Gang Stalking – When will Americans awaken to what’s happening?

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DOJ Stalking by Teams or Groups FOIA documents...

When my gang stalking began, I went to Google to find out some information on what was happening to me.  At the time, four years ago,  I found very little useful information on gang stalking, until I found the blog  “”  The blogger had the same

DOJ Stalking by Teams or Groups FOIA documents...

DOJ Stalking by Teams or Groups FOIA documents-Page2of3 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

things happening to him as the things that were happening to me.  Other bloggers were writing blogs, but everything they wrote about was  DEWs (Directed Energy Weapons), satellites, and all things technical. But, really, I couldn’t relate to what they were experiencing, even though, I was experiencing the same thing.  But Gangstalking spoke to me.  I could understand what he was saying.  He shared his every day life, and what the gang stalkers were doing to him.

Fast forward to 2012, I went to Google to see what new information I’d find on gang stalking.  Well, what a world of difference in gang stalking.  Now, there are over  million plus subjects on gang stalking.  And the subjects are listed by topic.  I found some things I’ve written while looking. It really surprised me!  I still don’t think of myself as a writer.  But it was nice to see my name on Google.  I’m even  listed as safe for children to see.  And my blog  rating 2-1/2 stars. I guess I have a long way to go to get 4 stars.

There are  many more  people  writing blogs today about gang stalking, and that  makes me happy.

And it also tells me, that the people who are experiencing gang stalking have increased in number.

There must be over  million  Americans who are suffering the same fate I am.  And after the shooting at  Newtown, Connecticut, the numbers will increase.  The U.S. government will make sure that if someone acts in any way normal by losing his temper that he will probably end up on the threat assessment list.  That’s where all the so-called crazy people are put.  Anything anyone does to draw attention to himself/herself will become a victim of gang stalking.

But with today’s internet, things will be easier for the new targets.  There is so much information on gang stalking that the new targets won’t have to wonder what is happening to them. Of course, the problem is, they have to figure out what the thing that’s happening to them is called.  And if they can’t figure that out, they’re in deep doo-doo.

And maybe some of the new targets will finally wake up to what’s going on in the world.  They’ll no longer be sheep. They’ll be the “Awaken Ones.”  Now, if we can get other Americans to stop being sheep, maybe what’s happening to us will end.

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20 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – When will Americans awaken to what’s happening?

  1. Activism via Derrick Robinson et al was a big joke. These flunkies operated out of fear and would not step out in God’s power to really get things done. Their legacy of fear lives on and ti’s still live the same and worse than they did 10 years ago. I stepped on more toes with the little blog I wrote than Derrick’s whole movement. I remember when they’d go to Washington D.C. and have gasp! 30 ti’s show up.

  2. I’ve been having headaches, pain and discomfort since yesterday. DEW assault again by the mindless coward terrorists. I’ve been documenting( dairy), recording this gang stalking, EH and mind control terror activity. Its been 2 years since I noticed it but I suspect they profiled me years before. I should never stop writing about these crimes against humanity.

  3. “The U.S. government will make sure that if someone acts in any way normal by losing his temper that he will probably end up on the threat assessment list. That’s where all the so-called crazy people are put. Anything anyone does to draw attention to himself/herself will become a victim of gang stalking.”

    This sounds good to you? This kind of government is Red socialism/communism. Remember Russia where nobody did anything without government permission? Well I guess victim hood makes people bind, seeing a need for control as the right thing to do? A list not prosecution? What about your BLOG isn’t angry? Just all of a sudden they are going to prosecute millions. DO you wonder where all the jails are going to go? What there is full.

    So some corrupted government that refused to prosecute is going to start a crazy list. Just what is going to stop them from buying more doctors to claim you are crazy? The doctors that implanted all those people. You don’t think they have shrinks they buy too? I had a bought doctor in my case that claimed assessment she never produced, me being delusional. Even legal custody of my child lost with no criminal record. That was after in person with me. I also had one that never met me claim I was delusional, Whistle- blowing on the governors level, the court judges did what they were told. I was lucky to have friends out of the state. My whole family victims. My child at home living a good life one day and gone the next by Governor level order. It took 2 years to get her in federal custody and 2 to get her back. While the FBI convinced themselves doctors and judges just couldn’t do this.
    By the way one of them was a FBI doctor who obviously didn’t know how to collect evidence without becoming a criminal herself.

    Try reading another targets BLOG besides mine. I choose not to let my child see me live victimhood. She is too. You hit a strong angry cord in me trying to get your story of just stalking rated high. These people suffer much more the you and tier kids suffer with them. Do you have any children to care about? How many have to be reminded of bad things in their life’s so a new form of capitalizing on another’s pain is now victimizing?

    Go to the sites like yours again about mass targeting. Try to get a little deeper and caring. Frankly you just sounded like you are just interested in what victim-hood can bring you. If you are an adult and what you say here is it, You don’t have a prayed in fame in survivorship. You really do need support. Lady as an adult with no child, you are scary to those of us that do. Teach a child to live victimhood for fame? Whoaaa. Derricks group has a lot of parents in it. Try to be a little more courteous if you meet them and get help.

    When will you be one of the ones that wakes up? Get with Derrick you need to know a lot of people to bail you out if you do this much longer. So him this post too. Tell him I sent you. He has more patience. With the above you also need to be ready at anytime to flee Nevada. That was the state mine happened in. If you have any kind of money, hide it. You are in the most corrupted state in the world. If you are looking for fame in this, The State of Nevada will be happy to grant it to you.

    Nevada was one of the ones the reds wanted. Gaming is a great provider. The next best thing to slavery.

          • You tell ’em, girl! Good for you!

            On Sun, Dec 16, 2012 at 10:10 PM, Neverending1’s Blog wrote:

            > ** > neverending1 commented: “Thank you. I’ll wallow all I want. It’s my > life, what little I have of it. You perps have taken most of it away.” >

          • Perps, Lady my bet is you will now join them for a serious lack of judgement. The start of your “Perp” development. They don’ t don’t live long now. So try again for the last word here, but in the end you will not get it under any blanket excuse. Your adult immaturity is really pissing me off.
            Who I am is coming to you soon.

      • Try again. Using Democracy to justify your attitude no longer works. Put out a new welcome mat, your situation got worse by your own asking. The Power you want is your enemy. Good Luck.

        The next time you write here will not be answered here. It will be answered in a bigger place.

    • Neverending never said any of this was good, and you are repeating some of what she has said herself. And she isn’t relishing being a victim. She inspires a lot of people to keep going on. There’s no need for you to be nasty. You still haven’t been specific in backing up your claims that GS’ers are being prosecuted with website addies or statistics. Now this. Are you a perp?

      • I think she’s a perp. She knows exactly what she’s doing. Thanks for backing me up. She won’t be missed. I was suspicious of her. She liked all my blogs, first giveaway. Thanks.

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