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Gang Stalking – Captain Phillips, Somali pirates and the power of the U.S. government

Did any of you see Captain Phillips? I saw the movie yesterday and I was left with the thought that the U.S. used overkill when dealing with the Somali pirates.

If you’ve never heard of  “Captain Phillips”,  the movie, it’s about Somali pirates hijacking an  unarmed  American freighter.  Two smalls boats take  off from the Coast of Somali and head for a freighter passing by.  The freighters name is Maersk Alabama.  The radar operator discovers on the radar  that two boats are following the ship.  The captain’s notified and he keeps a watch on the two boats.  The Captain notifies the people in the boats  that he knows  they’re in the water and they should stay away from the ship.  One of the boats sees how big the ship is and turns around. They don’t want anything to do with the big ship. The other boat continues following the Alabama. They’re not afraid.  The small boat runs into trouble with its engine and  cannot follow the ship.  The captain and the crew relax, thinking that the Somalis are not coming after them.  The Somalis get the engine fixed and catch up with the Alabama.  And I don’t want to give the plot away and what happens, so I’ll stop here.  By the way, there are only four skinny Somalis on the boat.

What follows is a show of power by the U.S. government.  The U.S. uses a freighter, airplane, helicopter, paratroopers, the latest technology and all the arsenal it has to defeat four skinny Somali men.

When I first heard of Captain Phillips’ hi-jacking I was on his side. When I read that he’d been free, I  cursed the Somali pirates.  After seeing this movie, my sympathy went to the Somali pirates. What the Somalis did was not right, but the show of power by the U.S. was definitely overkill.  They used so much power against four skinny men that it made me sick.  In my opinion,the U.S. didn’t need to use a freighter, airplane, helicopter, paratroopers, etc.  It was overkill.

Now that I’m a target of the U.S. government, I can feel for those who have very little power in this world. And the Somalis are very poor people. They really have nothing. At one time, they stayed alive by fishing. They were fishermen. But now all the fish are gone. Taken by rich nations.  So many Somalis have become pirates to stay alive.  Most of the money the pirates get does not go to them. It goes to their elders. The elders take the money and use it to enrich themselves and the poor Somalis get nothing. It’s not right what the Somalis pirates do, as one of the pirates says in the movie:  We have nothing. We’re not in America. In America, you have a choice (I’m  paraphrasing this. I don’t remember the exact words).

I recommend you see the movie. The acting is spotty sometimes. Some of the actors can’t even say their lines right. But it shows just how powerful the U.S. really is. After seeing this movie, I cringed at its power. I realize how strong the U.S. is, and it can step on anyone at anytime, including us targets.

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Gang Stalking – Edward Snowden – Hero and patriot.

Pardon Edward Snowden

Pardon Edward Snowden (Photo credit: Tc Morgan)

In Honor Of Edward Snowden

In Honor Of Edward Snowden (Photo credit: Big Grey Mare)

Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden (Photo credit: svennevenn)

Let’s see, Brazil, Mexico, England, and now the French.  Edward Snowden released information on how the N.S.A. is spying on French citizens. The N.S.A hacked 7* million emails** of French citizens.  If we keep this spying thing up, we’re not going to have any friends left.  Every country will turn against us.  I think that would be very good for us targets.  If other countries start mistrusting the U.S., then we’ll have a country to go to.  We won’t have to worry about being a target in another country.  I hope Edward Snowden keeps releasing information on all the spying the U.S. is doing.  He’s definitely my hero.  Good job, Edward Snowden. Keep up the good work.  Keep on releasing all the information you have.

No apartment yet. I returned to the apartment complex I told you I felt safe in. Well, this time it was a different story.  Perps surrounded me everywhere I went. I guess it was an off day for the perps when I visited the apartment complex the first time. I walked into the manager’s office and he seemed like a different person.  His face even looked different. There wasn’t the smile  that I saw  the first time.  This time, he looked at me as if he was seeing someone very strange.  I asked him, “Is the studio I looked at on Saturday still available?”  He hesitated before he spoke.  He replied, “No, it’s been rented.”  I could tell by his response that he was not telling me the truth. I’m very good with body language. He seemed nervous.  Did he think I was going to do something to him? He began twirling his wedding ring around. I know when a man does this, it means something. I don’t know what it means, but it told me he was lying to me.  Anyway, I replied, “Well, I took a chance by not taking the apartment. I guess it’s not really meant for me to have .”  I said “thank you” and left.  Not only did the complex manager act weird, but perps were coming out of the woodwork in the complex.  And the area surrounding the complex was even dirtier and seedier than I remembered it.  So I guess I’m glad someone else rented(?) the apartment.  I’m glad I didn’t take the apartment. They say God watches out for children and idiots, or something like that, so maybe  he was watching out for me (even though I’m not too much of a believer).

So, on with the hunt…

Correction: *70 million **phone calls

Gang Stalking – It’s all about gun control.

Gun Control Hartford CT

Gun Control Hartford CT (Photo credit: john bunce)

Hi, everybody. I guess I’ve been M.I.A.  I think you can understand why. Coming to the library to type my blog is nothing but a horrific experience.  It’s pure hell.  I’m surprised I’ve managed to keep my mouth shut. It is very hard to do so, but I’ve managed so far to do it. I don’t know I can keep my mouth shut.

Anyway, I’ve had no luck finding an apartment. I’ve never realized how many bad neighborhoods in Las Vegas. There seems to be very little in way of middle-of-the road apartments. Either overly expensive, or real dumps.  I went to look at an apartment yesterday and seedy is not the world I would to describe the area.  It is below seedy.  But saying that, I felt safer in the apartment I looked at than I’ve felt anywhere else.  The apartment complex‘s  gated, has cameras everywhere and when I entered the complex, very few people showed up to do their perp duties.  There was one woman with a dog who immediately headed for me when I entered. She said “hello”. I didn’t bother responding because I could tell she’s a perp.  But, otherwise, no one came out and just stood around like an idiot.  It’s a studio apartment, top floor. and has wooden floors.  And the rent is to die for. Very low and it includes electricity. But the idea of coming out at night in the neighborhood  if I needed something from the store is a scary thought.  But, oddly, I felt very safe in the complex. I felt safer in the complex than I did in other places that were well-to-do. In most of those places, I couldn’t wait to get the hell out.!

Today, I went to look at another place, after a very long walk, and it lasted about two minutes before I walked out.  Perps everywhere I looked. And the thing that really made me walk out of the place without saying a word is the manager. I walked into the complex office and she had on a very low-cut sweater and made a point of puffing up her chest so that I’d notice. Let me tell you, I wanted to throw up. That’s what happens to me every time I go into the current office.  I just took one look and disappeared without saying a word. I don’t want to put up with that s–t again. I don’t know if Las Vegas creates these horrible people, or if they’re born that way. Either way, why don’t they get some class and act in a professional way. They’re at work and should act so,. They’re not working in a night club, after all.

I heard something about another woman being killed, or something like that. I don’t have a t.v.., but I heard a few minutes of it on the radio. I don’t know what happened, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s another target. I have to read up on it. It’s hard without a computer.

I mentioned this woman because of the guns laws. Maybe all this has to do with gun laws. I made  connection yesterday when I heard about her.  What I think is, that the American public will demand that government put into law gun control.  Once the government and law enforcement  control all the guns, guess what, no guns, and the government can swoop in and control us even more.  And what we will have is totalitarianism.  Maybe that’s the kind of government we deserve. The American public doesn’t seem to be too concern about losing a lot of its rights.  All they want to be is safe.  Yeah, they can be safe and slaves  I guess Americans have to go through a period of  enslavement  to understand what freedom really is..They sure as hell don’t know what it is now!

I hope you’re all doing well and keeping your spirits up.  The only thing  we targets can really do is hope for the best and  that this hell ends for all of us. And soon.

Gang Stalking – The Truman Delusion.

Cover of "The Truman Show [Blu-ray]"

Cover of The Truman Show [Blu-ray]

For a few days now, every single time I go to my comment section, there’s a message in Japanese. I delete it, turn on my computer the next day and there it is again. I delete again, shows up again the next day.  I think it’s a way for the perps to get into my computer. I erase it as soon as I see it.  I don’t open it. I guess the idiot who’s doing it thinks it’s funny.  Ha, ha, ha, you’re so funny, you idiot. Why don’t you do something that does something good for the world? Get a life!

There’s  a delusion that psychiatrist are now calling “The Truman Show Delusion“.  It’s a delusion where someone thinks he’s being followed around by cameras and everyone in his life is an actor in it.  The delusion takes its name from the movie “The Truman Show“.  That’s the movie where Jim Carrey discovers the life he lives is not real and everyone in his life is an actor.

Psychiatrist are now using this delusion to label people who complain about people following them around.  You see how this all works. Every time the government harasses its citizens, it backs it up with some made up delusion to go with what they’re doing to us. So, let’s say you go to a psychiatrist and tell him you’re being followed, watched in your home, etc., you’re probably suffering from Truman Delusion psychosis.  The delusion fits in with what they’re doing to us.  And instantly, you’re put on medication and told you’re delusional.  Now, doesn’t that make sense to you?

I never believed in psychiatry.  From all the psychiatrist I’ve met in my life, a lot of them didn’t seem to have it together. And these people, who don’t know whether they’re coming or going, are the ones who judge whether we’re mentally stable?  Thanks, but no thanks, to partaking in psychiatry.  I can very well do without them. I’ve never needed one and don’t need one now.  And pooey to “The Truman Delusion”.  Just another way for the psychos to make money off us.  And I sure don’t think I’m in a movie and the center of the universe.  What’s happening to me and others is real. Nice going, gov.

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Gang Stalking – I will survive you f—–g bastards!

English: Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff ac...

English: Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff accepting the credentials of Jamal Khokhar, the ambassador to Brazil from Canada, in Brasilia, Brazil. Português: Brasília, DF, 09/02/2011. Presidenta Dilma Rousseff e o embaixador do Canadá, Jamal Khokhar, durante apresentação de credenciais de novos embaixadores no Brasil. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m beginning to like the President from Brazil Dilma Rousseff.  She’s angry at the NSA  for spying on her and Brazilian citizens. The NSA is also spying on Brazilian citizens as they are on us targets.  She’s filed  petition with the U.N. to force  the U.S. to stop the spying on other countries and Brazilian citizens.  Maybe, just maybe, the U.N. will investigate what’s going on with the U.S. spying on other countries.  Maybe an investigation by the U.N. will bring out information that the U.S. is not only spying on American citizens, but torturing them.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  I wait for the day we targets will finally be free.  And I wish President Dilma Rousseff all the luck in the world in her complaint to the U.N.

I went apartment hunting yesterday.  What a drag it is.  Everywhere I went, I saw signs of  other people getting targeted. The dog poop all over the grass, the blinds missing pieces, holes in windows, broken windows, garbage strewn in front of someone’s door.  Of course, everywhere I went the perps followed me.  I went in and out of complexes, but didn’t stop to talk with any rental people. I didn’t want to lose  time talking to people who I’m  are perps.

As I’ve previously written, I have very little furniture, so moving will be no problem.  The new furniture I bought when I moved into this apartment the perps ruined.  They broke every chair, shortened the legs of the chairs and the legs go every which way.  They  broke all the handles to my pots.  Or maybe I’ll just take the furniture as it is.  If I get any new furniture, they’ll just destroy it again.  Why waste my money?  Who knows?  Maybe the next place will be worse.  I never think the new place will be better, because it never is.  And my bed?  It’s going to be hard to carry a mattress to wherever I end up.

I can understand why targets kill themselves.  We keep moving thinking that maybe, just maybe, we’ll find a safe place to live. A place where we won’t be harassed by  perps.  But, of course, deep down, we know that won’t happen.  We know the perps will appear as soon as we move into our new place and start making our lives a miserable existence.

Yesterday, I was on my Facebook page and one of the targets wrote about how they killed all four of her kittens.  She found the last one barely breathing and it died.  What kind of people are these perps that they would do this to innocent animals?  They’re sick, sick people.  They call us nuts?!!!  Believe me, we’re sane compare to these savages.

Targets keep getting killed, or kill someone, or just plain kill themselves.  And the harassment continues by the government flunkies. They think nothing of driving someone insane.  They just pick themselves up and do it to other targets.  How do these savages live with themselves?

Of course, the harassment is not happening to any of us.  It’s our imagination.  We’re all crazy.

But I believe with all my heart, this will come out eventually.  And let me tell you, I intend to sue the f——g government for every penny I can get.  It made my life a living hell and it’s going to pay for it.  And I intend to stick it out to see it come to pass. The government will not stifle me.  I will survive and outlive every bastard no matter what they do to me.  I will survive.

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Gang Stalking – My love affair with the U.S. is over.

Divorce Cakes a_009

Divorce Cakes a_009 (Photo credit: DrJohnBullas)

Divorce versus Democracy

Divorce versus Democracy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

God, am I’m tired.  The last few days have been hell at night.  No sleep.  I’m hit with heat lamps all night, hit with electricity from the apartment to my right and left, below me, across the way, behind me, and who knows where else?  And every two hours, I’m awakened.   I feel as if I’ve entered hell and it’s not going to let me out anytime soon.

It angers me every time I think about what’s occurring to me.

And I blame landlords for allowing it to happen.  Imagine you’re a landlord. Every month someone rents one of your apartments and you’re told by the government how to treat the tenant.  The government tells the landlord that the person who’s renting the apartment is a crazy person and he/she should be closely watched.  The landlord’s told to treat the new tenant like a dog.  And the landlord goes along with whatever the government tells him to do.  And the next month, and month after month, a new tenant arrives and the landlord’s told to do the same thing to the new tenant.

If I were a landlord, I would get suspicious of all the tenants getting the same treatment by the government.  I would wonder how many others ? And why is it happening?  I would begin questioning the government as to why this is occurring.  Of course, the government would lie to the landlord and tell him that what he’s doing is keeping the country safe from the crazy tenants, and told that he’s a good American, unlike the tenant he’s rented to.

I find it unbelievable that a landlord wouldn’t think this way.  But, of course, the landlord is getting money from the government to keep the program going.

I used to be proud to be an American.  I can’t say that I am anymore. And I don’t care who knows that I’m not a proud American. What else can they do me that’s worse?  Kill me, perhaps?   What the U.S. is doing to me is hell on earth.  If I could find a country where I felt I’d be safe, I’d pack my bags and leave the U.S. behind. But there’s no country like this.  It seems other countries have the same program and my targeting would just continue with the backing of the U.S. government.  The U.S. government is a big bully.  And those other countries better do what it says, or the U.S. will stop sending the big check.

The U.S. is not the country I grew up in. I used to love the U.S., but the love affair is over for me.  It’s time for a divorce.

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Gang Stalking – I’m glad I was given the red pill.

ain't this a dystopian beauty?

ain’t this a dystopian beauty? (Photo credit: ▓▒░ TORLEY ░▒▓)

dystopian city falling into ruins

dystopian city falling into ruins (Photo credit: ▓▒░ TORLEY ░▒▓)

English: Red pill Português: Pilula vermelha

English: Red pill Português: Pilula vermelha (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you’ve ever seen the “The Matrix“, you know it’s about machines taking over the world and using human beings as energy to keep themselves alive.  Human heat is used to keep the machines alive and to keep the humans under control.  Every morning, the humans are given a pill to keep them in a zombie state.  Some humans have been born into this dystopian society and the others have been under control for so long, they’ve long forgotten what it’s like to be really human.

Like the humans born into the Matrix, we targets have been given no choice.  We’ve taken the red pill without consent.  There are two pills someone takes in the Matrix.  A blue pill, which keeps a person in a state of utopia.  And a red pill, which makes the taker aware of what is really happening around him.

So, we targets have all taken the red pill. We’re aware of what is really happening in the U.S.  We’re aware that the government is not truthful, that it does what it wants without our approval, that it tortures its citizens and then lies about it, that it takes our money and uses it to keep other countries under control, etc.

We targets have left the Matrix, but a lot of Americans  are still taking the blue pill.  They’re totally unaware of what is happening around them, and they don’t care because the blue pills keeps them in a state of denial. They see nothing, do nothing, and care about nothing.

They’re still attached to their wiring.

We targets have become detached from the wiring.  The thing is, we can’t convince anyone we know of what’s happening in the U.S.   The government helps the blue pill takers by convincing them that we red pill takers are insane and no one should listen to us.

So we red pill targets have to live in a world of blue pill takers.  We’ve tried waking them up, but it’s been a total waste of our time. The blue pill takers like the world they live in, and nothing we do will wake them up.

But I’m glad I’ve been given the red pill.

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Gang Stalking – I might start wearing a burqa.

Muslim Women

Muslim Women (Photo credit: Jarek Jarosz)

The seal of the U.S. National Security Agency....

The seal of the U.S. National Security Agency. The first use was in September 1966, replacing an older seal which was used briefly. For more information, see here and here. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you remember all that fuss about the National Security Agency listening in on all our calls?  I heard on Nevada Public Radio that the government‘s charged to get this information.  The phone companies who complained they had to give  government the information, charge the government for the information.  So, not only is the government listening to all your calls, but you’re paying for it to do it.  The government gets a monthly phone bill for all the spying done on us.  Isn’t that just great!  Paying to spy on yourself.

I’m thinking of changing my name to a Muslim sounding name. I’ll explain why.

I went to a blog by the title “Muslim Woman”, or something like that.  This woman had a lot of readers who responded to her blog.  Her blog is about her former life in the Middle East and how it changed after she came to the U.S.  The first part of the blog told about how miserable her life was living in the Middle East, and the second part told how free she is in America and how she can do whatever she wants.  What she described happening to her in the Middle East sounds very much like the things that we targets have to deal with here in the U.S.

I responded to her blog by telling her that I was a target of the U.S. government and what happened to her in the Middle East could happen to her in the U.S.

I did not get a response from her, but I did get a response from one of her readers.  He called me a sissy for complaining about what the government is doing to me, and he wrote back telling me that the Muslim woman suffered so much more.

I responded to the reader by telling him that he can take over my life and we’d find out who the real sissy is.

He again responded to my blog by calling me a sissy.

So you see, I thought if I wrote my blog as a Muslim woman, I’d have the American public eating out of my hand.  The same things that happened to the Muslim woman are happening to me, but I’m a  sissy.  The Muslim woman is a hero.

Instead of writing as an American, I thought I’d write my blog as a Muslim woman.  I’d write about everything that’s happening to me, but as a Muslim woman.  I’m sure my readership would jump 100%, not only that, I’d have my blog read on the radio, be chosen as the best blogger and garner all kinds of attention from the media.  And the American people would believe everything I wrote.  Can it get any better? No.

No one believes an American target when he/she complains about harassment by the government. No one believes we’re being tortured. No! Government torture doesn’t happen in America.  People who write such blogs are all crazy, of course. They’re imaging it’s happening to them.

I’m seriously thinking of  changing to a Muslim name and telling about the harassment I’m experiencing being a Middle Eastern woman. I’m sure my blog rating would improve exponentially.

Next time you check in on my blog, it might a Muslim woman writing it, not a sissy, a hero.  I might even start wearing a burqa.

You know, wearing a burqa sounds like a good idea. I can run around all wrapped up, my face not showing, and no one would know who I am, but then, again, someone might want to beat me up.

I’m a sissy.

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Gang Stalking – We targets are the new MKUltra test subjects.

Angry Gorilla Monkey is the Strongest Animal o...

Angry Gorilla Monkey is the Strongest Animal of Zoo Apes (Photo credit: epSos.de)

Each year of the 1960's the CIA provided the T...

Each year of the 1960’s the CIA provided the Tibetans-in-exile with $1.7 million for guerrilla operations and $180,000 for cultural centers and international lobbying. World News Briefs; Dalai Lama Group Says It Got Money From C.I.A. New York Times. October 02, 1998 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Unabomber (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Forensic sketch of the Unabomber, commissioned...

Forensic sketch of the Unabomber, commissioned by the FBI, drawn by Jeanne Boylan. This copy was found at the url: http://members.aol.com/alvertc/Sketch.gif. According to Encarta, the drawing was released by the FBI in 1987. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Theodore Kaczynski, the Unabomber, as...

English: Theodore Kaczynski, the Unabomber, as Faculty member at Berkeley. Cropped (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you remember Ted Kaczynski?  Probably not.  He’s the man who was sent to prison for life for sending bombs through the mail. He’s called the Unabomber.

Well, I was reading up on his life and I understand why he was so angry at the government.

While Kaczynski was attending Harvard, he joined a program that he thought was about debating personal philosophy with other students. What he got instead was a C.I.A. program that brutally and psychologically abused him and other students for three years. The students had to write essays about their personal beliefs and aspirations. The students were then attached to electrodes that monitored their physiological under bright lights and one-way mirror.  During that time the students were psychologically abused,  and also filmed.  After filming the students, an anonymous lawyer would come into the room, abuse them about their beliefs and aspirations, and play back the film to the students to show them how they reacted  during the torture and abuse them some more.  The program’s name is MKUltra. I’m sure you’ve all heard of the program.  The students were probably  the first ones tested and then it went out into the public for more testing.

From what I read, Ted Kaczynski was very angry with the program, and so were other students.  He often made mention of the program to family members and others. During the time he was part of the program Kaczynski appeared to be normal. I have a feeling that the MKUltra program did something to his mind.  As it is trying to do to our minds. It’s basically the same program, just keep abusing the person and see how far he can be driven to insanity.

The C.I.A. is still doing the tests, but now  on civilians who have no choice.  They just pick us out of the blue and torture us as they did  Kaczynski .

I’m sure the first ones that these tests were done on were apes and rats and other animals.  But testing on animals wasn’t enough, they have to continue doing it to  people.

I saw some pictures of apes who were kept in cages for 30 years and never let out.  Finally, after 30 years, they got too old for testing and were let go and taken care of by caring  human beings. The first time the apes were let out onto the grass, they didn’t know what it was and began picking on it.  One ape stopped and looked up at the sun and run back into the facility. But eventually, he came back out, climbed into a tree and stayed in the tree all night. These apes were psychologically abused, I’m sure, by the C.I.A.

I guess we targets are the new apes.  We’re the new test subjects.  It’s now our time to experience what the great apes experienced for 30 years.

It makes me sick thinking about what they did to the Great Apes.  Poor things. The Great Apes had no choice and neither do we targets.

I guess the C.I.A. nazis are still doing their job with new subjects.

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