2 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Video shows experiments done on servicemen and servicewomen.

  1. So, did you watch this video and the other two in the series?

    Did you understand the implication, that NATO servicemen and veterans are also heavily targeted???

    They are NOT targeted by the US government, they are targeted by the US government’s prime enemy, the massive drug-and-criminal cartels that were targeted BY the US government in 3-4 decades of military assisted drug enforcement actions in the Middle East and Mexico/Central and South America and SE Asia.

    You still don’t get it, do you?? 

    Who benefits from targeting women and children, and gays? Answser:  White supremacy groups and other anti-government organizations.

    Why would they target women and children? Answer:  In any war, it’s women and children who are considered expendible fodder for aggressive reprisals against the nations involved in the conflict.  In the Middle East, they are ALWAYS the one’s who die by the thousands, by terrorist attacks.

    Why target judges, lawyers and police?  (mostly male TIs, from European crime investigators reports on gang stalking, mid-2000s) – they are the drug cartels worst enemies.

    Why target women who are educated, single and aspiring to professional careers? Answer: see white supremecy answer, above.

    Why employ so many foreign nationals and young minorities in mobbing groups? Answer: They are low-cost resources that have no problem attacking well-educated whites, especially females, who offer low risk of impulsive, violent reaction to stalking aggression.

    Those who might act out?  Thats the soldiers and veterans you saw in the video.

    Now you know why they gang-stalk them in the military and in the VA, to push them to either suicide or to become hapless shooters before taking themselves out.

    Why do perps push endless fingerpointing to the government as the source of mobbing and stalking?? Why does the FFCHS push mystic psychobabble to TIs, instead of the obvious technical expanations of the methods used, most of which are relatively low tech?? Answer:  They do NOT want you trying to outthink them, to understand and overcome most of the major anxiety promoting activities, so that you maintain your cool, become highly objective and not prone to the reaction they want.

    They make money off of your constant reactions.  We can talk about it later if you want.

    Why do so many perps have brand new cars, live in expensive homes and apartments, with no source of income??? Answer: They are helping drug cartels launder billions in profits, to carry out their primary goal: to program a large segment of the populace, to freely carry out felony crimes daily, for money.

    Open your eyes.

    • Maybe you should open your eyes. The White Supremacist would not be able to get libraries, hospitals, doctors, schools, blacks, especially not blacks, Hispanics, Churches, etc. into their camp, maybe some, but not too many. The only one this powerful – government. They get new cars as a bonus. Most times they don’t have to pay rent. The government provides free housing for them and pays them. The more damage they cause to us targets, the more money they get.

      Open your eyes.

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