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Gang Stalking – new video from Edward Snowden on NSA spying on New Zealand.

Another video from Edward Snowden. The NSA is spying on New Zealand citizens. – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaDpwDJobMY

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Gang Stalking – Your bag of potato chips is spying on you.

Guess what? You thought only government was spying on you! Get rid of that idea. MIT experimented with a bag of potato chips and discovered that the vibrations from the bag can let them know what someone is saying. Would you believe? I wonder what else gives off vibrations (that’s a stupid comment. a lot of things give off vibrations. ) . Pretty soon we won’t have privacy anywhere, not that we do now, but it’s going to get worse!  Here’s a video that tells you how it’s done. And get rid of that potato chip bag!


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***Laura Poitras: Surveillance Teach-In***

Bill Binney’s in this video. I’ve written about him before. He used to be a former NSA worker who told about what is happening in the U.S. and the FBI broke into his home while he was in the shower and arrested him. Watch the video.

P.S.  I couldn’t finish watching this video.  When it got to the point where the woman begins to ask a question, they mess around with the video and I can’t hear it beyond that point. So anyone who watches the video, please tell me what question she, and others asked. They also turned the video off and the voice, so please let me know what went on beyond 50 point. It’s a MUST WATCH video. Thanks.



Published on Sep 11, 2012
In this Surveillance Teach-In, award-winning filmmaker Laura Poitras is joined by computer security expert and privacy advocate Jacob Appelbaum and National Security Agency whistle-blower Bill Binney to present an artistic and practical commentary on living in the contemporary Panopticon.

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Gang Stalking – Americans partners in crime with U.S. government.

For  those who want to know about the suit filed against National Security Agency by Electronic Frontier Foundation(EFF), this is what I found out.  There’s been no ruling.  The government would not release the information.  The Justice Department stated that only the FISCA Court can release the information on the spying.  The Justice Department cannot release this information.  And the Justice Department asked that it be given more time to respond to the Freedom of Information (FOIA) request by EFF. And so the Justice Department has till July 7, 2013 to respond.

Even now, the Justice Department doesn’t want any information to get out about what they’re doing to American citizens. It  gives out  information on phones calls that are kept for future use, but doesn’t dare say anything about the atrocities a lot of Americans are suffering.  The Justice Department knows that if this information gets out, there will be hell to pay.  All the crooked politicians will be running for cover, as will the President.  Hacking citizen phones is nothing compared to mistreating Americans 24/7, 365 days a year.

But then again, most Americans know what’s going on. They’re partners in crime with the government.  They know what they’re doing to us targets is wrong.  Any human being with any sense of right knows what’s being done to us is WRONG!  But they rather hide their heads in the sand and convince themselves that what the government tells them to do is the right thing.

Haven’t these idiots ever heard of the Holocaust and how it began? It began exactly the way we targets get treated.  A whispering campaign against a neighbor.  And then another neighbor. And more and more neighbors.  Eventually, all the neighbors became targets.  These neighbors really created their own Holocaust.  If  the neighbors had refused to spy on their neighbors and told the government that it wasn’t their job to spy on others, the Holocaust might not have occurred.  But, as with the people today, they convinced themselves  of their importance.  The importance made them blind to what was happening around them. And it is the same way today with the people who harass us every minute of the day. They feel so important.

But maybe one day, they will become victims, too.   And then, they’ll know  what hell they created.  When that day comes, I will not sympathize with any of them.  They knew what they were doing, but refused to see what was in front of their eyes. To refuse to see what’s in front of one’s eyes makes a person as guilty as their handlers.

P.S. I couldn’t post any pictures today.  They did something to my Zemanta settings. This is where I get my photos.

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Gang Stalking – How many terrorist acts has the National Security Agency created?

English: Brooklyn Bridge, as seen from the Man...

National Security Agency Seal

National Security Agency Seal (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

I just discovered the perps were in my apartment and tore my dictionary.  They torn the first five pages, and folded over a section which pointed to medical, and the section under the folded section pointed to doctor.  I guess the crazies are trying to tell me that I need a doctor.  If anyone needs a doctor, it’s those evil sub-humans who would break into someone’s apartment and take apart a dictionary.  They also tore the binding which holds the pages together. I’m glad I didn’t pay too much for the dictionary. I’ve learned my lesson a long time ago about buying anything expensive.  Oh, I’m sure they thought it was a funny thing to do.

Every day when I wake up, I think “what will the jerks do to me today?”  Right away, I want to get back in bed and sleep all day.  But I force myself to get up, take a shower, put on some make-up, make breakfast and get ready for whatever miserable things come my way.  No freak is going to defeat me!

I hope the investigations on the National Security Agency continue.  And I also hope Snowden gets out of Hong Kong and can get to a safe country where he’ll be allowed to tell the truth on what’s really happening to American citizens.  To listen to all those politicians tell it, there’s nothing going on in the U.S. except phone records kept and never looked at.  If anyone, anywhere believes the garbage the U.S. government is letting out, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you.

All the politicians are all the television trying to smear Edward Snowden’s name.  How he’s an egomaniac, crazy, an enemy of the U.S., etc.  But it’s not looking good for the politicians.  The only people who believe the politicians are all the American sheep who think spying is good to keep America safe.

With all the internet spying that the U.S. is doing, other countries are thinking twice about doing business with the U.S.  They don’t want the U.S. spying on them.  And I can’t blame them.

The National Security Agency stated that they prevented fifty terrorist acts by spying.  My question is, how many terrorist acts did they create?  I’m sure that if we got a look at all the information the NSA has that we would discover a lot of the names on the list were victims of government targeting.  The NSA created the terrorist. And every day, it creates more of them.

I hope the press continues to investigate the National Security Agency and the truth comes out about what the government is doing to innocent American citizens.

As I’ve written before, nothing lasts forever;  the truth will eventually come out about the National Security Agency and what it’s really doing.

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Gang Stalking – U.S. government, you don’t know what the word “freedom” means.


Freedom (Photo credit: Clearly Ambiguous)


Freedom (Photo credit: Bohman)

American Legion Freedom Bell

American Legion Freedom Bell (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

The western front of the United States Capitol...

The western front of the United States Capitol. The Capitol serves as the seat of government for the United States Congress, the legislative branch of the U.S. federal government. It is located in Washington, D.C., on top of Capitol Hill at the east end of the National Mall. The building is marked by its central dome above a rotunda and two wings. It is an exemplar of the Neoclassical architecture style. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The hackers are at my computer again. They always are, but now they’re really serious.  Every day when I turn on my computer, I don’t know if I’ll find anything in it.  Lately, they like removing everything from it.  But I’ve learned a lot about computers in the last six months and they’re having problems taking me off.  But if I should suddenly disappear from site, you’ll know why.

The last two weeks have been fantastic for us targets. More and more information is leaking out about spying on American citizens.

For a long time, I’ve had to deal with people telling me that government spying was not happening to me.  That I should go to some mental health clinic and get help for my paranoid. No one believed me when I told them the government was hacking my phone, computer, video cam.  Now, they can’t say it’s not happening, because it’s also happening to them.  The gates are half-open for us to get out the information about our harassment by government.  We have to take advantage of the opening given us before it closes and we lose our way in. Now if you tell someone about your harassment, they might believe you.  It takes people time to open their minds as to government harassment.  Keep telling everyone you know what’s happening. Don’t be afraid to come across as crazy.  We have to strike while the newspapers are writing about  government spying.

The government tells everyone we targets are criminals.  That they have to watch us every minute.  If anyone is a criminal, it is the U.S. government.  The government is the terrorist, not us.  We haven’t done a damn thing!  We’re innocent victims of a government gone spy  crazy. The government is committing a crime against us.  The crime of taking away our freedom.

The government has taken away a lot of our rights. The 6th Amendment is one. We haven’t been told what crime we’ve committed.  We haven’t been given a trial, and the 6th Amendment states that no American can be punished without a trial. We’re being punished without having our day in court in front of a jury. We’ve been tried in absentia.

Years of our lives have been taken away from us.  Years that we can no longer get back. We’ve missed opportunities to make our life better because of government spying. A lot of us are broke, and the government’s turned our families against us. They’ve made places we live into war zones.

I will never, ever trust the government again.

A lot of innocent people killed themselves, or  killed others because of  harassment  by government flunkies.

U.S. government, do you have anything to be proud about?  Don’t you feel any guilt for what you’ve done to innocent people? In my opinion, U.S. government, you don’t deserve to call yourself  a free nation. U.S. government, you’ve made government into a thing not to trust.

U.S. government, you talked a good game about freedom, but it was nothing but lies you fed us Americans.  You are as bad as China, Russia, Egypt and all those totalitarian governments. But U.S. government, you’re worse.  You’re worse because you preached freedom.

U.S. government, you should learn what the word “freedom” really means. Maybe you should Google what the word “freedom” really means.  You obviously don’t know what the word means.

Well, maybe, just maybe, our day has come to gain our freedom back.

We targets will never be the people we were. We’ve all changed. But we’ve learned a few things about ourselves.  We’ve learned what the word “freedom” really means. No one will ever fool us by using the word freedom loosely.  We’ve also learned how strong we targets really are.  In spite of the horrific things you’ve done to us, we’re survivors.  We’ve learned not to take an ordinary day for granted, because an ordinary day is a spectacular day.

U.S. government, you thought you’d beat us into the ground.  But we’re all here ready to tell our story about what you’ve done to us.  We will tell and re-tell our experiences to anyone who will listen to us. We don’t want this to happen to anyone ever again.

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Gang Stalking – William (Bill) Binney is a hero.

English: The Seal of the United States Federal...

English: The Seal of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation. For more information, see here. Español: El escudo del Buró Federal de Investigaciones (FBI). Para obtener más información, véase aquí (Inglés). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have any of you heard of   William (Bill) Binney?  He used  to be an intelligence agent.  He’s the cryptomathemetician credited with creating the program Thin Thread.  He created the code to spy on other countries by  turning their coded emails and phone calls  into what the code really meant.

He spied only on other  countries, not on  Americans.  That is, until after 9/11. He noticed other agents were spying on Americans.  Bill Binney didn’t think it was right to spy on Americans, and he said so.  He got in touch with Senate intelligence leaders and told them it wasn’t right what the NSA agents were doing; that the agents were messing with First Amendment rights of American citizens.  He also got in touch with Nancy Pelosi and told her what was going on.  She in turn tried to get in touch with Senate intelligence leaders and find out what was going on.  But Pelosi didn’t find out too much.

It was under President Bush that the spying began.  Bush allowed agents to spy on Americans without getting a warrant. It was a requirement that any time an agent spied on an American,  a warrant was necessary.  But Bush ignored the rules and let the agents spy on Americans without getting a warrant.

Bill Binney did not like what was happening, and quit NSA, and let it be known that he wasn’t happy with what Bush was allowing to happen.

One day, Bill Binney was home taking a shower, and his son was in the living room.  Some FBI agents broke into his house, pushed his son out-of-the-way, went into the shower and took Binney out  naked.  The FBI wanted to know if he knew about any intelligence crimes being committed.  Bill Binney told the FBI about what the President and other agents were doing.  The FBI began hacking into Binney’s phone calls and emails, and the FBI began  keeping track of whatever Binney did.  One day, the FBI entered his home and stole all his intelligence files.

Bill Binney knows what the government is doing to citizens and speaks up when he can on television.  Bill Binney has made it his life’s work to continue speaking up for the rights of American citizens.

He’ll be going to trial soon to get back his intelligence documents from the FBI, and speak out about what is going on.

I tried to upload some of the videos on Bill Binney, but my computer wouldn’t work.  So Bill Binney is sort of hero of mine. He said that if he dies fighting for American citizens, he’ll be happy.

If you want to see William  (Bill) Binney videos, google his name and find out what he’s all about.  We have a man who knows what’s going on and wants to fight for us.  How many other  men are willing to do this?  Not many.

Bill Binney knows what’s happening to us and is willing to stick out his neck out for us.  Maybe his speaking out will finally free all the targets.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – When did it become a crime to own a bat?

Today, I went grocery shopping. On my way home, I had a loaf of bread sticking out of my bag. I didn’t give any thought to the bread sticking out of the bag.

I got home and began to get ready for bed. It takes me a while to prepare for bed. I have to surround myself with things that protect me. I was home about two hours, when someone knocked on my door. I asked, ” Who is it?”  It was the apartment manager.  So I opened the door. She asked me if I had a bat. I said, “what! Do I have a bat?” No. She continued to ask me if I had a bat, all the time bending down to look into my eyes. She’s 5′ ll” , and I’m shorter. But, anyway, she kept looking into my eyes. I guess she was looking for a sign that perhaps I had a bat, and told I’m so violent, she was  looking to see if I was showing any signs of violence. She asked me several times if I had a bat. I kept replying no. And I asked her, “Who said I was carrying a bat?” She wouldn’t tell me. She finally left.

I remembered that I had a loaf of bread sticking out of my bag. Someone with poor eyesight thought I was carrying a bat. And, anyway, what if I had a bat? What business is it of theirs? Were they going to call the police on me because I had a bat? There’s no law against me having a bat. It really makes me angry I have to put up with b.s. like this. Every little thing I do gets reported to the apartment manager. I can’t even carry a loaf of bread home. It’s reported as me having a bat. And, again, what business is it of theirs if I do have a bat? There’s no law that says I can’t have a bat.  It’s none of their  f–king business.  Next time she knocks on my door, I’m not opening it.  She can call the police if she likes.  I’m sick of her spying on me all the time.  I’ve decided to buy myself a bat for protection.  Now tell me I can’t have a bat!

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