Gang Stalking – Edward Snowden, have a safe journey.

Well, the Edward Snowden saga continues.  He’s the man who became a whistle-blower and told the world what the National Security Agency is doing to Americans.

He’s no longer in Hong Kong.  Hong Kong would not arrest him because the Justice Department didn’t sent it the required information .  He’s now in Russia and will head to Cuba.  From Cuba, he’s going to Ecuador.  All these countries don’t seem to have extradition policies with the U.S.  Edward Snowden asked Ecuador for asylum and Ecuador approved it.

And he also got some help from Julian Assange.  Julian Assange is the Wikipedia owner who’s in hiding from the British government.  He’s taken refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy.  If he steps out of the Ecuadorian Embassy, he’s subject to arrest by the British government. And once  the British government gets its hands on him it will deport him to the U.S., where he will probably be put on trial and  end up in jail.

Now Edward Snowden is a target like many of us, except he did something, we didn’t do anything.  Not a G-d damn thing. Now that makes three people who will be going on trial, or are already on trial. There’s Bradley Manning, Julian Assange and now Edward Snowden.  All people who felt the U.S. was committing crimes against other countries or on their own citizens and let the world know.

Things in the U.S. have certainly changed.  Who would have thought that, like other countries, the U.S. would  try to control citizens and mold them into zombies?

It used to be people were anxious to get into the U.S. and were hungary enough to do anything to leave their country to gain freedom.  Now, people are leaving the U.S. to get away from a corrupt government who spies on its citizens.

Pretty soon, people will be going to other countries to get away from invasion of privacy by the U.S. government. They will be seeking asylum in countries like Ecuador, Venezuela, Russia, even China, etc.

Finally, “1984” has come to the U.S.  It’s been happening for a while, but no one’s paid attention.  Americans still believe all the lies the U.S. government has been telling them.  It took the courage of Edward Snowden to get some Americans to wake up. A lot of Americans still feel that the spying going on by America is perfectly all right.  It just tells me that these people don’t understand what freedom means. It does not mean that your country spies on you, even if it’s only keeping track of phone calls.  From hacking their phones calls, it will lead to other spying.  Spying into their homes, workplace, while walking around, etc.  This is what a little spying eventually leads to.

And I know what it’s like to be spied on. They’ve spied on me  for four years.  They spy on me at home, outside, store, doctor’s office, library, walking, etc.  There’s nowhere I can go that I’m not followed.  This is what life will be like for all those people who think a little spying is “no problem.”

So, if this is what the American people want to accept, there’s really nothing I can do about it. I’ve tried warning Americans since 2010 on what’s occurring in the U.S., but I’ve gotten nowhere.  It’s lead to my life becoming a living hell. And to have Edward Snowden back  me up on what’s been happening in the U.S. is the best news ever! He’s definitely a hero.  I hope he gets to Ecuador safely and leads a good life. And I hope he continues to speak out on what’s really happening to American citizens.

I wish him a safe journey and keeping my fingers crossed until I know he’s safe.  Good luck, Edward Snowden!

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18 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Edward Snowden, have a safe journey.

  1. Today in Brooklyn Center I had an officer who had driven 15 miles from mpls in order to ask if I was ok. I replied yes then he proceeded to ask was I geting on the bus because he claimed from an anonymous tip he was informed that I may have needed assistance I replied no so he the officer proceded to ask which bus I was going to board because I was at a bus stop. I replied I would rather not respond. He The Officer Metro Transit Police D. Cockrell then proceeded to take my state ID insisting on it after I offer a picture ID with my name . Metro Transit Police offercer D. Cockrell then proceeded to write down my State ID information the Liscense number , my birthdate etc…… I asked why did he do that when he had my card in hand whereby he could have easily orally tramited the ID in order to run it. I suspect this officer in helping the gang stalkers to tear down my ID by either getting a cellphone to impersonater myself or to use the info for fake ID or just plain Fackbook hijacking someway. These people in Minneapolis and the surrounding cities are so addicted to gang stalking that it seems like a matrix of demonically crazy gang stalking addicts that seek out new victims similar to the movie.

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  3. The people I really hate are these Un American Cowards which have sprung up that say “you shouldn’t worry if you have nothing to hide”. They need to go suck a C**k. They miss the point. Most ti’s have nothing to hide but things are made up about them or they will dredge shit up from 100 years ago to get you. This country was built on the idea (supposedly) that freedom means you can think anything, believe anything, DO anything (within reason), and be defended doing it. There was never that kind of freedom here but the oppressors were less organized so if you got far away enough you could be free, sort of. Technology, psychiatry and other modern “sciences” have made slaves of us all. The increased knowledge was used for evil not good.

    • I couldn’t agree with you. We know what’s going on and we’re trying to warn other Americans, but it’s for naught. They don’t want to listen. They just want to be “safe.” Well, they can be safe, but they’ll also be less free, have cameras in their homes, watched everybody they go, be strip searched at the airport, their phones listened into, etc. When people said they’ve done nothing and they’re not afraid of what the government finds out about them are the stupidest people around.

  4. Snowden belongs to the club and all human and other rights apply in his case… he cannot be gangstalked… like you and I… Difference is if you or I try to move anywhere in the World we will be gangstalked… All UN countries have the same system… We don’t belong to the club…

    • That’s true. Wherever we go, we’ll be victims again. He got noticed because he did it from another country. And other countries just love hearing that the U.S. is not the bastion of freedom it says it is.

    • Some whistleblowers are on the gang Stalking list. He could end up being GS’ed too. I hope he doesn’t. He doesn’t deserve what we’re going through.

      • Snowden belongs to the club (call it the Illuminati club, I call it Illuminati/psychiatrists club), one can’t work for organizations like NSA and have access to top secret documents if he wasn’t… he can’t be gangstalked like a real targets (who don’t belong) are… (most people in developed countries these days belong… most if not all inherited it… some don’t even realize…). They’d probably declared him insane and locked him up in a mental institution if he didn’t belong… police/government have it in their records who belongs and who doesn’t – who has his/her “human rights” guaranteed and who doesn’t… that’s how modern World functions…

        • If he was one of them he wouldn’t have done what he did and the US government wouldn’t be calling him a traitor and going out to kill him.

  5. Great post. Yes Snowden is a hero and I wish him safety and freedom also. The govt. can learn so much about us now from spying that they think, with the help of biometrics, some of us are actually “replaceable”. That is the real nightmare and I am wondering if Snowden has knowledge of this. Godspeed to him!

    • Oh, Canada is just as bad as the U.S. And so is England and a lot of other countries. What’s happening to us is happening to a lot of people all over the world. I never believed in the Illuminati, but now I do.

      • Yes, they might be called Illuminati in US, in some other countries they’re called some kind of psychiatrists… If you belong to the club you are allowed to do and be whatever you want in
        life, if you don’t you might become a victim of mind control / experimentation
        and gangstalking… police/government has records who belongs and who doesn’t…

        I believe that the only way to get out is to become one of them – no-one
        targeted ever done it but there is the chance – only then one would get a chance
        to complain to the police and sue the country he/she is living at for enormous
        compensation and get his/her human rights… you see why there are slim chances
        of that to happen…

  6. This man is the BEGINNING of THE END of ELECTRONIC MONITORING…soon…there will be no more INTERNET…BC…this has seta chain reaction…like DOMINOS… and it can’t be TAKEN BACK….THANK GOD

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