Gang Stalking – Taking a chance on family.

Christmas cards with angels, scandinavian “nis...

Christmas cards with angels, scandinavian “nisser”, Father Christmas, snow men, hearts and gold. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rust Craft, circa 1950

Rust Craft, circa 1950 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The world's first commercially produced Christ...

The world’s first commercially produced Christmas card, designed by John Callcott Horsley for Henry Cole (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, I decided to send Christmas cards to members of my family who I know haven’t done anything to me.  I’ve had no contact with any of my family for three years.  I don’t  know  anything about what’s going on in their lives, but since every member of  my family I had contact with stalked me, I didn’t trust anyone in my family.  So I stayed away from all of them.  I was afraid to find out if the ones who hadn’t stalked me were in on it.  And I rather have my suspicion than to actually find out they   are gang stalkers, too.

None of my family knows whether I’m dead or alive.  I haven’t contacted them by phone, IM, mail, or visited them.  And I don’t know anything about how their life is going.  I don’t know if  they’re sick, alone, need help, doing well,  happy.  For all I know, something bad could have happened to one of them.

I finally decided to get in touch with them and really find out what the truth is about the rest of my family.  The last member of my family I had contact with was my oldest sister.  I spoke with her on the phone and I told her about my gang stalking.  She told me she believed me, but  my other sisters said exactly the same thing and then stalked me.  My sister told me to come back home to N.Y. and she would help me, but my instincts told me not to trust her.  So I followed my instincts.  My instincts are always right on.

My older sister has always watched out for me, and I’ve missed her in my life.  I was always the pesky younger sister. But I always thought very highly of my sister and admire her.  I feel I have to judge her on how she’s treated me my whole life, instead of  judging her for what the rest of the family did to me.

So I’ve thrown caution to the wind and decided to give everyone who I know hasn’t stalked me, a chance to show me what they’re all about.  I’ve contacted every one of my family members to find out the truth about them.  I want to know the truth.

If it turns out, they’re also gang stalkers, I’ve lost nothing.  If I find out, they’re on my side, then, at least, I’ll know and can have a  family again.

I know the gang stalking will still continue, but I’ll have part of the family on my side.   At least, I’ll have someone to talk with, someone to spend holidays with.

It’s been very lonely not having a family. It’s been very painful not to  have contact with any of my family. That’s what I’ve missed most.  The warmth of a family.

Maybe something good will happen  after I hear from them.  I can only hope.  Life is all about hope.  I have to take a chance on my family and  hope for the best.

WordPress “thank you” for the snowflakes. Love them.

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10 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Taking a chance on family.

  1. Neverending – Being a TI, I have only a few friends and family. I try hard not to talk about gang-stalking with them, and just enjoy my time with them. They will gossip amongst each other about how you are crazy, so try to be careful what you tell them. CindyinNanaimo

    • I haven’t seen my family in years, so there’s not much they know about me. I learned a long time ago that I can’t trust family. If I do get in touch with my family again, I’m going to be very quiet. Thanks for the advise.

  2. Have you been to yet…? You can talk with fellow victims of gang-stalking aka Organized Harassment sharing experiences, connecting the dots cause the tac-tics these perp/stalkers use are the same just little differences depending on the TI (targeted individual) life & enviornment & it can all be broken down cause we’re all here on Earth and evil can only attack us in so many ways for God has created and set forth the way Earth is and how we in our human bodies are… God bless you and yours. What I’m thinking of doing is Keeping in touch with all my family that I can regardless of the stalking like totally ignoring it blocking it out but at the same time you know it is true you are being stalked But build back up your membership/standing in your family to where you are on the best of terms with as many as you can keep that tight (that relationship) then as you can go about proving what is really happening the perp/stalkers will mess up and show their hand some way and with you being in good standing with family hopefully you’ll be able to have a family member right there and WITNESS an attempt to provoke, confuse, slander-lie on you, “Gas-Light”, Brighten or any of the perps/stalker tac-tics and introduce your family members to the testimony of other victims (TI’s) The family members you think are stalkers may or may not be even completely or just going on a lie and they’re looking to see how you respond to confirm what the perps/stalkers are trying to get members of your family to believe about you and the stalkers will use the devices to trick you into thinking that members of your family are “in on it” when they are not… We all have to be even more patient, calm, forgiving, and understanding & I know Its not easy they try to provoke me everyday and I’m being stalked 24/7 even when I step out on my porch at 2 or 3am (totally Quiet) middle of the week not on a Fridayl or Saturday, down my block a car door will close engine starts lights on and they come driving down my street when they get to my apt. they slow down (AND I KNOW ITS A PERP/STALKER) and go by turn the corner going regular speed now and I stay out on my porch getting some air and then I can see them down the block park back in the same spot That’s Evil and sad that they’re controlled like that I don’t get mad/angry provoked any more (I’m way past that I compartmentalize all of it and if it is God’s Will I may be one of the Angels called upon to punish these devils, but as you know God is the Judge, for they will answer for all that they do) I’ve been trying to keep a better journal, but go thru the whole site and communicate with fellow TI’s you’ll even be a help of comfort to more just by sharing…

    God bless us all

  3. I got a kick in the head from someone I considered a friend on saturday night. I invited her to dinner with me and two other friends. She pretends to be Christian, and I thought she was. She is not. She is a petty, bitter gs angry I do not submit ot the gs. I want you to know I care. I will send you a book for everyone of your family members, and then maybe they will realize the truth. If they are gs they have betrayed God and you. If they are not gs maybe they can help you, or at leat support you. I am praying for you. I wish you were closer.

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