Gang Stalking – All librarians, self-important government people and perps, go f–k yourselves

Here’s what happened and why I was thrown out of the library.

I sat at the computer looking through my page. A heavy-set Mexican man sat next to me. He took up all the space around me. The computers are very close to each other.  Within a few minutes, his wife joined him. She, of course, sat right next to me. She also was heavy-set and took any space left over. I had my arm right next to her. I could barely move my mouse around. I asked her, “Do you think you could move over to the other side? I can’t move my arm.”  She turned around and cursed at me.  I went back to my Facebook page.  A few second later, I felt someone hit me on my arm. It was the woman who hit me. I said to her, “Why did you hit me? I didn’t hit you.”  I told her that I was sick of the abuse I get in the library and that I was going to report that she hit me.d I went over to the librarian and told her what happened and could they look through  the video to prove that the woman hit me.  The security guard showed and a few other people. They all stood around not knowing what to do. You see, I discovered that the video camera in the computer room does not work and they were at a dead-end as to what to do.

The woman came out of the computer room and  told the security guard that I’d hit her.  When I tried to tell the security guard that she’d hit me, he told me to be quiet. He did not want to hear what I had to say. This is always the case with the targets. We’re always in the wrong. We always start everything. We’re the  cause of the world’s problems.  Everybody else is good and we’re  bad.

So the group decided that I was the one in the wrong. That I’d probably hit her first and she just defended herself.  What garbage!  When the head of the library showed up, she said that I’d caused problems  before and that I was probably at fault. She went to the computer  to look at the  bad things I’d supposedly done and told me I was at fault.  I told her, “Oh, here we go again. I’m being accused of doing something I haven’t done!”  I told the woman I was not going to stick around to hear bullshit.  I walked out of the library. I’m sure during that time they were all talking about me. And I’m sure they got in contact with  the ones who run the program and asked them what they should do. Of course, they were told by the scumbags that I should be banned from the library.  It’s something that the monitors hoped happened.

I went into the library the next day, of course, because I hadn’t done anything, but I knew that my days at the library were over. I could feel the tension when I walked into the library.

So, again, accused of doing something I didn’t do.  I’m sure it’s going to go on the all the records they keep on me. The records they keep on all of us to prove that they’re doing something important. That they’re all good people and we’re the bad ones.

To all the people who work at the library and to all those self-important lowlife government people, go f–k yourselves!  Oh, and to you perps, too, go f–k yourselves! You haven’t brought me down yet! And you won’t.

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7 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – All librarians, self-important government people and perps, go f–k yourselves

  1. Obviously this was a set up.

    Ironically, one of the reasons the public library system was founded was to encourage the acquisition of knowledge and free thinking.

    There must be higher ups in the library system you can appeal to-Its like any other business, going over the heads of the lower-tier assholes making your life difficult.

    And if by some chance speaking to a library higher up does not do it (it would be better to see an official in person instead of a letter or phone call and to get something in writing if possible) then make a “horizontal” move to a public official(s) in the Las Vegas government such as a councilman or other official with some pull.

    As you learned long ago as the rest of us TIs have, these arrogant, stupid, sadistic, hateful motherfuckers are so far gone, so delusional and power-drunk over TIs that they actually THINK its their “right” to tell us how to think, how to live;What our limits are while THEY have NO doors of opportunities and relationships shut in their pathetic, petty lives as WE do.

    Piss off whoever you have to but TI or not there is no way you should NOT go to the top of the system for this continued harassment and even if a higher up speaks with the pissants at your local libraries and are told outright lies this is STILL no excuse for this kind of treatment;You should not be barred.

    I’d go as far to see if I could get an editorial in a local paper on this shit (no mention of gang stalking at all)

    Let the slob shithead security guard be drunk on power he imagines he has.
    Let the asshole, snotty librarians be smug and over confident.

    Just go over their heads and keep bugging the shit out of public officials until they apologize and/or let you back into the library with no hassles.

    The hosts of the Talk Shoe shows I TRUST have gotten a shitload of grief for getting the truth out there as does anyone with a great blog such as you, Stop Organized Gang Stalking and Keith K, who is working on a TI database called A.C.T.I.V.E. to keep track of each other:

    Its a blog and a TI tracker in the works. Please check it out.

    I’m sorry you have to put up with this fucking childish nonsense, Neverending.

    I STILL can’t come to full terms how far gone all of my perps are mentally-These sad, stupid animals have no clue how brainwashed they truly are and that includes the “honest” police.

    At least those who know that they are targeted individuals know full well that our minds have been fucked with using advanced military psy ops and conditioning via electronic weaponry implanting and reinforcing triggers and often affecting our state of mind or mood when we’re triggered in public such as seeing a perp and feeling anxious, angry, confused or depressed out of NO WHERE which is my experience but is in no way limited to ME.

    Let these absolute, unrepentant, lowlife, scumbag, sad sack, empty, dumbed down, cult-like, mind-controlled total LOSERS think they wield incredible power and are super spies for the U.S. government because of the shit they do to TIs.

    At least we (TIs) try to be true to ourselves which is something our perps could not be bothered with because they are lazy, usless sacks of shit.

    • I’ve been in touch with my representative and he’s never responded. And if I were to get in touch, I’m sure I would be the one found guilty of whatever they wanted to accuse me of. They’d probably have a lot of perps telling lies about me. In the end, I’d come out the loser.

  2. Uh oh. Fat people at computers, elbowing others in their derpitudes. Facebook is internet crack, I swore off it, there is this one constitutional attorney/military smartypants guy in the state that gets updates every time I log onto FB, but not at the other websites. FacistBook. If I was in your shoes I’d be scanning wanted posters for the hispanic couple, and writing a little stint to the village/city about behavior codes and getting on the good side of the library peoples. Maybe an attorney. Libraries are public places I thought.

    • And I pay taxes to use the library. I live in Las Vegas and this is something they do to people all the time. I once saw a homeless man get beaten up by police in the library. He had too much luggage and it was not allowed in the library. The librarian called the police and they told him to leave. He said he had a right to be there and he was not leaving. One of the cops knocked him out of his chair and kicked him, right in front of about 20 people using the library. And then they grabbed him and took him to jail. I saw the man later on and asked him what happened. He told me he spent a night in jail.

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