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Gang Stalking – This is the way the Holocaust began

I can’t  sit anywhere. Every time I sit somewhere someone reports me. This morning I was sitting in the back of a building, to hide from the perps, when I saw an old man coming my way.  I put my cap over my  eyes so I wouldn’t have to look at him.  A few minutes later, a security guard taps me on the back.  She said,   “Miss, you can’t sit here.”  I got up and the guard continued on her way.  I saw  the same old geezer  run  after her and give  her a “thumbs up”,  and  he had a big smile on his face. This happens to me a lot. I remember one time I bought a pizza and I was really hungry.  So I stopped, opened the box and took a big bite of the pizza. I intended to just take a bite, but was so hungry, I continued to eat the pizza. Within a few minutes, a tap on my shoulder. I thought it was a perp, so I paid no attention.  Someone came around to my front. I looked up and it was a security guard.  I saw the security guard looking toward his left and shaking his head. I turned around and there was a man and a woman sitting in their car laughing. I’m sure the two reported me. The security guard told me I had to leave the area. He said it was private property and no one’s  supposed to stand around in he area.  I’d  just bought the pizza and was in front of the restaurant, so I had every right to stand there. I was not loitering. The security  guard told me that if I didn’t move, he’d have to call the police. I thought of arguing with him, but decided not to waste my breath. There were plenty of other people standing around the property, but they were not told to leave. Another time, on  holiday, I sat on the library steps. The library closed for the holiday and no one was around.  Within a few minutes, the security guard came out and told me I had to leave.  I’ve seen many people sitting on the library steps and no one’s  ever told them to leave.  This is discrimination.  If no one’s  supposed to stand or sit  around these areas, how come I’m the only one they harass?

These are three incidents I mentioned, but this sort of thing happens to me weekly.  I can’t  stand anywhere, sit  anywhere, eat anywhere, etc. without some creep bothering me.  This is the way  the Holocaust began – Turning neighbors against neighbors, spying on neighbors, reporting  neighbors. No one believed what  was  happening then and no one believes it today.

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Gang Stalking – I will never trust the American people again.

Fox News Channel

Fox News Channel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, there’s a different spin on the story of Miriam Carey, the woman shot by police in Washington, D.C.  CNN has a video of an eyewitness account of Miriam Carey’s baby taken out of the car before the cops shot her. If they could stop the car long enough to take out the baby, why couldn’t they take her out of the car, too? It just seems a little strange to me.

On my way to the library, I had a woman threaten to beat me up. I told her if she touched me with even one finger, I’d call the cops.  Of course, I wouldn’t call those useless cops, they’d put all the blame on me.   And I had all those brain dead people following me around.  All wearing a style, color, doing something I do, etc.  It takes a  lot of  brain power to imitate someone.  They’re all like monkeys.  Monkey see, monkey do.  I think, though, that monkeys are way smarter than these people.  I can’t imagine spending my life just waiting to have someone call me so I can imitate someone, or stand around looking like an idiot.  They just love standing around wearing a color I wear, or imitating something I do.  What an exciting life! It just proves what idiots they all are.

Fox News also mentioned something about Miriam Carey having the same thing happen to her as Alexis, I can’t remember his last name, the man shot in Washington recently.  Fox mentioned that her death had something to do with electromagnetism.

And, of course, everything’s blamed on mental illness.  The government can do anything to anyone and all it has to do is mention the words “mental illness” and everybody will shake his/her  head and accept what the government says. That’s the favorite word of the government lately.  And the government comes across as being innocent of any wrong doing.  Yeah, corrupt to the bone the government is.  I will never, never trust the government again in my life. Never!  Nor, will I ever put my trust in the American public.  What’s happening to us wouldn’t be happening without the consent of  the people. Just as happened in Germany.  Without the consent of the people in Germany, there wouldn’t have been a Holocaust if they hadn’t gone along with what the government wanted them to do.  I know saying this about the people of Germany is controversial, but it’s the truth.  Nothing really happens without the consent of the people. And this is true of every country. I can’t believe that the American people are so stupid, but they are.

By the way. there are even more people(I use the word loosely) at the library today. There must be over 100 of them. And the hackers are just having a good, old time trying to mess with my blog. It proves that the librarians give them all access to any computer I’m using.

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Gang Stalking – Americans partners in crime with U.S. government.

For  those who want to know about the suit filed against National Security Agency by Electronic Frontier Foundation(EFF), this is what I found out.  There’s been no ruling.  The government would not release the information.  The Justice Department stated that only the FISCA Court can release the information on the spying.  The Justice Department cannot release this information.  And the Justice Department asked that it be given more time to respond to the Freedom of Information (FOIA) request by EFF. And so the Justice Department has till July 7, 2013 to respond.

Even now, the Justice Department doesn’t want any information to get out about what they’re doing to American citizens. It  gives out  information on phones calls that are kept for future use, but doesn’t dare say anything about the atrocities a lot of Americans are suffering.  The Justice Department knows that if this information gets out, there will be hell to pay.  All the crooked politicians will be running for cover, as will the President.  Hacking citizen phones is nothing compared to mistreating Americans 24/7, 365 days a year.

But then again, most Americans know what’s going on. They’re partners in crime with the government.  They know what they’re doing to us targets is wrong.  Any human being with any sense of right knows what’s being done to us is WRONG!  But they rather hide their heads in the sand and convince themselves that what the government tells them to do is the right thing.

Haven’t these idiots ever heard of the Holocaust and how it began? It began exactly the way we targets get treated.  A whispering campaign against a neighbor.  And then another neighbor. And more and more neighbors.  Eventually, all the neighbors became targets.  These neighbors really created their own Holocaust.  If  the neighbors had refused to spy on their neighbors and told the government that it wasn’t their job to spy on others, the Holocaust might not have occurred.  But, as with the people today, they convinced themselves  of their importance.  The importance made them blind to what was happening around them. And it is the same way today with the people who harass us every minute of the day. They feel so important.

But maybe one day, they will become victims, too.   And then, they’ll know  what hell they created.  When that day comes, I will not sympathize with any of them.  They knew what they were doing, but refused to see what was in front of their eyes. To refuse to see what’s in front of one’s eyes makes a person as guilty as their handlers.

P.S. I couldn’t post any pictures today.  They did something to my Zemanta settings. This is where I get my photos.

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Gang Stalking – God’s in hiding.

Creation of the Sun and Moon by Michelangelo, ...

Creation of the Sun and Moon by Michelangelo, face detail of God. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Don’t you just love being the center of attention every time you come into view?  Everywhere we go, people have to stop and stare at us.  They look at us as if we’re creatures from outer space.  And then they all begin talking to each other about us as if we’re not there.  The other day I went into a store and I heard a woman say, “Is that her?  What is she doing in here?”  Where the hell is it that I’m supposed to go if not into a store to buy something?  Did she mean I’m not suppose to show my face?  Am I suppose to stay out of sight?  Hide like a coward?  No, not me.  I will show my face and go wherever I want.  No one is going to force me to stay where they want me to stay.

I sometimes wonder where God is?  People tell me that God will save us, but he hasn’t shown his face in a long time.

No insult to anyone who’s religious, but where was God when 9/11 happened?  When all those innocent people became ashes.

Where was God when the Boston Marathon happened?

Where was God during the Holocaust?

Where was God a long time ago when thousands of American Indians were slaughtered?

Where is God now when millions of starving African children are dying?

I don’t want to put anyone’s religion down, but I have a problem believing that there’s a God.

Maybe God has given up on all of us.  Maybe he’s become tired of  all the b.s. he has to put up with.

I know I have.

Maybe God’s in hiding.  And I don’t blame him. I’d hide, too, if I were him.

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Gang Stalking – We targets are alone.

Seven Ways Apple Is Fleecing The American Sheeple

Seven Ways Apple Is Fleecing The American Sheeple (Photo credit: watchingfrogsboil)

Sheople Man

Sheople Man (Photo credit: AZRainman)


Sheeple (Photo credit: nofrendo)

Amerika, The Fourth Reich: Here's Your SAR Lis...

Amerika, The Fourth Reich: Here’s Your SAR List, Sheeple! (g1a2d0080c1) (Photo credit: watchingfrogsboil)

Bring Back My Happiness

Bring Back My Happiness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every day my life gets more and  more miserable.  I’m prevented from doing anything.  I can’t stand outside my apartment and enjoy some fresh air. I can’t really take a walk. They won’t let me get any sleep. They steal my food. Fill my apartment with pesticide.  Call me disgusting names.  Whenever I buy new shoes, they take them apart.  They rip my clothes. Fill my apartment with vermin.  All day and night, I’m hit with electricity.  They make fun of everything I say and do.  Tell me I’m ugly. There isn’t a minute of my day that someone isn’t abusing me in some way or another.

I can go on and on with the things they do to me, but the part that really bugs me, the perps make it seem that everything that happens to me I deserve.  Not only do I deserve what is happening to me, but they act as if  everything that they’re doing to me  is because I caused them to do it to me.  In other word, I’m being a bad human being and it’s all right for them to abuse me and make my life miserable.

What kind of dumbass people are these?  Can’t they think for themselves?  Can’t they see what they’re doing is wrong?  Can’t they see that what the government is telling them to do is not what a free government does do its people?   Only a totalitarian government abuses its people. A free government would never do what is being done to us targets. What do we  have to do to awaken the sheeple?

We targets live the most miserable of lives.  I don’t think there’s a target out there who’s living a happy life. No matter how hard we try to make our lives better, the perps are right there to make sure we don’t have any moments of happiness.  Whatever happiness we had in our lives is gone.  We really have nothing to look forward to from day-to-day.  Just more misery every day.

We can’t celebrate holidays, take a vacation, work at a decent job, have privacy, friends, family, enjoy a day at the park, take a decent shower, just sit and think.  No, this is denied to us.  All we ever get to feel is misery.  From the minute we get up, we’re abused.  That’s all we targets have to look forward to every day  is abuse and more abuse.  The world is not aware of what’s happening, and, frankly, I don’t think it cares.  Just as people didn’t care about the Holocaust,  no one  cares about  what we’re going through. No one paid attention then, and no one will pay attention now.

We targets are alone.  No one is going to help us.  I know it’s depressing to read what I wrote, but it’s the truth. We targets don’t have a lot of good options.

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Gang Stalking – What if all the crazy people never were?

Romani children in Auschwitz, victims of medic...

Romani children in Auschwitz, victims of medical experiments (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Seal of New York.

Seal of New York. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Buchenwald Corpses 07511

Buchenwald Corpses 07511 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Buchenwald Medical Experiments 80622

Buchenwald Medical Experiments 80622 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital 5

Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital 5 (Photo credit: spokospoko. look at photos.


When I was much younger, I remember always seeing crazy people around me.  I lived in New York, and there were always crazy people  no matter where I went.  These people would talk to themselves and say they heard voices. Of course, I was too young and listened to people tell me that they were loco.


Now, I look back to that time and  think “maybe those people weren’t crazy at all.”  Now, I’ve reached the stage where people get warnings about me and told  I’m crazy.  These people get a warning to  watch everything I do.  Even the children get warnings about me.   They’re told  to stay away from me, because, of course, I’m crazy.


And I think back to  all those years ago, perhaps all those crazy people  never were?  A lot of  people were put in mental hospitals and given all kinds of  medicines  that  supposedly cured their craziness.  And a lot of them were given lobotomies (which caused patients to become zombie-like).  It was very popular in the 1940s through the ’50s.


Perhaps all the “so-called crazies”  were very sane.


So many people  in the U.S. are put in prisons today because they’re thought to be crazy. We no longer put them in mental institutions.  And I think back to what happened during the Holocaust and how many people were put in mental wards and experimented on.  And it strikes me the same thing is happening with the “so-called crazies” here in the United States.


Just as people get warnings  that I’m crazy, the same thing probably happened to those innocent victims years ago. Then, there was no internet.   We targets are lucky today to have the internet, otherwise, there’d  be a lot more of us in institutions being  experimented on.  We’re experiments, but they can’t seem to find a way to put us in mental wards as they did in the old days.


Now the experimenters have to deal with people who know what’s going on and we fight back.  We fight back by going on the internet and informing others.  So a lot fewer people don’t enter mental wards and  take tranquilizing zombie pills.


And the psychiatrist who go along with whatever the government wants to do are crazier than the people who are “supposedly crazy.”


In my opinion, psychiatry is the biggest fraud in the history of  humanity. I think  half of them don’t  know what they’re doing. All these psychiatrists do is hand out tranquilizers like candy, and get paid helluva lot of money for doing it.  They’re all fakes. How can anyone take such idiots seriously?


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Gang Stalking – Gang stalking will end like the dinosaur it is.

Anne Frank: The Biography

A partial reconstruction of the barracks in th...

A partial reconstruction of the barracks in the concentration camp Westerbork where Anne Frank stayed from August to September 1944 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, the lowlifes are at it again.  They’re all outside playing loud music, drinking, laughing, and annoying everyone.  It’s amazing to me that no one in the complex complains.  I know the loud music must bother them, but not a peep out of anyone. I’m sure if I were to put on loud music, everybody in the complex would be running to the office to complain about me.

I’m glad I started writing this blog. I don’t know what I’d do  if I had no way of letting out my anger.  Writing this blog keeps me sane.  And it also helps others, I hope.

I like to write what’s happening to me every day, so that if someone discovers that strange things are happening to him/her, maybe they’ll run across my blog and realize that they’re not crazy.  That’s what they’re going through is not their imagination.

I often think of Anne Frank when I write my blog.  I think of her sitting in the attic where she lived and writing in her diary.  If Anne Frank hadn’t written in her diary, no one today would know anything  about what a holocaust victim suffered.  Because of Anne Frank’s diary, we know about the holocaust and Anne Frank.

And I’m not saying that what’s happening to us is as bad as what happened to Anne Frank, but who knows what our future holds.  Maybe FEMA camps?

And sometimes I think of the future.  I want my story to get out.  I want people to know what suffering I went through along with other targets.  I want people in the future to know that what happened to me can happen in the future.  I want people to never take their liberty for granted and guard it  like the gift it is, and fight for it.  I don’t want them to think government is honest, because it is not. The government does a lot of  things which are dishonest, and convinces people that what it is doing is for the good of the people.  And I want people in the future, not to trust the media.  Because the media does what the government tells it to do.  If the media was honest, we targets wouldn’t have to put up with what’s  happening to us. The media would have been in on the story and writing about it. I’m sure the media knows what’s happening to us, but very few are willing to write about it.  I can’t believe I ever trusted the government and the media.  How naïve I was!

I know gang stalking will eventually end.  Everything eventually ends.  The dinosaurs died. And gang stalking, like the dinosaur it is, will end, too.  I just hope I live long enough to see this horrible thing end, and see the agents of torture get their due.

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Gang Stalking – Corporate, mom and pop businesses, all involved with government.

Adolf Hitler in Yugoslavia.

Adolf Hitler in Yugoslavia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Image representing IBM as depicted in CrunchBase

I typed this on the 13th of November and wondered where it went. I finally found the blog, the hackers changed the date on my blog. They re-dated it November 1. They sure don’t want you to see this blog. I wonder why?

Some of the things the perps have done to me lately: tore my handbag handle; put fingerprints in a pot I had in my refrigerator; broke the handle on my pot; broke my faucet in the bathtub; put fingerprints all over my dining room table; put fingerprints all over my closet mirror; made holes in my dining room floor; stole my soap. I guess these are things they need for their own lives. I know none of them works, so they have to steal from us targets.

It is amazing to me that they get away with what they do to us. Day after day, someone gets into my apartment and does something in it. I blame the apartment complex for allowing them to be able to get into my apartment. They’re involved in what these good for nothings do every day.

But it’s always been that way. During the regime of the Nazis, a lot of companies helped in what happened to the Jewish people. IBM, Ford,Chrysler all helped the Germans to gather information on Jewish people. IBM especially helped the Germans on where Jewish people lived, how many of the there were, etc. These companies made it possible for the Holocaust to happen. All greedy bastards! They did it for the money. Some of them, though, did believe in doing away with the Jewish people, and were more than happy to help Hitler.

During the war, the Ford Company, even got a plaque from Hitler thanking Ford for its help in exterminating the Jews. And, today, none of these companies, seem to have learned anything. They’re still helping the government carry out an agenda of evil.

I would not shop at any of these corporate places, but I have no choice. It doesn’t matter if I go to a well-known company, or some little Mom and Pop store, they’re all involved in our harassment and know what the government is up to.

If I could grow my own vegetables, sew my own clothes, and be totally self-sufficient, none of these companies would get any of my money.

These companies are helping government with its agendas of harassing citizens all over the world. Because, believe me, this is happening everywhere.

And it’s happening to more and more people every day. And these people seem to be decent, honest, caring, hard-working. I don’t think the government is out there harassing criminals. They hire the criminals to go after the decent people.

So exactly what is the government’s agenda? How long will it be before all of us targets are set free of this hell we’re living.

Every company that is helping the government belongs in hell.

I read everywhere that we targets are part of a government experiment. An experiment for what? They didn’t experiment on the Jewish people. They just put them on trains and when they arrived at their destination put them in gas chambers. Except for blonde twins. They experimented on blonde twins to prove the lighter the color, the superior the people.

So why are they experimenting on us targets? And why were we chosen? Will any one of us ever be free? Or do we have to put up with harassment for the rest of our lives? Will anyone ever come to our defense?

The companies that follow the government’s agenda all deserve to be out of business; whether they’re corporate or Mom & Pop, we targets should do business with them as little as possible. It’s too bad we targets can’t get together and picket these companies.

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Gang Stalking – Who the hell gave U.S. Nazis the right to punish U.S. citizens?

Buchenwald Prisoners Nazis 13129
Buchenwald Prisoners Nazis 13129 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Soviet POWs standing before a barracks in Maut...

Soviet POWs standing before a barracks in Mauthausen Concentration Camp, Austria (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Holocaust memorial

Holocaust memorial (Photo credit: NH53)

victims of nazism and comunism

victims of nazism and comunism (Photo credit: omnia_mutantur)

IBM, Hitler and the Holocaust: A Terrible Tale...

IBM, Hitler and the Holocaust: A Terrible Tale of Capitalism Without Conscience (g1a2d0060c1) (Photo credit: watchingfrogsboil)

Today is July 4.  America’s Independence Day.  People get off from work, go on picnics, set off firecrackers, that is, if there isn’t a law against it.  Our “Nanny government” wants to make sure we don’t hurt ourselves when we play with firecrackers, so laws have been put into place to protect us.  Americans no longer can play with firecrackers.  Now usually someone who wants to set off firecrackers has to get a license, and safety measures have to be put into place to make sure no one gets hurt.  At one time, kids used to have fun setting off firecrackers, now if they try the same thing, they can be put in jail, or given a ticket.   How’s that for freedom on Independence Day?

I’m not celebrating July 4.  This is not my Independence Day.  I’m not free.  When I’m free, I’ll celebrate the holiday.  That means that I’ll probably never celebrate July 4 again.  The gang stalking that’s happening to me never ends.  It will continue for the rest of my life, or  until I’m dead.  It’s a prison sentence.  I get no reprieve like real prisoners.

Who the hell gave these Nazis the right to torture me?  Who?  Who the hell gave these Nazis the right to send people after me who torture me and millions of other Americans.  Who the hell gave these Nazis the right to judge me?   Not the Constitution. The Constitution states that every citizen’s entitled to a trial by a jury of his peers?  Where are these people who I’m supposed to get a fair trial from? These Nazis cannot be my judge, jury and avenger.  These Nazis have no right to send people after me to torture me.  Who the hell gave these Nazis the right to follow me around 24/7?  Who?  They have absolutely NO RIGHT TO GO AFTER ME!

I’ve never committed a crime, been given a trial, or found guilty of anything.  So why are these Nazis after me? What gives them the right to be judge, jury and avenger.  The Nazis did the same thing.  They didn’t put people on trial.  They just did what they wanted to people.  Over 6 million Jews were systemically murdered.  And the same thing that happened in Germany is happening in the U.S.  The government flunkies just do what they want to do with the approval of the government.  How many have been killed, put in mental institutions, tortured by these Nazis?  They’ve learned from the Nazis on how to torture people quietly.  There won’t be a Holocaust as there was in Germany.  It’ll be a quieter Holocaust where people will keep on being tortured.  No one will know about it, because it won’t be “in your face” kind of  Holocaust.  It’ll be years and years of doing away with people before anyone wakes up to what’s happening in the U.S.  I don’t think it will happen in my lifetime.  It will probably happen after I’m dead.  I’ll never see them get their punishment.

But if this silent Holocaust continues, I will keep speaking up.  No damn Nazi is going to shut me up.  Never.  They’re nothing but a bunch of losers. These Nazis will probably never get their punishment.  By the time someone finds out what’s happening, they’ll probably all be dead.

If there’s an afterlife, I hope I get to see them.  I want to be their judge, jury and avenger.  And if  I have the power, this is what I’m going to do.  I’m going to send them back to earth.  When they’re on earth, they will go through the same thing I went through. They will suffer from the day they’re born till the day they die.  And I will be watching from above with a smile on my face.

Look at the pictures above?  Do you want this to happen again?  Speak up!  Don’t look away.  Look at the pictures!

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Gang Stalking – In a gang stalker’s life, money speaks louder than conscience.

Creation of the Sun and Moon by Michelangelo, ...

Creation of the Sun and Moon by Michelangelo, face detail of God. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Holocaust memorial

Holocaust memorial (Photo credit: NH53)

cas de conscience

cas de conscience (Photo credit: goldenraphti)

"Conscience keeps more people awake than ...

“Conscience keeps more people awake than coffee.” ~Author Unknown (Photo credit: Foto_di_Signorina)

Conscience: conscious of the moral goodness or badness of one’s own conduct or motives, together with a feeling of obligation to do or be good.

To all you gang stalkers out there, some questions for you to answer.

1.    Don’t you gang stalkers have a conscience?

2.    Doesn’t it bother you to hurt people who have done nothing to you?

3.    Would you like what you do to targets to be done to you?

4.    How do you live with yourselves?

5.    Didn’t your father and mother teach you anything about “empathy” for others?

6.    What makes you so evil and hateful?

7.    How do you sleep at night?

8.    If you believe in a God, how do you explain to your God the misery you’re causing to others?

9.    Do you ever question what the government tells you about targets?

10.   Is what the government telling you to do to targets what a government who professes to practice freedom, do?

11.   Do you know what you’re doing to targets is exactly how the Holocaust began?

12.   What makes you think that what you’re doing won’t be done to you?

If you can look into your conscience and see nothing wrong with what you’re doing, you have no conscience.  I guess in your life, money speaks louder than your inner voice.

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