Gang Stalking – Americans, wake up before it’s too late!!!!


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Las Vegas Review-Journal

Las Vegas Review-Journal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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I feel as if I’ve been away forever.  The perps destroyed my computer, so I decided to get rid of it.  I put the computer in the oven, heated oven up and put my computer in.  The computer burned to a crisp.  This way, the perps can’t get any information from my computer.  I bought a second-hand computer. It cost as much as when I repair my computer.  Maybe from now, I’ll just go out and buy a second-hand computer instead of trying to get my computer fixed.  I’m sure my computer’s hacked as I write.

I’ve missed being in touch with all of you.  I really missed you.  And WordPress changed its look.  I like it.  I like the black on the left side. Cool.

Since I had no computer and couldn’t type anything (I could have gone to the library, but the thought of going into  that place made me sick to my stomach.), I went over to the Las Vegas Review Journal to tell it about my harassment by U.S. government. Well, that turned out to be a bad idea.

As with the ACLU, the newspapers know about what’s going on, too.  You would think the press would be removed from having contact with government, but the press is also in the pockets of the government. No wonder we can’t get anyone to help us!

Anyway, I walked over to the Las Vegas Review Journal‘s office.  There was a receptionist at the front desk.  As soon as she saw me, she walked over to the elevator and locked it.  Can you believe it?  Then in her phony voice she asked me if she could help me. I told her I was interested in talking to one of the journalist.  She asked what it was about.  I told her I was a victim of government spying.  In her sweetest voice she said to me, “Well, I’ll call one of the reporters upstairs and find out if she’ll help you.”   She got off the phone and gave me an extension to call and directed me to a phone.  I walked over to the phone, dialed the number and explained to the person on the phone why I was calling.  She replied, “Well, we’re not doing  more stories on government spying anymore.”  I said, “Well, I’ve written a blog on what’s been happening to me the last four years” and I told her the name of my blog.  And she said, “Well, give me your number and if we’re interested I’ll be in touch with you.”  As I was walking out the receptionist’s area, I noticed there was a plaque from the ACLU stating that it was given for human rights stories. What a laugh!  As I was reading the plaque, a woman came in to look me over, wearing the perp colors, and she left right away.

I haven’t heard from the Las Vegas Review Journal and know I never will.

So the newspapers are in on it, too.

And the answers coming out of the White House about National Security Agency (NSA) gathering only numbers and nothing else, is such a lie.  I don’t know how a President can come out and just outright lie, and all those lying government officials make me sick, too.  They’ll admit to gathering phone numbers so the American people will think that they’re doing nothing else.  But we targets know the real dark truth of what’s going on with spying on American citizens.

To me, Edward  Snowden is my new hero. He’s the man who leaked the information on how the government is collecting phone information on all Americans.  Dick Cheney called him a traitor.  If anyone is a traitor, it’s Cheney. It was Bush and Cheney who began all the spying on American citizens.   They’re should both be in jail.  And I feel sorry for Edward Snowden. Can you imagine what they’re going to do to him?  He’s a real patriot in my opinion. He’s like the patriots from the Revolutionary War who fought to gain freedom for Americans from Britain.

And the American people, from all the polls I’ve seen, seem satisfy with the answers Obama has given the American people on spying.  And they’re willing to have  government gather information on them.

When will the American people wake up?  When?  Do they have to be put in prison and have their rights taken away before they see what’s going on around them?

WAKE UP, AMERICA!  You’re being duped.  Edward Snowden is telling the truth.  Listen to him and others like me who are trying to wake you up before it’s too late.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you!!!

P.S. They’re hacking my computer already.  The perps kept the SIM card that comes with the computer. I just noticed it today while typing my blog.

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17 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Americans, wake up before it’s too late!!!!

  1. Just have to comment on the use of your Oven :))) You made me laugh when I read it! Thanks for that! Very good way to destroy all hard drive evidence 007 😉

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  3. Welcome back! Sorry to hear you’re still having trouble. I hope the perps enjoyed the smell of the melting computer (not) I hope that really p****d them off!

  4. Go to free wi fi… Do your work…don’t sabstoge…that way they win ….put a sign in your window about electronic monitoring… See if they still hang around …get creative…fight back…I am on your side honey….stay strong…

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