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Gang Stalking – Internet service… a way for government to keep track of us?

Africa map -  The partion of Africa.

Africa map – The partion of Africa. (Photo credit: Wilfraco)

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English: Seal of the United States Court of Appeal for the Fifth Circuit. As indicated below, this image is a work of the United States Government and under copyright protection is not available for any work of the U.S. government. Image available here on the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit website. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

second desk at megs/corecomm

second desk at megs/corecomm (Photo credit: wjr)

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Internet service providers dialup prepaid cards, Saint Petersburg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was thinking, why is it that we need an internet connection to connect with each other?

We used to have radios and we’d put in batteries and put it into a socket and we had music, talking heads, news, etc.  We also had transistor radios, which didn’t need to be plugged into a socket, just needed batteries.   And how about t.v., we need batteries and an antenna and we  connect to a world of music, pictures, movies, talking heads again, news, etc.  And we had portable t.v.s we carried around.

So why is it that we need internet service to connect to our computers?  Why is it that we need internet service to connect to other people?  Why can’t we just plug  our computers into a socket and go. No worrying about someone getting into our internet service, or being disconnected from the internet because we forgot to pay our bill?  I’m sure there must be a way to be able to connect to a computer without internet access?  Did the 1% decide not to make the internet available to everyone, and that’s why we can’t just plug-in?  The 1% want to make sure that if we use the internet, we have to pay through the nose.

And the internet just seems to be so slow. I’ve read that the U.S. has the slowest internet system, even Africa has faster internet service than we do?  It doesn’t make sense to me,  the United States is supposed to be the most advanced nation, but it’s internet service is the slowest in the world.  Something’s up. And what’s up, is the 1%  don’t want to spend money to improve our connections.

Or does internet service have something to do with the government keeping track of us?  If  we just plug-in a computer, it’s hard for the government to keep track of us.  With internet service, the government is able to keep track of us through the internet.  It’s just like putting a chip into someone.  With a chip, the government can keep track. It can track us anywhere we go.  If we just plug into a socket, not able to track us.  Who would have thought?!!!

Sneaky, sneaky government.  Not surprised.  Maybe  I’m just stupid?

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