.S. government is doing. And he sure  did get in trouble. He no  longer has a U.S. passport. He belongs to no country. He’s a man without a country. He’s very much to me a patriot, as were Patrick Henry, and others who helped the U.S. gained independence from the Brits.

Here’s the video on Edward Snowden: http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/europe/russia-grants-edward-snowden-residency-for-3-more-years/2014/08/07/8b257293-1c30-45fd-8464-8ed278d5341f_story.html

I hope you’re able to get the video. I know how they like to turn off anything about Edward Snowden.  If you can’t get it, go to Washington Post and type in Russia grants Edward Snowden 3 more years. You should then be able to get it.

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Gang Stalking – Edward Snowden on how we can take back the internet

See video by Edward Snowden speaking about how we can take back the internet  –     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVwAodrjZMY

As always, the hackers don’t want you to see the video by Edward Snowden. Go to YouTube, type in: here’s how to take back the internet, or just go  straight to YouTube and type in above number.

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Gang Stalking – Trust the government about as much as I trust a snake.

The House Judiciary Committee passed the new USA Freedom Act 30-0. This new act will take the place of the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act which allowed government to spy on all of us without  any checks and balances This new act will supposedly stop the listening in of Americans’ phones. Yeah, sure.  Anyway, the new act requires that phone companies keep the  data collected, not the g0vernment. It requires that Americans not be targets (ha-ha),  phone calls can only be kept on foreigners. The collected data can only be kept for 18 months instead of 5 years. (oh, I just got a message from the librarians that I should stop clapping and laughing. I’m sitting here and I havent said one word, laughed or clapped. I wonder what’s next?)

Some politicians disagree and think the data should be kept for 5 years, as before. (Vote idiots like this out of office.)

The next step of the act goes to the senate judiciary committee and the committee has to approve the act. And this won’t happen till late summer, if ever.

This new act also requires that  FISC get approval before any information’s gathered on a person. And also, the committee has to get proof from FBI, or whatever agency’s involved, that the person is very dangerous and the person involved  has to have his phone traced.

I’m sure that this new act will take a long time in coming. I don’t think anything will happen soon. But it’s a start.

But, honestly, my own opinion is that nothing will change. NSA will still spy on all of us and keep track of every phone call we make. So much for government honesty. The government lied before and will continue to lie about what it’s doing to its citizens. I’m proof of that.

So, I expect no changes in the Patriot Act  and, sure as hell,  don’t  trust the government. I trust the government as much as I trust a snake. As a matter of fact, I trust a snake more.

Thanks to Edward Snowden for getting this started.

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Gang Stalking – Edward Snowden video from SXSW Meeting.

Well, those of you who hate when I post anything about Edward, probably perps, will hate this one.  It is video of Edward Snowden speaking from Russia at the SXW meeting.   It’s a meeting where computer experts get together to speak about the future of the internet.

Go to http://www.digittrends.com/web/edward-snowden-sxsw-2014-speech-

I’m glad he’s not afraid to speak out. After all, the government can find out where he is, but I guess he figures he has nothing to lose. And really, he doesn’t.  They’ve already told him he’s been charged with  espionage.  I hope he continues to speak out so we Americans don’t forget what the U.S. government is doing to us. The government should definitely have charges brought against it, for lying to Americans and spying on them.  And what the government is doing to us targets is torture. Pure and simple. It should be brought up on charges of torturing its citizen.  Other countries who torture  their  citizens, as the U.S. is doing to us, would usually have to answer  to the United Nations for its crimes, but not the U.S.!  Torture doesn’t happen  in  the U.S. of A.  No sireee. It doesn’t happen in the U.S. We targets are all crazy and delusional.   We’re suffering from mental illness, all of us.

So, I hope Edward Snowden keeps speaking out.  That he doesn’t shut up  any time soon.  And  I will continue to write about him. Let’s not the U.S. get away with what it’s doing to its citizens!  Let the world really know what the U.S. is really like.  It is not free, and it spies on every one of its citizens.  And if you, out there, think the U.S. is not spying on you, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you!

Wake up, America!!!!!

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Gang Stalking – Great going students at Glasgow University, Scotland!

I know readers think I write too much about Edward Snowden, but I want to make sure we don’t forget him.

Here I am again, writing about Edward Snowden. Edward Snowden got another award. The students at Glasgow University in Scotland elected him their student liaison rector. I don’t exactly know what this means in his life. He certainly can’t go Scotland and become their rector. He steps foot on British soil and he’ll be arrested and turned over to the U.S. authorities for prosecution.

See: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-26243567

The students elected him by 3,000+ votes. He was put on the ballot because the students think what he did is very patriotic and courageous. It took courage for him to, basically, give up his life for what he believed in. He’s now a man without a country. He can’t go anywhere because U.S. government  cancelled his passport.  He literally has no place where he can live unless some country gives him asylum. Russia only granted him asylum for one year, after that, he’ll have to find another country that will allow him in. Maybe Russia will extend the time he’s allowed to stay. If Russia tells him he has to leave the country, he’ll have to return to the U.S. and face espionage charges.  I know his days in Russia are running short.  I appreciate everything Edward Snowden’s  done for the citizens of the U.S. and for freedom.  It took guts for him to do what he did.  I hope he finds a country that will give his refuge.  But no matter where Edward Snowden lives, his life will always be on the line. The U.S. will not stop looking for him until it brings him home and puts him on trial, or kills him.

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Gang Stalking – New Edward Snowden video

Go to this site to see Edward Snowden video  – http://csglobe.com/media-blacks-new-snowden-interview. It is about what NSA is doing to all of us, and why he decided to come forward.

P.S. We got a new group of criminals at the library today. I guess a class just ended. Talk about ugly! This new group would make you want to vomit your food. How did the Flamingo library get so lucky? I would describe what they look like, but I don’t think my stomach can handle it. They’re R.L.V.T. (these initials mean something).

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Gang Stalking – In search of Edward Snowden?!

Targets, I think we are in trouble.  If we expect the “sleeping Beauties” (the American people) to wake up any time soon from their slumber, we’re going to wait until hell freezes over.  Maybe we’ll have to wait 100 years, too.

Yesterday, I had to do grocery shopping at Albertsons (I absolutely abhor this place). My first stop was the deli section.  I began talking to the deli worker, which I seldom do, and we got into matters of government.  I happened to mention Edward  Snowden to the woman.  She looked at me puzzled.  She said, “Who is Edward Snowden? Is he an actor on television?”  I said to her, “You don’t know who Edward Snowden is?”  She replied, “No. I I’ve never heard of him.”  I said, “You’re putting me on, aren’t you?”  She replied, “No, I’m not. I don’t know who he is.”    Another deli worker stood next to her, so I said to him, “You do know who Edward is, don’t you?”  He said, “No, I’ve never heard of him, either.”  I replied, “You’re  both putting me on, aren’t you””  Both of the shook their heads. The man said, “Is he an actor on t.v.?”  I said, “No.”  I continued, “I can’t believe you don’t know who Edward Snowden is. Do you two live in a cave?”  They both gave me a nasty look.  A customer came up to the counter and I asked her, “Do you know who Edward Snowden is”?  She replied, “No, I don’t. Who is he?”  I then asked, “Do you know what the NSA is?”  All replied they’ve never heard of N.S.A.  I really thought they were putting me now, but then realized they really weren’t.  None knew who Edward Snowden is.

I walked around the store a while and when I saw a customer, I asked him/her, “Do you know who Edward Snowden is?”  I got blank expressions from almost every customer.

Finally, at checkout, I asked the cashier, “Do you know who Edward Snowden is?”  He replied, “Yes, he’s that guy who told us about the NSA spying on us.”  What a relief, not everyone is in  slumber.

It just shows that Americans are asleep.  They’re all zombies. I can’t believe that few people in the store knew who Edward Snowden is.  How can anyone not know who he is? He’s been a constant presence in newspapers, t.v., internet postings, radio, etc. How can anyone not know about Edward Snowden? I am amazed at the lack of knowledge by American citizens.

So, targets, if they don’t know who Edward Snowden is , what chance do we have of them ever discovering what’s happening with us?  Practically none.

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