Gang Stalking – This is the way the Holocaust began

I can’t  sit anywhere. Every time I sit somewhere someone reports me. This morning I was sitting in the back of a building, to hide from the perps, when I saw an old man coming my way.  I put my cap over my  eyes so I wouldn’t have to look at him.  A few minutes later, a security guard taps me on the back.  She said,   “Miss, you can’t sit here.”  I got up and the guard continued on her way.  I saw  the same old geezer  run  after her and give  her a “thumbs up”,  and  he had a big smile on his face. This happens to me a lot. I remember one time I bought a pizza and I was really hungry.  So I stopped, opened the box and took a big bite of the pizza. I intended to just take a bite, but was so hungry, I continued to eat the pizza. Within a few minutes, a tap on my shoulder. I thought it was a perp, so I paid no attention.  Someone came around to my front. I looked up and it was a security guard.  I saw the security guard looking toward his left and shaking his head. I turned around and there was a man and a woman sitting in their car laughing. I’m sure the two reported me. The security guard told me I had to leave the area. He said it was private property and no one’s  supposed to stand around in he area.  I’d  just bought the pizza and was in front of the restaurant, so I had every right to stand there. I was not loitering. The security  guard told me that if I didn’t move, he’d have to call the police. I thought of arguing with him, but decided not to waste my breath. There were plenty of other people standing around the property, but they were not told to leave. Another time, on  holiday, I sat on the library steps. The library closed for the holiday and no one was around.  Within a few minutes, the security guard came out and told me I had to leave.  I’ve seen many people sitting on the library steps and no one’s  ever told them to leave.  This is discrimination.  If no one’s  supposed to stand or sit  around these areas, how come I’m the only one they harass?

These are three incidents I mentioned, but this sort of thing happens to me weekly.  I can’t  stand anywhere, sit  anywhere, eat anywhere, etc. without some creep bothering me.  This is the way  the Holocaust began – Turning neighbors against neighbors, spying on neighbors, reporting  neighbors. No one believed what  was  happening then and no one believes it today.

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33 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – This is the way the Holocaust began

  1. I always go way out to places where no one is hanging out, like the river out of town, to be alone, but you need a car for that. I’m glad I have one when I see what you guys who have to use a bus have to go through. They vandalize it, but at least it runs still.

    • They do the same thing to me. They stand in front of my apartment window and every time one of them passes my window, he/she has to say something. I put my exhaust fan on so I don’t have to hear them. They do this day and night. And there’s a woman upstairs who passes by my apartment non-stop, at least 20 times a day, Bitch!!! And at night time, she and her boyfriends stamp their feet, spray me with pesticide all night and try to keep me awake all night. They’re both bitches!!!!!

  2. there’s an old quote. first they came for the communists and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist then they came for the trade unionists and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist then they came for the Jews and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t Jewish then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me – pastor martin niemoller

  3. the conspiracy to concentrated in this town were every I go little comments I went to the bank today someone followed me from my apt. complex and said in the bank there’s no were to run I just get tiered of it I guess

  4. They want us stuck in our apartments since we are not “allowed” to be anywhere. I was told one year not to eat out and that I was a “dog”. Even in public parks I get police helis overhead and squad cars coming down the bike path and squad cars parking in the park’s lot. The one thing we have left is to be outside and they are taking that away too.

    • That’s why I’m harassed so much. I don’t stay put inside my apartment I go out and they don’t like that. They want me to stay in my apartment, get depressed and do something they can put ne away doe.

      • It’s totally true. Whenever I go out I feel like I’m not even human the way I get insulted and perped by like, everyone. It’s society telling me I’m not fit to be in public at all. The perps have ruined my face and now I’m so ugly I can’t stand myself. Even when I try to look better the perps still treat me the same: makeup or no makeup.

        • I know its hard to ignore the scum bags, but don’t pay attention to what they say. If you feel better in make-up, wear it. If it makes your life feel better, do it. They do whatever they can to make me stay inside and never go out. I don’t pay attention. I make sure I get dressed, put on my make-up and take a walk or go where I need to go. Why don’t you stop and take a really look at them? You’ll notice most of them are fat, ugly, stupid-looking, and have no style. Then believe me, you’ll feel better about yourself.

          • I know what you mean when this started for me it was so bad they was they every step to make me panic they were coming out everywere .also since it began have aged and had a seirous health problem am only young fcking scum.i was made to feel ugly to looking back they.was nothing wrong with me i was pretty very nice heart of gold have changed alot .because of these demons .they called me a dog to to make me feel not human i started to beileve that one ha not now tho they so ugly its un real .

            • They do that to all of us. They want you feel ugly, depressed, want to kill yourself, or kill someone else, etc. They’re always trying to do the same thing to me. And then I take a real good look at how ugly they are, and I feel a hundreds more beautiful. They’re fat, without hair, ugly, etc., but they have the audacity to make fun of us.

              • I KNOW its a crazy thing.they really sick i will never forget what they did to me ..neveer! lords hav mercy on all targeted indivduals souls god bless

              • Oh, well, I see it up there. I guess it finally posted. They made me ugly with giant bags under my eyes after crying my eyes out so much and I can’t find a dentist that will take a low income person. They made me ugly and fat with psych drugs and I was slowly losing weight and looking better before they did the big mindf**k on me in 2010. Now I need them and I’m less creative and can hardly put together a post.

                • They did the same thing to my eyes, and the psych drugs that put 80 pounds on me – I dropped those, and when I lost 70 pounds and started looking pretty again – that’s when they puffed up my eyes – but not with crying. They did it with DEW, and attacked me in my sleep with a sharp object when we forgot to lock the slide lock inside our door, and made it look like I’m permanently frowning. I hate it and can’t look at mirrors anymore.

                  • I had managed to lose some weight and get in a bit of shape and they ruined it by using V2k to give me a mental break to get me back onto drugs. I could not eat, sleep or sit still. My face was showing not layers of fat…I almost felt human for the first time in years appearance wise. Looking in the mirror is horrible. I’ve gotten so old so fast. Every time I try to get rid of the drugs things go wrong. I’m very sorry about your eyes. I should block my doors at night. I can only block one door but the other one should be firmly locked both locks. I bought some expensive (for me) eye cream and it does nothin.

  5. It is unfortunate this is happening to you. Has anyone ever asked you to move out the area where you live specifically? The unnamed perpetrators who are using remote neural monitoring against me have routinely informed me that I am unwelcome in my current location. Because of them, however, I was unjustly accused and convicted for a crime I did not commit and now I am on probation and unable to leave my local area.

    This situation is unjust and unforgiveable for all victims of these forms of abuse and torture. I find it particularly insulting due to the fact that I am a civilized and nonviolent person. The unnamed and faceless perpetrators fail to recognize the kind of social instability they facilitate everywhere they conduct these types of unproductive activities.

    • Oh, in my last apartment complex, I was threatened almost every day that they were going to throw me out. I finally got sick of being threatened and moved out. And I’ve been to places where they told me I wasn’t wanted there. If you don’t mind me asking, what did you do? I know a lot of men get falsely accused of molestation, especially if they’re going through a divorce, I’ve been accused of doing a lot things I haven’t done. I can’t remember anymore half the things I’ve been accused of. I believe you, maybe some day if this hell ends, you can get your life back by going back to court. And sue the hell out of the idiots!!!!!!

  6. No, they don’t. And that’s why we are in danger of it happening again. Thats why I wear a star of David to remind me of what huge numbers of stupid people can do when they work together.
    Nobody can see past their TV sets and nobody cares.
    We hear about the library, and the bus, and your horrible apartments, and the idiots on the street, but not much else. I was curious since I decided working was better than getting disability, what its like for you in the work field. If I didn’t have to talk to strangers every day, helping them, talking to them, being nice to them when they are not nice, and smiling at them, life would be better I think. Very hard to be in service industry.
    Hard enough as it is. I guess if you’re not, thank your lucky stars.

      • Well not really I don’t get paid unless I am nice and I can get fired if I speak my mind. I work in service industry and I have been blocked from finding any other work.
        Disability doesn’t pay enough for me to live on and I have no support from anyone. So that’s where I was leading to is I dont know how yall survive without jobs. If I didn’t have a job I wouldnt have anywhere to stay.

    • I can understand why you don’t go out, but for my sanity I have to get out. I can’t stay home for more than two days. If I do, I have a lot of energy and I have to get out and use it.

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