Gang Stalking – Americans partners in crime with U.S. government.

For  those who want to know about the suit filed against National Security Agency by Electronic Frontier Foundation(EFF), this is what I found out.  There’s been no ruling.  The government would not release the information.  The Justice Department stated that only the FISCA Court can release the information on the spying.  The Justice Department cannot release this information.  And the Justice Department asked that it be given more time to respond to the Freedom of Information (FOIA) request by EFF. And so the Justice Department has till July 7, 2013 to respond.

Even now, the Justice Department doesn’t want any information to get out about what they’re doing to American citizens. It  gives out  information on phones calls that are kept for future use, but doesn’t dare say anything about the atrocities a lot of Americans are suffering.  The Justice Department knows that if this information gets out, there will be hell to pay.  All the crooked politicians will be running for cover, as will the President.  Hacking citizen phones is nothing compared to mistreating Americans 24/7, 365 days a year.

But then again, most Americans know what’s going on. They’re partners in crime with the government.  They know what they’re doing to us targets is wrong.  Any human being with any sense of right knows what’s being done to us is WRONG!  But they rather hide their heads in the sand and convince themselves that what the government tells them to do is the right thing.

Haven’t these idiots ever heard of the Holocaust and how it began? It began exactly the way we targets get treated.  A whispering campaign against a neighbor.  And then another neighbor. And more and more neighbors.  Eventually, all the neighbors became targets.  These neighbors really created their own Holocaust.  If  the neighbors had refused to spy on their neighbors and told the government that it wasn’t their job to spy on others, the Holocaust might not have occurred.  But, as with the people today, they convinced themselves  of their importance.  The importance made them blind to what was happening around them. And it is the same way today with the people who harass us every minute of the day. They feel so important.

But maybe one day, they will become victims, too.   And then, they’ll know  what hell they created.  When that day comes, I will not sympathize with any of them.  They knew what they were doing, but refused to see what was in front of their eyes. To refuse to see what’s in front of one’s eyes makes a person as guilty as their handlers.

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8 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Americans partners in crime with U.S. government.

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      • Well even if it doesn’t, no one can say when we’re dead, that we did nothing. And if we end up in a camp, no one will be able to blame us. We would have that satisfaction at least.

          • That’s all some of the holocaust victims had to claim, but some of those people are remembered and appreciated now. At least that’s something, but with technology the way it is, maybe we can make a little difference. The people Hitler killed didn’t have the internet to warn people with. Sure there are still so many idiots out there but there might be hope. The people Obummer is trying to hurt can still network. As long as I can, I’m going to keep squawking!

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