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Gang Stalking – Maybe my blog has changed some things.

I’ve written this blog for 4 years now (thank you, WordPress.com  for letting me know), and I really thought I haven’t really accomplished anything. But rethinking it, I think I have. For instance, a few changes were made on buses, in the library, etc.

When I first arrived in Las Vegas, there were perps who used to carry backpacks. All of them carried a backpack with pesticide in it and a sprayer. They sprayed the pesticide on me. I used to get on the bus and the bus company put in a lot of vents. The bus driver would open up the vent and the pesticide would come streaming down on me. I realized how dangerous this was to my body. I didn’t complain to the bus driver because I knew it would do no good. What I did instead was tell the bus driver  he was spraying pesticide every day he hit the vent.  And I told him/her that the stuff was going into his lungs for 8 hours a day. I told this to every bus driver on every bus. After a while, I noticed, the spraying stopped. Not to stop it from spraying me, but because the bus drivers  probably complained about the pesticide going into their lungs. And up to this day, no spraying on the bus. And I think  I had something to do with it.

And then when I came into the library, the library also put in a lot of vents. I would sit down to wait for a computer and the a fine mist of pesticide would come streaming down on me.  I also played the same head games with the librarians. I told them that the thing that was being sprayed was pesticide and it was going into their lungs. The spray disappeared. The vents never go on no now. There are still a lot of vents in the library, but no more spraying. The librarians didn’t know that it was pesticide being sprayed. I made sure  they knew.

And then when I went for a walk, the same thing happened. Guys would walk round with backpacks with pesticide on their backs and a sprayer.  Well, I played with their heads, too. I told them, “Do you think  spraying that stuff isn’t affecting your lungs?  All the stuff you’re spraying is going into your lungs.” And I told them to read statics on men who do pesticide spraying for a living.  Men who work spraying pesticide for a living end up very sick and it’s hard for them to breathe.

So, the spraying in the bus, library, street stopped. But there’s one place, the pesticide spraying hasn’t stopped, and that’s in my apartment. I’ve had no luck with idiots who spray this stuff all night. They think they’re powerful because they know I have to sleep in my bed and there’s nowhere I get away from them. But it’s also affecting their lungs. Years from it will start showing up in their lungs. When they can’t breathe, they’ll know that I was telling the truth.  I will also  feel the effects of  pesticide spraying, but there’s really nothing I can do about it now. I wish I could. It makes me angry I can’t. Now, of course, they use their phones and computers to hit me in the library, on the bus and everywhere else I go.

So, in a way, I’ve stopped pesticide spraying.  I’m sure I wasn’t the only way being sprayed with the awful stuff. I’m sure others were, too.

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Gang Stalking – The doctor’s a perp and so are his assistants.


Doctor’s visit today:

As soon as I sit down, doctor’s assistants begin  clearing their throats, because like any normal person I clear my throat, door slamming begins, they repeat phrases I use during the day, music volume goes up, some slicing sound is going on, phone rings non-stop, loud talking. Patients begin coughing.

Doctor’s room:

Assistant begins coughing as soon as I sit down. She also has blonde  hi-lights. I happened to make a comment on the complex manager dying her hair blonde, now all the women have blonde hi-lights. It’s truly a zombie world.

Assistant takes my temperature. On the way out of the office, she tells me the doctor will be in in a minute.  While I’m waiting, all the assistants are talking, coughing, giggling, laughing loudly. It sounds like a hen house – cluck, cluck, cluck.

While I’m waiting for the doctor, I’m getting hit with electricity on my left knee.

Outside, heavy footsteps abound and the coughing continues.

“Why do I even come to this doctor” I ask myself? But where am I to go that’s any better? It’ll be the same thing wherever I go.

I’ve  waited a while now, no doctor in sight.

I was able to write this while waiting for the doctor to come.

More coughing.

It seems everybody at the front desk is sick and spreading a lot of germs. I guess the doctor doesn’t have that many patients. He can let all the assistants act like ass holes!

Someone’s hammering on the wall. I hear an assistant say, “Quit hammering on the wall!”

More laughing. More coughing.

Maybe I shouldn’t be in the office with so many sick assistants.

Doctor comes into the room and checks me. Says everything’s all right except my breathing’s a little off.  With all the pesticide that goes into my body every day, why wouldn’t it be? I say this to myself not to the doctor.

The doctor’s a perp as is everyone in the office.

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Gang Stalking – Walk like a zombie…

Polka dots

Polka dots (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chair by Charles Eames

Chair by Charles Eames (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Polka Dot Mania!

Polka Dot Mania! (Photo credit: reihayashi)

Well, white cars show up everywhere I go.  I always wonder with things like this.  Do they go out and rent the cars, or do they go out and buy the car?  I’m just thinking I do so much good for our bad economy. I’m getting everybody to buy white cars or rent them.  I do so much good for the U.S.A.

And have you noticed every time you go out somewhere, everybody is so happy?  Whenever I’m around, people just laugh and laugh and are so happy. Everybody’s so polite to each other. I bring out all the good in all the perps who know each other.  These perps all know each other from their group meetings, and then when they see each other outside, they make-believe they’ve never seen each other before. The group meetings are to keep the perps feeling like they belong and that they count and are important in their war against targets.  That’s why when they go to meetings, they get food, drinks and perps can socialize and get to know each other and become friends. It gives all the perps a feeling of a community.  Lots of b.s., of course. They’re psychologically being trained to make friends with each other and do harm to us targets. Yeah, get those evil targets.  They’re all violent, crazy, drunks, etc.

I couldn’t figure out what was up with all the polka dots I was seeing.  Polka bags, pants, handbags, shoes, jackets, dresses, everywhere polka dots.  And then it came to me why polka dots.  I remember I was looking at a picture of polka dots design.  I ripped the picture out of the magazine because I liked the design, and I thought I’d like to use it.  And now that I’ve written about polka dots, I’m sure it’s going to become even more of a polka dots world for me.  Polka dots, anyone!

I’m at a different library today. The other library closed off the computer section.  It is under remodeling.  After all the computers went off one day, I think the library decided to redesign the space. I wonder what they’re going to do to it. Probably make it worse for us targets. The remodeling was only supposed to be for one day, but now there’s a sign that says that there’s no set day to open the library again. Now, I’m at the Spring Valley Library.  When I walked into the library, there were only a few people using the computers.  Since I started using the computer, the library is now full. It’s a full house. It’s amazing how quickly they get all the perps together.  And they come running like the zombies they are.  They must listen to their MASTERS!  Yes, master, do you want me to bow?

And this library is doing to me what the other library does. It’s put on the air conditioner full blast.  I get full blast air conditioning wherever I go.  I wear a sweater everywhere  because I know as soon as I enter a place, the air condition‘s turned on.  They do it on the bus, too. Turn on the air conditioner full blast. They also do it to me at night when I’m sleeping. They want me to turn on the air conditioner at night.  But I try as much as possible not to turn it on. You’re probably wondering why.  If you look at your air conditioning unit, if you live in an apartment, you’ll notice that there’s a spray bottle inside the air conditioner.  No one else has a spray bottle in his air conditioner.  It’s a speciality for us targets. The spray bottle has pesticide inside.  Have you ever noticed that when you put your air conditioning on you get a funny smell? It’s a pesticide smell you’re getting. If you don’t believe me, look at your air conditioning, and when you turn it on, take a good whiff of how it smells.  You get a pesticide smell. These bastards are trying to make us sick.  It’s not enough that they hit us with electricity all the time and do other horrific things, but they have to pollute our lungs, too.

I just took a look to see how full the library is.  The area where I’m sitting is full. And the area next to me, it’s full, too. Two perps left, so there are two empty computers.

So the zombie idiots have to obey their masters – sit, stand, bow, talk, don’t talk, eat, don’t eat, walk, walk like a zombie…

Took another look to see how full the library is, one empty chair.  And the zombies go on, and the coughing begins.  I just love the library!

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Gang Stalking – Ten ways to tell if gang stalkers live next door.

Takoyaki cooking

A plastic yellow bucket.

A plastic yellow bucket. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How to tell if gang stalkers live next door:

1.   You never hear the water running in their apartment.

2.    No one ever uses the bathroom.

3.    No one ever takes a shower.

4.   They never use toilet or flash.  They wait until you go out to do what they have to do.

5.    You never hear anyone talking, nor t.v. on.

6.     You never hear anyone cooking.

7.     A sound is never heard from their apartment, but you will always hear a cough.

8.      You never see anyone coming in and out of the apartment, even though you can feel them.

9.       They never turn on the water.  If they do turn on the water, do you  hear a bucket being filled with water?  They mix the  water in the bucket with  pesticide and then spray mixture on you.  They make the  bucket into a sprayer.  I don’t how they do it,  but when I lived with my sister, I always heard the bucket every night and then she would try to spray me.

10.    When you put  your ear to the wall, do you hear a machine on all the time?  There’s a  black machine that they also use to spray you with  pesticide.  It looks like a stubby, small juke box, but shorter.

So if someone next to you never makes any noise, you can be 100%  sure they’re gang stalkers  .  They’re quiet so they can hear and record every phone call you make, what you say, what you do.   And it won’t be  just one gang stalker, many surround you, and they also will not make any noise.  And if you do run into the gang stalkers who live next  to you, they’ll be very friendly.  They’ll “hello”  you and ask you how you’re doing.  They’ll look you up and down to notice what you’re wearing, so they can let  monitors know what you’re wearing, and everyone can  pick you out as a target.  They’ll also ask you “Where are you going or doing?”  If someone lives near you and their  first question is always “Where are you going?”, a gang stalker, for sure.  Don’t tell anyone where you’re going, not even your family (they’re usually involved).

See “About us” below.  It’s dated 2008, but it’s still very up-to-date.

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  • About Us (gangstalkingworld.wordpress.com)

Gang Stalking – Every gang stalker belongs in hell.


Easter (Photo credit: 427)

I’ve spent about 5 hours trying to get on the internet today, but here I am. I didn’t give up.  I’m on my computer now, and I thought I’d never get on.

The past week has been very difficult for me.  Not only are they messing with my computer, but I’ve  been sprayed all week with a lot of pesticide.  Sometimes the pesticide is really strong and I feel really nauseous.  Last night, the odor was so strong, I thought I was going to pass out. I have pesticide sprayed from about 4-5 apartments, plus there are people outside who spray the stuff at me. I felt so sick, I called the people upstairs some really nasty names.  Names they deserved to be called.

I have some more tips to give you.

I  know you  notice people  busy working on their computer. I’m sure you don’t give them  a second thought, but you should.  A lot of times when someone  is near you using his computer,  he’ll be paying very close attention to you.  They might look as if they’re typing, but most times they’re not.  This is how it works.  Remember I told you about how they aim their phone at you to hit you, same with the computer.  A gang stalker will look as if he’s strolling down a page with text on it, it is text, but the page is stationary. He’s not typing, he’s trying to get your location as he strolls down the page.  Every time he strolls down a line, it shows a distance.   He’ll stroll down to get your distance so he can hit you electrically with his computer.  Next time you’re around someone using a computer, look at the text, he’s not typing.  You are his aim.  Look at the text, you’ll see that it doesn’t move, it’s a pre-printed page that you’re looking at.  I discovered this when I was traveling on Greyhound and a man came on with a computer.  I didn’t consider him a gang stalker because he was busy typing away, or I thought he was.  But he kept turning around to look at me.  I wondered what was up with him and began to watch him.  I took a close look at the text and saw that the text was pre-printed.  He was trying to get my location so he could aim his computer’s electricity  at me. So next time you see someone with a computer, look at the text.  If it looks stationary, he’s trying to make you his target.

I meant to tell you a little more about refrigerators, but I forgot.  Make sure you move your oven and your refrigerator to see if anything has been put under them.  Sometimes they’ll leave food under the oven and refrigerator to attract roaches. Other times, they’ll leave plastic bags to attract electricity.  So if you go out, always check your oven and refrigerator if you’ve been gone from home for more than 2 hours.  If you’re gone more than 2 hours, it gives them a chance to go into your house/apartment and put crap all over the place.

I told you about how to protect yourself with antennas, well, the other day, I saw one of the gang stalkers with 4 antennas right next to him.  He had his door open (I hit him all the time and he was trying to protect himself) and he was sitting in a chair with four antennas right next to his feet.  So antennas work.  Use them.

Also look in your kitchen sink drawers.  They’ll put all sorts of things in your drawers.   You’ll never know what you’ll find, so check them every chance you get.

When checking your apartment, don’t always look at things from the same angle; if you do, you’ll miss seeing something they’ve done in your apartment.

The gang stalkers are very sneaky and will do a lot of things to you that you won’t notice.  You might notice it 1 or 2 months later, and by that time, your apartment/house might be overrun with vermin.  So  keep your eyes open.

I had a lot to tell you, but the last week has been very difficult for me.  I’m lucky I remember my name.  So I didn’t include a lot of things I meant to tell you, because I can’t remember what they were.

If I can find the notes I wrote, I’ll tell you more.

I never wished any of you a Happy Easter, so I want to take this chance to wish you a belated Happy Easter.  I hope you had a nice day with your family and friends.

Take care of yourselves and be careful out there.

I’m still not “too with it”, but I forced myself to write.  I don’t want to get out of the habit of writing.  I figure it’s better to write something terrible and slowly work my way back to writing a better blog. That is, if my brain doesn’t rot from all the pesticide.

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Gang Stalking – Have terrible odor in your apartment, probably pesticide.

English: Monsanto pesticide to be sprayed on f...

Image via Wikipedia

English: A sign warning about pesticide exposure.

Image via Wikipedia

All week-long I’ve told you how to defend yourself.  And today I’ll continue along the same lines.

I’ve told you about the pipes under the floor that carry water and are used to make the pulsating sensation you feel; plus electricity comes at you from everywhere.  Mix the two together, you get the pulsations.  Not only is this done to you, but you have gang stalkers, surrounding you, doing the same thing.

You probably don’t know this, but they spray pesticide at you.  Have you noticed that your clothes are brown?  Abnormally so.  They’re spraying pesticide at you.  It used to be a green spray, but now the color is brown. The brown pesticide stains all the clothes. The United States government must spend millions (I would love to see  their bill for pesticide) on buying pesticide.  Pesticide is something everyone uses, so if U.S. buys pesticide no one thinks anything of it.  They’re covered. I’m sure the same holds true for other governments.

I really worry about the pesticide that’s sprayed on me.  It must go into my lungs.  And what other damage is it doing to the rest of my body? Oh, you can tell if you’re sprayed with pesticide by the smell. Your apartment will always have a terrible odor. It’s not the normal pesticide smell that you’re used to. It’s a terrible odor; I can’t describe it.  But if your apartment has a terrible odor all the time, it’s probably pesticide.

Set up a “safe area” in your apartment.  A place where you can sleep and have some protection.  Don’t be all over the place trying to protect yourself,  it will tire you out.  So the “safe area” is an area you can use at night and during the day.  An area where you don’t have to worry about being hit.  You can have your t.v., radio, phone, things to keep you safe, etc. in this area.  And when things get really bad, you can use this space.  If you have some space no one knows about, that’s even better. Don’t worry about the rest of the apartment or house, give your all to this space.  Worrying about your furniture and other things in your apartment, or house, is, in my opinion, a waste of time.  Only worry about staying safe and your health.  These two things are the things you should worry about.  You have a lot of crap going on in your life now, so this reduces what you have to worry about.  I know your furniture and other things are important, but are they as important as staying safe and healthy?  I would say no. That’s why I believe in an area to keep yourself safe. Don’t let anyone see your safe area.  Once someone sees it, it won’t be safe anymore. I used to have a “safe area”, but I no longer do.  The apartment I now have is a studio and no matter which way I turn, there’s no place I can go to be safe. I regret I ever took this horrible place.  Of all the places I’ve lived, this place has been the worse.  The people who live here are sub-humans, really, on a lower level than sub-humans.  They’re all savages!  Especially the management people.

If you’re trying to find a place to live, make sure the property manager and her husband don’t live on the premises, as mine do.  Their time is spent watching you and encouraging other tenants to do the same. And they can get into your apartment any time they want. At least if they live elsewhere, you don’t have to put up with them on weekends and holidays. If they live on premises, they’re ALWAYS there! After a while…I’m not going to write what I was thinking.  But I’m sure you get my drift.

If you’ve found my tips helpful, please let me know.  And if you have any tips on staying safe, please let me know.  Thanks.


Gang Stalking – The man upstairs.

English: Cockpit A-2 leather bomber jacket

Image via Wikipedia - bomber jacket

English: Ellecid.com skinny jeans, flap back p...

Image via Wikipedia


Suitcases (Photo credit: Rog42)

English: A roll of silver, Scotch brand duct tape.

Image via Wikipedia

The man upstairs moved in about October, 2011.  He moved in with the woman who has harassed me since January, 2011.  She’s the one who pushed me onto the gravel one day.  She also used to throw garbage all over my front door.  But she’s no longer living in the above apartment.

One day I was on my way to the store, when the man upstairs came running up to me.  He told me to stop disrespecting his girlfriend.  I replied, “Your girlfriend?!  You’re about the fifth guy she’s had up there in less than a year.”  He put his head down, as in big shock to him, and replied, “I don’t care about you, or her.”  He walked away from me with his head down.  Later on in the day, I heard them arguing. I guess he was relaying to her what I said.  I heard her say, “No, you’re not throwing me out. I’m leaving of my will.”  Since then, I haven’t seen her, and he took over her place.

The apartment above me  has been decorated by the government, so people move in and out with what they came.  The apartment comes with a t.v., bed, couches, radio, etc.  And gang stalkers are easy to replace.  The woman who left was here a whole year, the longest.  Most gang stalkers last a few months, and then disappear.  I protect myself, and they don’t like being hit.  They can dish it out, but they can’t take it.  I have no choice, but to protect myself.  And I do a damn good job of protecting myself.  After almost four years, I’ve learned a few tricks.  The gang stalkers all come in with an attitude  of “I’m going to get the bitch”, and wide-eyed.  Well, after a few weeks, they realize that it’s not an easy job.  And I do everything possible to make their life hell.

The man that’s currently occupying the apartment doesn’t sleep at all.  He’s up all night trying to make me stay awake.  The purpose of keeping me awake is to make me lose my temper;  maybe lose it so much that they can have me committed to a mental institution. But I’ve learned to sleep through all the garbage that’s sent my way.  Plus he’s sprays a lot of brown pesticide.  The pesticide used to be green, now it’s a dark brown color and stains everything.  The pesticide stains are over my clothes.  I’m down to a pair of skinny, black jeans.  Oh, I forgot the maintenance man put a slash on my skinny, black jeans.  I taped the skinny jeans with duct tape, and use them as they are.  I have no clothes that are wearable anymore.  I hate to buy new clothes because it’s a waste of money.

About a month ago, I bought a rolling suitcase.  I put all my I.D., computer, phone, bomber jacket, etc. and carry it with me everywhere I go.  I had the suitcase about two days and  got on the bus.  I held on tightly to my suitcase.  When I got off the bus, someone had broken the handle, and there were slashes all over the front of  it. I don’t know how they did it.  I still use the suitcase as it is.  It’s taped with brown duct tape.  The other day, a gang stalker, made a remark about me being homeless after looking at my suitcase.  The suitcase looks really bad, but I’m not buying another one and have it ruined.

So, it is with the clothes.  I’m going to be wearing my skinny, black jeans until I cannot no longer wear them. Why throw away good money? I know if I get new clothes, they’ll just get stains and become unwearable.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay2011 – Monkeys used as ginny pigs to test toxins.

I listen to the radio a lot. I find a lot more interesting things on the radio than I do on t.v. or the internet.

For instance, this morning I heard on the radio about monkeys that are used as test subjects for biological weapons.   Dr. John P. Pippin, Director of PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine), stated that monkeys from the Island of St. Kitts-Nevis are brought to the United States and  used  as test subjects to test toxin materials.  Once brought into the United States the   monkeys are then injected with toxins  and  watched.  They can be seen on camera having spasms, muscles jerking and others things that the toxins  cause.  Isn’t this horrible?  They sound like a bunch of Nazis.  Only thing, they’re testing monkeys, not people.

The program was recently stopped by the U.S.  after getting a lot of complaints from protesters (thank God for protestors).  So the monkeys are no longer test subjects.  Who, then, do they test these toxins on?  The doctor stated that actors are brought into the lab, filmed to mimic spasms, muscles jerking, so U.S. soldiers can identify what a biological attack  might look like when someone is suffering from a toxin attack.

Well, I’m sprayed with pesticide all the time, or it smells like pesticide.  Maybe I’m being sprayed with something worse.  Anyway, am I part of that monkey group?  Am I being a test subject for the U.S. government?  It would not surprise me if I were part of their experiment.  I’ve complained about being sprayed with pesticide to anyone who will listen, but no one will.  It just shows that animals get more sympathy than human beings.   I think they’re using all us targets as experiments.  People worry about monkeys being used unethically, but no one seems to worry about other human beings  used as targets.  I guess we targets replaced the monkeys. 

If you want to know more about the toxin experiments, go to google and you can find more info.

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