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Gang Stalking – All librarians, self-important government people and perps, go f–k yourselves

Here’s what happened and why I was thrown out of the library.

I sat at the computer looking through my  Facebook.com page. A heavy-set Mexican man sat next to me. He took up all the space around me. The computers are very close to each other.  Within a few minutes, his wife joined him. She, of course, sat right next to me. She also was heavy-set and took any space left over. I had my arm right next to her. I could barely move my mouse around. I asked her, “Do you think you could move over to the other side? I can’t move my arm.”  She turned around and cursed at me.  I went back to my Facebook page.  A few second later, I felt someone hit me on my arm. It was the woman who hit me. I said to her, “Why did you hit me? I didn’t hit you.”  I told her that I was sick of the abuse I get in the library and that I was going to report that she hit me.d I went over to the librarian and told her what happened and could they look through  the video to prove that the woman hit me.  The security guard showed and a few other people. They all stood around not knowing what to do. You see, I discovered that the video camera in the computer room does not work and they were at a dead-end as to what to do.

The woman came out of the computer room and  told the security guard that I’d hit her.  When I tried to tell the security guard that she’d hit me, he told me to be quiet. He did not want to hear what I had to say. This is always the case with the targets. We’re always in the wrong. We always start everything. We’re the  cause of the world’s problems.  Everybody else is good and we’re  bad.

So the group decided that I was the one in the wrong. That I’d probably hit her first and she just defended herself.  What garbage!  When the head of the library showed up, she said that I’d caused problems  before and that I was probably at fault. She went to the computer  to look at the  bad things I’d supposedly done and told me I was at fault.  I told her, “Oh, here we go again. I’m being accused of doing something I haven’t done!”  I told the woman I was not going to stick around to hear bullshit.  I walked out of the library. I’m sure during that time they were all talking about me. And I’m sure they got in contact with  the ones who run the program and asked them what they should do. Of course, they were told by the scumbags that I should be banned from the library.  It’s something that the monitors hoped happened.

I went into the library the next day, of course, because I hadn’t done anything, but I knew that my days at the library were over. I could feel the tension when I walked into the library.

So, again, accused of doing something I didn’t do.  I’m sure it’s going to go on the all the records they keep on me. The records they keep on all of us to prove that they’re doing something important. That they’re all good people and we’re the bad ones.

To all the people who work at the library and to all those self-important lowlife government people, go f–k yourselves!  Oh, and to you perps, too, go f–k yourselves! You haven’t brought me down yet! And you won’t.

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Gang Stalking- – Banned from library for another year.

Hi, everybody.  You haven’t heard from me for  a while.  I didn’t have a computer to get in touch with you. You see, I’ve had a bad two weeks. The library banned me from its premises.  It was an experience.

I went into the library and all the computers were in used by some perp.  I saw the security guard come in and walk toward me, but  kept going. He went to talk to one of the librarians. She handed him a piece of paper and quickly disappeared. I felt the tension and could tell something was going to happen, and it did.

A woman and the guard came over to where I sat. The woman began to read something about trespassing in Clark Country library. I realized that I was being thrown out of the library and ran to the elevator. The guard and the woman followed me into the elevator. The guard told the woman to keep reading. The elevator got to the 2nd floor and I ran through the library, down the stairs, and got to the curve.  I took a quick look to my right and left and crossed over to the other side of the street. I was out of the library area and they couldn’t do anything to me anymore. I kept running and didn’t look back.

I’ll tell you tomorrow, if I can, what happened in the library to get me thrown out. As always a set-up from all the freaks.

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Gang Stalking – Always be on the lookout for creepy crawlers, etc.

Latex paint

Restaurant, Mandeville, Louisiana. Old refrige...
Restaurant, Mandeville, Louisiana. Old refrigerator. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Yesterday, I wrote that you should check everything in your apartment before you move in, but it doesn’t stop there.  You have to continually check your apartment for damage.  After you move into a new apartment, the perps go into your home and do damage to a lot of the things in it.  They wait until after you sign the lease and then go to work destroying things.

For instance, my oven.  Before I moved in I checked it and it was okay.  After I moved in, the burners became loose and there are extra wires attached to them.  The cabinet doors don’t close.  There’s an extra gage in my freezer part.  Nothing in the refrigerator gets cold.  Nighttime is the only time my refrigerator works.  My apartment turns into an icy igloo, especially if I turn on my air conditioner; the two are connected somehow.  So at nighttime, no matter how hot it is, I don’t turn on the air conditioner, and I’m okay temperature wise.  If you’ve noticed that your place gets really cold at night, that’s what they’re doing to you.  They especially like to do this to you during the wintertime.  You put on the heat and the heat doesn’t work.  The heat’s been reset to make your home icy-icy as possible.  In summertime, they reset it to make your home hot.

The bathtub has no stopper.  You’re probably wondering why no stopper.  That’s to make sure your apartment becomes a home to a lot of creepy crawlers; roaches, spiders, beetles, etc.  Make sure you get covers for the hole in the bathtub and the sink.

Check your pipes carefully in the bathroom and kitchen.  You’ll notice that there are openings in the pipes.  Again to invite creepy crawlers in and to make it easier for electricity to get in.  I’ve put tape all around the pipe openings, the perps keep removing the tape. I just re-tape the pipes, maybe they’ll get worn out removing  the tape.

You’ll also notice, if you look carefully, that there are slashes all over your apartment walls, floor, cabinets, ceiling, etc.  The lashes are to draw electricity to your apartment, especially since they paint the place with Latex paint.  Latex paint draws electricity and might cause cancer.  I think the government  banned its use.

When I was signing my lease, the rental agent mentioned to me, without me asking, that there was no Latex paint in the apartment.  As soon as he uttered the words, I knew there was; plus it told me that he’d read my blog.  I mention Latex paint all the time.  How  else would he know that unless he read my blog?

So, basically, what I’m trying to say, is to always, always be on the lookout for what the perps do inside your apartment/house.  If you don’t, your house might become a home for creepy crawlers, or worse, an electrical powerhouse.

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