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Gang Stalking – When will Americans awaken to what’s happening?

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DOJ Stalking by Teams or Groups FOIA documents...

When my gang stalking began, I went to Google to find out some information on what was happening to me.  At the time, four years ago,  I found very little useful information on gang stalking, until I found the blog  “GangStalkingWorld.com.”  The blogger had the same

DOJ Stalking by Teams or Groups FOIA documents...

DOJ Stalking by Teams or Groups FOIA documents-Page2of3 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

things happening to him as the things that were happening to me.  Other bloggers were writing blogs, but everything they wrote about was  DEWs (Directed Energy Weapons), satellites, and all things technical. But, really, I couldn’t relate to what they were experiencing, even though, I was experiencing the same thing.  But Gangstalking spoke to me.  I could understand what he was saying.  He shared his every day life, and what the gang stalkers were doing to him.

Fast forward to 2012, I went to Google to see what new information I’d find on gang stalking.  Well, what a world of difference in gang stalking.  Now, there are over  million plus subjects on gang stalking.  And the subjects are listed by topic.  I found some things I’ve written while looking. It really surprised me!  I still don’t think of myself as a writer.  But it was nice to see my name on Google.  I’m even  listed as safe for children to see.  And my blog  rating 2-1/2 stars. I guess I have a long way to go to get 4 stars.

There are  many more  people  writing blogs today about gang stalking, and that  makes me happy.

And it also tells me, that the people who are experiencing gang stalking have increased in number.

There must be over  million  Americans who are suffering the same fate I am.  And after the shooting at  Newtown, Connecticut, the numbers will increase.  The U.S. government will make sure that if someone acts in any way normal by losing his temper that he will probably end up on the threat assessment list.  That’s where all the so-called crazy people are put.  Anything anyone does to draw attention to himself/herself will become a victim of gang stalking.

But with today’s internet, things will be easier for the new targets.  There is so much information on gang stalking that the new targets won’t have to wonder what is happening to them. Of course, the problem is, they have to figure out what the thing that’s happening to them is called.  And if they can’t figure that out, they’re in deep doo-doo.

And maybe some of the new targets will finally wake up to what’s going on in the world.  They’ll no longer be sheep. They’ll be the “Awaken Ones.”  Now, if we can get other Americans to stop being sheep, maybe what’s happening to us will end.

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