Gang Stalking – Have terrible odor in your apartment, probably pesticide.

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All week-long I’ve told you how to defend yourself.  And today I’ll continue along the same lines.

I’ve told you about the pipes under the floor that carry water and are used to make the pulsating sensation you feel; plus electricity comes at you from everywhere.  Mix the two together, you get the pulsations.  Not only is this done to you, but you have gang stalkers, surrounding you, doing the same thing.

You probably don’t know this, but they spray pesticide at you.  Have you noticed that your clothes are brown?  Abnormally so.  They’re spraying pesticide at you.  It used to be a green spray, but now the color is brown. The brown pesticide stains all the clothes. The United States government must spend millions (I would love to see  their bill for pesticide) on buying pesticide.  Pesticide is something everyone uses, so if U.S. buys pesticide no one thinks anything of it.  They’re covered. I’m sure the same holds true for other governments.

I really worry about the pesticide that’s sprayed on me.  It must go into my lungs.  And what other damage is it doing to the rest of my body? Oh, you can tell if you’re sprayed with pesticide by the smell. Your apartment will always have a terrible odor. It’s not the normal pesticide smell that you’re used to. It’s a terrible odor; I can’t describe it.  But if your apartment has a terrible odor all the time, it’s probably pesticide.

Set up a “safe area” in your apartment.  A place where you can sleep and have some protection.  Don’t be all over the place trying to protect yourself,  it will tire you out.  So the “safe area” is an area you can use at night and during the day.  An area where you don’t have to worry about being hit.  You can have your t.v., radio, phone, things to keep you safe, etc. in this area.  And when things get really bad, you can use this space.  If you have some space no one knows about, that’s even better. Don’t worry about the rest of the apartment or house, give your all to this space.  Worrying about your furniture and other things in your apartment, or house, is, in my opinion, a waste of time.  Only worry about staying safe and your health.  These two things are the things you should worry about.  You have a lot of crap going on in your life now, so this reduces what you have to worry about.  I know your furniture and other things are important, but are they as important as staying safe and healthy?  I would say no. That’s why I believe in an area to keep yourself safe. Don’t let anyone see your safe area.  Once someone sees it, it won’t be safe anymore. I used to have a “safe area”, but I no longer do.  The apartment I now have is a studio and no matter which way I turn, there’s no place I can go to be safe. I regret I ever took this horrible place.  Of all the places I’ve lived, this place has been the worse.  The people who live here are sub-humans, really, on a lower level than sub-humans.  They’re all savages!  Especially the management people.

If you’re trying to find a place to live, make sure the property manager and her husband don’t live on the premises, as mine do.  Their time is spent watching you and encouraging other tenants to do the same. And they can get into your apartment any time they want. At least if they live elsewhere, you don’t have to put up with them on weekends and holidays. If they live on premises, they’re ALWAYS there! After a while…I’m not going to write what I was thinking.  But I’m sure you get my drift.

If you’ve found my tips helpful, please let me know.  And if you have any tips on staying safe, please let me know.  Thanks.


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