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Gang Stalking – Internet service… a way for government to keep track of us?

Africa map -  The partion of Africa.

Africa map – The partion of Africa. (Photo credit: Wilfraco)

English: Seal of the United States Court of Ap...

English: Seal of the United States Court of Appeal for the Fifth Circuit. As indicated below, this image is a work of the United States Government and under copyright protection is not available for any work of the U.S. government. Image available here on the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit website. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

second desk at megs/corecomm

second desk at megs/corecomm (Photo credit: wjr)

Internet service providers dialup prepaid card...

Internet service providers dialup prepaid cards, Saint Petersburg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was thinking, why is it that we need an internet connection to connect with each other?

We used to have radios and we’d put in batteries and put it into a socket and we had music, talking heads, news, etc.  We also had transistor radios, which didn’t need to be plugged into a socket, just needed batteries.   And how about t.v., we need batteries and an antenna and we  connect to a world of music, pictures, movies, talking heads again, news, etc.  And we had portable t.v.s we carried around.

So why is it that we need internet service to connect to our computers?  Why is it that we need internet service to connect to other people?  Why can’t we just plug  our computers into a socket and go. No worrying about someone getting into our internet service, or being disconnected from the internet because we forgot to pay our bill?  I’m sure there must be a way to be able to connect to a computer without internet access?  Did the 1% decide not to make the internet available to everyone, and that’s why we can’t just plug-in?  The 1% want to make sure that if we use the internet, we have to pay through the nose.

And the internet just seems to be so slow. I’ve read that the U.S. has the slowest internet system, even Africa has faster internet service than we do?  It doesn’t make sense to me,  the United States is supposed to be the most advanced nation, but it’s internet service is the slowest in the world.  Something’s up. And what’s up, is the 1%  don’t want to spend money to improve our connections.

Or does internet service have something to do with the government keeping track of us?  If  we just plug-in a computer, it’s hard for the government to keep track of us.  With internet service, the government is able to keep track of us through the internet.  It’s just like putting a chip into someone.  With a chip, the government can keep track. It can track us anywhere we go.  If we just plug into a socket, not able to track us.  Who would have thought?!!!

Sneaky, sneaky government.  Not surprised.  Maybe  I’m just stupid?

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Gang Stalking – Hidden cameras in your apartment.

hidden • cameras

hidden • cameras (Photo credit: origamidon)

Bomber Jacket

Bomber Jacket (Photo credit: lymanzerga7285

Today, I went around covering all the computer connections in the wall. The person who lived here before me had a lot of them.  I also looked up at the ceiling trying to find any cameras installed in my apartment. I could find no cameras in the ceiling, but then I decided to go into my kitchen, and it just happened that the  light over the oven hit my kitchen light in the ceiling.  I  don’t know why, but it suddenly hit me that that’s where a camera could be installed.

I stood on one of my kitchen chairs and took a really good look  at the light.  There, on the side of the light, is something that looks like a camera. It’s installed inside the light and it looks into my kitchen and living room.  The light I have looks like half a globe and is translucent.  I knew there was a camera somewhere, but it never occurred to me that it was inside my kitchen light.  I should have known that’s where it’s hidden.  I noticed when I pass open doors in the complex, that everyone has a fan in their kitchen, but all the targets have lights in the kitchen area.  That should have been my first clue  to where the camera is. I immediately got some tape and covered the camera. I would remove the camera, but it’s too high for me. The most I can do is put a lot of tape over the camera.

In my old apartment, the camera was hidden in the fan, and I found it.  I guess they didn’t want to take a chance on me finding the camera if I had a fan.  So instead, a light was put in.

I’m warning you about this, because I’m sure they probably have a camera hidden somewhere in your fan, or lights, or it could be somewhere else.  That’s why I keep warning you to always be on the lookout for anything being out-of-place. One day something is not there, next day a camera.  So check your apartment carefully for cameras.  Check your ceilings, lights, walls, sockets, oven, anything and everything.

Before I went out today, I tried on my bomber jacket. But I decided I’d just wear my brown hoodie instead because  I thought the bomber jacket would be too warm.  I go out, and what do I see?  All the perps are wearing bomber jackets, so I knew there had to be a hidden camera  in my apartment.  I didn’t wear the jacket out and no one should have known what I was wearing today.

As always, the perps following their Nazi bosses’ orders.

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