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Gang Stalking – Stay safe and sane, targets.

English: Lightning over Las Cruces, New Mexico...

English: Lightning over Las Cruces, New Mexico Deutsch: Blitz eines Gewitters Español: Tormenta eléctrica. Português: A eletricidade em sua manifestação natural mais imponente: o relâmpago (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Forest Track and Communications Mast ...

English: Forest Track and Communications Mast A recent installation of a presumably mobile phone mast/base station. There is no electricity up here, so it powered by a generator. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t know if I’ll be able to type my blog today.  They’re deleting things as I go.  So bear with me. I don’t know if your comments got through yesterday, but they were deleting “approve” as I hit them. Don’t give up. Keep writing to me and leaving comments. I love hearing from you.

I told you about my suspicions about the free furniture I’m  getting.  Well, I’m glad I wrote about it. I went into the office yesterday to pay my rent and the first thing the manage said is, “So, G., do you want to pay the $25.00 for the furniture?”  Do you think maybe she read my blog? Duh. Of course.  If I’d asked about the free furniture, she’d say, “Don’t worry about it.” It is so obvious why she asked me about the furniture. Duh. And double duh.

I know why they’re not charging me for the free furniture, or was free. What I found out is disgusting. You’ll be disgusted, too, when I tell you.  I have to get some things straighten out before I tell what they did. These people should be in jail. I’m  paying for some real crap. And I mean crap.

By the way, I have a hacker next to me making believe he’s playing chess.  He must think I’m stupid. They use games like this to hide what they’re doing. They do this game thing when I’m out and about and in a restaurant. So if you’re in a restaurant or book store, or wherever, and you see someone playing, he might be hacking your computer if you’re using one.

I want to explain a little more about the criminals using their phone to hit you (if you really want to annoy a perp, call him a criminal. It annoys them no end).  They get a code from their handler. This code lets them get access to electricity. This electricity goes into the phone, the perp aims it at you and the electricity they’re getting from the phone hits you. It can come from the socket you’re sitting next to, or if you’re walking, from a phone pole. That’s how these things work. That’s what happens when someone wants to blow up something from a distance. God forbid you should ever have something on you that the phone can set off.  If this is happening to you, don’t carry anything that can hurt you. And when the electricity from the phone hits you, you get blue and black marks, or  a red rash. I guess it depends on the person’s skin. I used to get black and blue marks and red rashes, but since I’ve learned to protect myself, all I get is a watery feeling.

You’re probably wondering how I know about the code. Well, I lived with my sister for six months and she used to do it to me. At first I didn’t know what she was up to, but I began watching her. Every morning I’d get up very early and then she’d get up.  The first thing she used to do is go to her window with her phone. And she’d stand by the window and play with her phone.  And she keep aiming the phone at me. After a while, I realized what she was doing. I’d move around and try to stay away from her and she’d follow me wherever I went until she’d get me on her phone. And then once she had me, she hit me.  And this went on all day. If I went outside to get away from her, she’d follow me outside. Believe me, living with her was worth all the torture I went through in those six months.  I learned everything I know from what she did to me. I speak from experience, otherwise, I wouldn’t know what’s going on, either. As you can imagine, I have no contact with her anymore. And I don’t think I ever will. I hope my explanation about the phone helped you understand how the phones work.

So, remember, try not to carry anything that might blow up on you. I’m being very serious here. Stay safe and sane, targets. But also don’t get paranoid about the phones. I don’t think anything will happen to you. I’m still around to tell you about the phones; proof positive.

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Gang Stalking – When will Americans awaken to what’s happening?

Fotografía tomada en Brunete, Madrid, España.

Fotografía tomada en Brunete, Madrid, España. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hotel Rating

Hotel Rating (Photo credit: FunnyBiz)

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DOJ Stalking by Teams or Groups FOIA documents...

When my gang stalking began, I went to Google to find out some information on what was happening to me.  At the time, four years ago,  I found very little useful information on gang stalking, until I found the blog  “GangStalkingWorld.com.”  The blogger had the same

DOJ Stalking by Teams or Groups FOIA documents...

DOJ Stalking by Teams or Groups FOIA documents-Page2of3 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

things happening to him as the things that were happening to me.  Other bloggers were writing blogs, but everything they wrote about was  DEWs (Directed Energy Weapons), satellites, and all things technical. But, really, I couldn’t relate to what they were experiencing, even though, I was experiencing the same thing.  But Gangstalking spoke to me.  I could understand what he was saying.  He shared his every day life, and what the gang stalkers were doing to him.

Fast forward to 2012, I went to Google to see what new information I’d find on gang stalking.  Well, what a world of difference in gang stalking.  Now, there are over  million plus subjects on gang stalking.  And the subjects are listed by topic.  I found some things I’ve written while looking. It really surprised me!  I still don’t think of myself as a writer.  But it was nice to see my name on Google.  I’m even  listed as safe for children to see.  And my blog  rating 2-1/2 stars. I guess I have a long way to go to get 4 stars.

There are  many more  people  writing blogs today about gang stalking, and that  makes me happy.

And it also tells me, that the people who are experiencing gang stalking have increased in number.

There must be over  million  Americans who are suffering the same fate I am.  And after the shooting at  Newtown, Connecticut, the numbers will increase.  The U.S. government will make sure that if someone acts in any way normal by losing his temper that he will probably end up on the threat assessment list.  That’s where all the so-called crazy people are put.  Anything anyone does to draw attention to himself/herself will become a victim of gang stalking.

But with today’s internet, things will be easier for the new targets.  There is so much information on gang stalking that the new targets won’t have to wonder what is happening to them. Of course, the problem is, they have to figure out what the thing that’s happening to them is called.  And if they can’t figure that out, they’re in deep doo-doo.

And maybe some of the new targets will finally wake up to what’s going on in the world.  They’ll no longer be sheep. They’ll be the “Awaken Ones.”  Now, if we can get other Americans to stop being sheep, maybe what’s happening to us will end.

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Gang Stalking – T.I.s(Targeted Individuals) don’t let anyone treat you like dirt.

Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou (Photo credit: Rusty Darbonne)

Receipt Please

Receipt Please (Photo credit: Peter π)

“The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.” – Maya Angelou

What’s it like every time you go to the store?  Are you treated rudely?  Are you ignored?  If you order something from the deli, does it always look like crap?  Have they purposely overcharged you, and then you had to return to the store to get your money back? Every time I go to any grocery store that’s the type of treatment I’ve gotten.  I do not want to lose my temper, so I say nothing.

But one day, I had some time, while waiting for the bus, to read my receipt.  I usually don’t pay any attention to what it says on the receipt, except to make sure that the right change has been given to me.  And on the receipt it usually says something about customer feedback.  Well, I decided I had enough b.s. from the sales people.  So I got on my computer and gave the company my feedback.  I answered all the questions asked.

Today, I went back to the same store and its deli section. Well, to my amazement, the store clerks could not do enough to help me.  I got taken care of right away.  When my food was given to me, it didn’t look like crap. And I wasn’t overcharged for anything.  What a change in behavior!  So getting on the computer worked its magic.  Some one at the top must have let the store know it wasn’t happy with how their employees were behaving.

If you’re being treated like crap,  get on the computer and answer the company’s feedback form.  Written words still have their magic.  I’ve called  the company several times and talked to customer service, and I’ve never gotten any satisfaction. But my written words of complaint had power.  The written word is still very potent.

Don’t let anyone treat you like dirt because you’re a T.I.  You deserve to be treated with respect as everyone is.  Don’t let the gang stalkers get away with anything.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – My diary…gone.

Today if I come up with a few four letter words, I want to apologize beforehand.

I’m guess you can say I’m angry today. Today I discovered a diary I tried to hide from the freaks (gang stalkers) was no longer a secret. I’d hidden the diary in the only  place I thought was safe. But since the freaks found it,  I guess it was not a safe place.

I discovered that the diary no longer exists. All but about four of the pages are  missing. Five pages left that are meaningless. All the things I’d written, private thoughts, are out there for all to see. They just tore the pages out. They didn’t’ even try to  hide the fact that pages are missing.

This is a diary I’ve kept for years, since about the age of 16. To discover the freaks have it really makes me want to behead every one of them.

This is the second time someone has taken pages out of my diary. The first time it happened was when I was living with my sister in Arizona. I left the diary in my suitcase (locked) when I decided to come to Vegas to check it out. I left the suitcase behind because I was returning to Arizona, and then moving to Vegas.

Before I left Arizona, I decided to go through all my things and throw out what I felt I no longer needed. While going through my stuff, I ran across my diary. So I began to look through it. About 20 pages were missing. The only one who had access to my diary was my sister. She even left a note in the diary. I was very angry the first time  I discovered  pages missing from  my diary.   I forced myself not to say anything to my sister. I Needed a place to stay, and I knew if I said anything to her, she’d throw me out. So I kept quiet, but my insides were  festering.   I, somehow, managed to  control myself.

So now to discover the freaks stole most of the pages out of my diary was another stab in the back.  Now I understand some of the remarks that they’ve  made to me.

So I’m going to burn  the  five or six pages I have left.  Every time I look at the diary it makes me think  of the awful things I’ve had to endure.  It’s better to let it go, and start new memories.

Well, I’ve managed to control myself and not use profanity.  Believe me, the anger I feel for what these freaks have put me through pales in comparison to my anger.

Countdown:  114 blogs to write.

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