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Gang Stalking – This is the way the Holocaust began

I can’t  sit anywhere. Every time I sit somewhere someone reports me. This morning I was sitting in the back of a building, to hide from the perps, when I saw an old man coming my way.  I put my cap over my  eyes so I wouldn’t have to look at him.  A few minutes later, a security guard taps me on the back.  She said,   “Miss, you can’t sit here.”  I got up and the guard continued on her way.  I saw  the same old geezer  run  after her and give  her a “thumbs up”,  and  he had a big smile on his face. This happens to me a lot. I remember one time I bought a pizza and I was really hungry.  So I stopped, opened the box and took a big bite of the pizza. I intended to just take a bite, but was so hungry, I continued to eat the pizza. Within a few minutes, a tap on my shoulder. I thought it was a perp, so I paid no attention.  Someone came around to my front. I looked up and it was a security guard.  I saw the security guard looking toward his left and shaking his head. I turned around and there was a man and a woman sitting in their car laughing. I’m sure the two reported me. The security guard told me I had to leave the area. He said it was private property and no one’s  supposed to stand around in he area.  I’d  just bought the pizza and was in front of the restaurant, so I had every right to stand there. I was not loitering. The security  guard told me that if I didn’t move, he’d have to call the police. I thought of arguing with him, but decided not to waste my breath. There were plenty of other people standing around the property, but they were not told to leave. Another time, on  holiday, I sat on the library steps. The library closed for the holiday and no one was around.  Within a few minutes, the security guard came out and told me I had to leave.  I’ve seen many people sitting on the library steps and no one’s  ever told them to leave.  This is discrimination.  If no one’s  supposed to stand or sit  around these areas, how come I’m the only one they harass?

These are three incidents I mentioned, but this sort of thing happens to me weekly.  I can’t  stand anywhere, sit  anywhere, eat anywhere, etc. without some creep bothering me.  This is the way  the Holocaust began – Turning neighbors against neighbors, spying on neighbors, reporting  neighbors. No one believed what  was  happening then and no one believes it today.

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – If you won two free plane tickets, where would you go?

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If I  won two free plane tickets, I’d head for New York.  I haven’t been in New York in years and it would  be nice to see all the changes that have been made.  I know that a lot of changes have taken place because I always keep track of what’s going on in New York.  I read all articles that pertain to anything about New York.  If there’s a new park being added to the cityscape, I’m on top of it.  If a new restaurant opens up, I know about it.  The subways break down, I know about it.  New Mayor, ditto. Anything and everything that goes on in New York, I know about.

It would be good to return to my roots.  To see friends I haven’t seen in years.  It’d be great to hang out with friends and just have fun.  Or take a ride on the Staten Island Ferry ; ride the subways; have a great piece of pizza (now I’m hungary thinking about the pizza);visit Central Park; see the Statute of Liberty.  Just to see the skyline of New York would be fantastic!

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Should school control what kids eat at school?

Some schools in Chicago now ban lunches from home for health reasons. Kids  either eat the school lunch or nothing. What do you think of this?

Ridiculous!  Is what I have to say.  Do  students have to pay for the lunch or is it free? I swear the U.S. is getting more and more like a communist country. Kids should eat what their parents make for them. To force a child to eat only what the school wants him to eat is way too much control for a school to have.  Why don’t they concentrate on educating the kids and leave what kids eat to their parents.  From what I’ve seen of school lunch menus, the food served in school is very unhealthy and full of fat.  Things like chicken nuggets with fries, pizza, macaroni and cheese, cheeseburgers, etc.  These foods sound far from healthy to me.   And if these kids have to pay for their lunch, what happens to the kids who can’t afford to buy lunch?  Do they starve?  Schools should not stick their noses where they don’t belong.  Leave the kids’ lunches alone!  Find something else to do with all the time you school people seem to have.

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