Gang Stalking – Surrounded by a world of pink.

Pink dogwood flowering head

Pink dogwood flowering head (Photo credit: Martin LaBar)

Pink nail polish.

Pink nail polish. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Pink! (Photo credit: fabrice79)

pink mannequin

pink mannequin (Photo credit: minicooper93402)

English: Jing Ulrich wearing a pink dress.

English: Jing Ulrich wearing a pink dress. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

pink pink pink

pink pink pink (Photo credit: Malingering)


Today is pink day.  Not pink day for women’s cancer pink, but pink because I’m wearing pink.  I’m wearing a pink, turtle neck sweater.  And everywhere I look, I see pink.  Women wearing pink pants. Pink jackets. Pink shoes. Pink  bags. Pink lipstick. Pink nail polish.  One woman I saw, wore a pink hat, jacket, bag, shoes. All these people made sure that they stood where I could see them.  And when I entered my complex, a woman opened her door and made sure I saw her wearing pink.  All these people are mimicking me wearing pink. The creatures do this to me a lot.  Whatever color I wear, they mimic.  But usually,  everybody is not wearing the same color.  The colors vary.  This is the first time I’ve seen so many people wearing the same color.  I hope they all turn pink. Have a pink day.

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7 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Surrounded by a world of pink.

  1. Mindless idiots. CIA mics you and to get ahead in CIA you have to do everything you are told. With millions and millions of CIA just how many of these idiots thought they would get ahead with cia or any other government clown unit? Millions of positions where? These idiots really have to make you laugh. Billions of CIA and implant handlers but yeah we will all get those great top positions. The world is nothing but top positions.

    and these clowns don’t think they weren’t being watched in the UN World court server. It was never a World Court it was a death trap. BY the time you got there you had violated so much, trained to do everything you were told by mic or others authority promises you were nothing but UP/UK slave material. Grand Jury in the UN World Court my ass. These clowns are threaten with everything from slavery to execution. Got it all too.

    What people won’t do to get money and by-pass the legal hard working way! Weak!

  2. Think of it as they think you have such great taste in clothes that they have to copy you – because you do. And you can think for yourself and decide what color you want to wear. They only copy someone else because they’re all stupid!

      • Good for you. I’d be annoyed too though. I don’t have the same problem, however, after I said I wanted to move into a motorhome, a whole crop of RVs seemed to pop up from the ground overnight. Now there are a whole bunch displayed all over my neighborhood (just to make me wish I had one really bad?) but I sure know it can’t be coincidence that that many people suddenly went out and bought (or got given) RVs all at once. You know when you’re being “perped”

        • You’re being perped. They probably read the comments you make on my blog, that’s how they know. Everything I mention in my blog, the next day the perps do. Maybe you’ll have the last laugh and get a motorhome.

          • Yeah, I hope so. That WOULD be funny. I’m sure they read everything I type on my computer. Webwatcher is a keylogger, and like I said, I found that on my computer at one time, and I’ve found others too at various times.

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