Gang Stalking – Internet service… a way for government to keep track of us?

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Africa map – The partion of Africa. (Photo credit: Wilfraco)

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English: Seal of the United States Court of Appeal for the Fifth Circuit. As indicated below, this image is a work of the United States Government and under copyright protection is not available for any work of the U.S. government. Image available here on the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit website. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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second desk at megs/corecomm (Photo credit: wjr)

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Internet service providers dialup prepaid cards, Saint Petersburg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was thinking, why is it that we need an internet connection to connect with each other?

We used to have radios and we’d put in batteries and put it into a socket and we had music, talking heads, news, etc.  We also had transistor radios, which didn’t need to be plugged into a socket, just needed batteries.   And how about t.v., we need batteries and an antenna and we  connect to a world of music, pictures, movies, talking heads again, news, etc.  And we had portable t.v.s we carried around.

So why is it that we need internet service to connect to our computers?  Why is it that we need internet service to connect to other people?  Why can’t we just plug  our computers into a socket and go. No worrying about someone getting into our internet service, or being disconnected from the internet because we forgot to pay our bill?  I’m sure there must be a way to be able to connect to a computer without internet access?  Did the 1% decide not to make the internet available to everyone, and that’s why we can’t just plug-in?  The 1% want to make sure that if we use the internet, we have to pay through the nose.

And the internet just seems to be so slow. I’ve read that the U.S. has the slowest internet system, even Africa has faster internet service than we do?  It doesn’t make sense to me,  the United States is supposed to be the most advanced nation, but it’s internet service is the slowest in the world.  Something’s up. And what’s up, is the 1%  don’t want to spend money to improve our connections.

Or does internet service have something to do with the government keeping track of us?  If  we just plug-in a computer, it’s hard for the government to keep track of us.  With internet service, the government is able to keep track of us through the internet.  It’s just like putting a chip into someone.  With a chip, the government can keep track. It can track us anywhere we go.  If we just plug into a socket, not able to track us.  Who would have thought?!!!

Sneaky, sneaky government.  Not surprised.  Maybe  I’m just stupid?

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11 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Internet service… a way for government to keep track of us?

  1. BY the way, the us government is just as corrupted and needing money like every other country. They don’t use just one form of surveillance not to sell our info all over the world. All country’s government sold out. Sell to get money and be a hero. That’s why defect the government not the people.

    • I agree, I love my country, but not my Government. I had no problem with it until I found out it was the Government who were hacking my computer and it was them who were doing the damage that was happenning to it. I never caught anyone “ordinary” hacking my computer. I caught the FBI on my netstat one time when I was being harassed online. That’s when I started hating the FBI. I’ve seen the NSA on it, the CIA, Military organizations, Law firms… Sure there are a few good people left in the government. If it weren’t for them we’d REALLY be in trouble… but I’ve run out of respect for most of those gitts! I wouldn’t mind if they watched what I was doing if they didn’t interfere with my life, and stop me from succeeding in everything I try to do! They wouldn’t even allow me to take an online business course last year!

      • They don’t want us to do anything. I know a few people who had to quit school because of the harassment by their classmates. One girl in particular, who is an excellent artist, but is not allowed to get her degree. They want all of us to waste our lives. All the talent that is going to waste! They’re all jerks. Try getting online again, see what happens. Good luck!

        • I did start the course twice. Both times they disabled my ability to paste my assignments into the submission box so that I couldn’t hand in even the 1st one. Al other communications worked fine – but not that. I might try again just to say there can’t be three times without some sort of method behind it. I doubt theye’d let me do it ever. I’m sorry about your artist friend. It’s true. They want to waste our lives.Maybe they don’t have real talents so they’re jealous.

  2. I just found out you can get all kinds of speeds all you have to do is get past the salesman and ask.
    You can get high speed at different speeds for cheaper. Also get a drive wiper program and defrag off internet free. Windows is not good. They are cleaning there own? LOL

  3. Problem with USA internet speed is lack of competition. Most people have only one option of high speed internet access, unless you’re lucky and do not live in the sticks. There are many areas where the only option for internet access is dialup. Internet is needed for computers to communicate and transmit data. It’s like a language or protocol. There are options for internet that do not require you to be “wired”, but again they use the same protocol to communicate with other computers.

  4. I used to have a software that showed all connections on the way to any IP you asked it ti search, and I found out that none of my and my husband’s transmissions went directly to anywhere we asked for. They always took a route that I later found out was a surveillence circuit.

    For example, if we wanted google, it would go all the way to New York before going to California. We live in Montana. It wouldn’t need to go anywhwere near NY to get to Ca from Mt! So, yes – it is to monitor us. and THAT is what slows down the connection speeds in this country. It takes longer to get to Ca from Mt if you take a detour to NY on the way.

    Other places it would go on the way, were the same places the NSA’s data storage places are. Coincidence? Naaa, I don’t think so!

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