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Gang Stalking – Dr. Phil is an idiot!

Did anyone watch the video of Dr. Phil’s show on the man who appeared on his show to complain about cyber geeks stalking him? Dr. Phil treated the man rudely. Really never listened to anything he had to say, and of course, recommended he see a psychiatrist.

Now, I’m all for targets telling their stories, but this target did not do any of us any good. This man is an attorney and he’s been a victim of stalking for 4 years. He’s also been on drugs, and been clean for the last six months. Dr. Phil picked up on the drug thing right away and convinced the man that’s probably why he thinks he’s being stalked.

Matt, 51, told Dr. Phil he had proof in his computer, but when Dr. Phil’s cronies went to his computer, found no evidence of tampering. Of not, everything’s been removed from it by the hackers. This is what they do to me when I go to get my computer fixed. They remove all tell tales signs of hacking. And the geeks at the store always think I’m making things up.

Watch the video about Matt’s story on what he thinks is cyber stalking. He has no idea what is going on in his life, or that others are going through the same thing.

See the video http://www.drphil.com/shows/show/2142

And Dr. Phil is an idiot.



Gang Stalking – Family hatred.

Phone keypad

Phone keypad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just want to write a little more about the phone, because targets get confuse about it.

When I lived with my sister, a few times she left her phone out.  I would go through her phone and try to find the number she was using to hit me.  One day, I found the code. The code is about 15 numbers long.  I tried  it on her phone, but it wouldn’t work for me. I remember she used to put in the code, hit the lower right hand button of her phone and the phone would turn red. I did the same thing, but it didn’t work for me. The phone did not turn red,  so I probably missed a step. I think the phone has to be set up so the code can take. Without set-up someone can’t get into the phone and use it. This is why you always see the criminals looking at their phones. They are busy trying to enter the code so they can hit   y. Can you imagine having a sister do this to you?  The thought of doing something like this to someone in my family is abhorrent to me. It would bother me to be so evil, but obviously, it didn’t bother my family to do this to me. I didn’t realize how much hate they had for me until the gang stalking began. I am not an adopted child, so that rule doesn’t apply to me as to why I’ve become a victim of gang stalking. I honestly think I pissed someone off, which I tend to do . I’ve never suffered fools gladly.  I am sure I pissed someone off, but whom, I have no idea.

So I hope you have a better understanding of how the phone connects to your gang stalking life. The phone is very important to the perps in harassing us, and so is the computer.

And as always, the idiots surround me at the library. I hope all the criminals end up in jail.


Gang Stalking – Grow up, Americans, and stop harassing your fellow citizens!

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the University of Southern California (Video of the speech) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cute Little Girl in Pink Dances on  Beach duri...

Cute Little Girl in Pink Dances on Beach during the Kite Festival. (Photo credit: mikebaird)

The woman whom the police shot in Washington was a target. I know she is.  I listened very carefully to what everyone said about her.

They drove this woman so crazy all she wanted to do is die. That’s why she went through the gate. She wanted to end it all.

This woman’s next door neighbor said she was very quiet and kept to herself. Her neighbor said she never caused any problems.  She got fired from all her jobs. and recently had a baby. And she used to hear voices  telling her President Obama was talking to her. The perps talking to her, of course.  Why would an employer fire a woman who was a good worker?  He fired her because he was probably told to do it.  And here she was pregnant, hearing voices and without a job?  The bastards just drove her insane.  And her mother was definitely involved in her stalking.  She said her daughter was acting crazy.  How would she know?  She didn’t live with her daughter? The next door neighbor said she wasn’t crazy, Why would the mother say she was?  Because the mother was a no-good mother.  She was harassing her daughter.  I have no proof of any of this, but this woman was another victim of gang stalking. All the signs are there.  A good, decent woman driven to insanity by those freaks of nature who should all be in prison!

It’s happening more and more. Every week we read of someone just losing it.  And all the experts come out of the woodwork to say she was insane.  A bunch of idiots they are!  They don’t  know shit!

Now, a little girl lost her mother. A mother who loved her from all accounts I’ve read. She took really good care of her.  If she’d been crazy, she would’ve mistreated her daughter, but she didn’t.

Another day, another victim of gang stalking.

When the hell is this going to stop???  How many more people are going to get killed before something’s done?

Wake up, Americans!  Wake up to the damage you are doing to your fellow citizens, and stop the nonsense. Grow up!

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Gang Stalking – “Is there any drug abuse?,” asked the 911 operator.

English: A Chicago police officer on a segway.

English: A Chicago police officer on a segway. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Logo of the United States National Institute o...

Logo of the United States National Institute on Drug Abuse, part of the National Institutes of Health. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m finally able to get on my computer.  Again, I don’t know how long the computer will last before the hackers get at it.

I went out to the railing in front of my door to get some fresh air.  As soon as I stepped out, here come the kids and the people from downstairs.  I cannot step out in front of my door without a bunch of people appearing.   They want to make sure I go right back in.  So, I decided I’d go in and get my camera.  I came back out, and as soon as they saw my camera, the adults went running.  The kids stayed out.  I videotaped the kids to get proof of their rock throwing.   I want to get proof of what they’re doing to me.  The kids were running around and paid no attention to me.  So, I went back inside.

Bang!  Bang!  Bang!  Someone began banging on my door.  I did not open the door.  I said, “Who is it?”   A woman answered, “I want to talk to you.”  I replied, “What about?”   The woman said, “I heard you were taking pictures of my cousins.”  I replied, “If I want to take pictures of your cousins I can.”   She replied, “Don’t take pictures of my cousins anymore, or there’ll be trouble.” And she left.

Bang! Bang! Bang, bang, bang, bang.  Someone else was banging on my door  again. And this time the person was banging very loudly.  I did not open the door.  The person kept banging.  I asked, “Who is it?”   A woman responded.  It wasn’t the same voice.  She said, “I heard you were taking pictures of my cousins.”  I didn’t respond.  She banged, banged away.  She said, “Open the door. I’m going to take that camera away from you.”   She kept banging very loudly.  I heard her turn the door knob.  I told her if she didn’t stop banging on my door, I was going to call the police.  She kept banging,  so I called the police, something I never do.  There are so many  cousins, I was afraid they’d break into my apartment. The second woman who knocked on my door is ten times my size and can probably throw me without any problem.  If I tried pushing her, I’d be in trouble.

The 911 operator asked my name, address and all the typical questions.  When she got that out-of-the-way, the first question she asked, is, “Is there any drug abuse?”  I replied, “What do you mean?  Me, or them?”  The operator replied, “Anyone?’  I answered, “Well, I’m not using any drugs, I don’t know about them.”

When I was living an ordinary life, this question never came up, but since I’m a target, supposedly I do drugs, drink, etc.  The operator ended the call by saying the police would come.

So far, no police. And if the police show up I’ll be very surprised.

P.S.  Two Metropolitan Las Vegas officers  just showed up. See you later.

I’m back.  I went outside to talk to the police and they asked me what happened.  And I explained to them how I’m never left alone by the people downstairs and the tenants on my floor.  Before I could get a word in edgewise, the perps were all over the place trying to get in their side of the story.  The police officer told them to wait until I told my side.  One of the police officers seemed to want to listen to my story, but the other one had a smirky smile on his face, as if he didn’t believe anything I said.  When I finished with what I had to say, the police officer who was questioning me said, “Okay.”  And then as he walked away he said, “Just remind calm, okay?”  The way he said it  made me feel as if he was blaming me.  Because, you know, we’re all crazy, of course.

So now I have to be even more careful than before.  I have a bunch of gang cousins after me.

The life of a target is just so exciting…

Another day in Perplandia.

Oh, as I’m about to hit publish, the kids are out again screaming loudly, and one of the cousins is blowing his car horn.

Ah, life.

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Gang Stalking – Trust No One.

The New Worst Witch

The New Worst Witch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Antidepressants - Day 154

Antidepressants – Day 154 (Photo credit: JF Sebastian)


Anti-ACLU-2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wrote the other day of a decoration I bought of a crashed witch and I wondered how long it would last. Well, the first day, the perps folded the left corner diagonally over the witch’s face. And today, when I opened my door, they twisted the plastic witch and made it into a roll.  And I kept hearing boo-hoo, boo-hoo, boo-hoo, boo-hoo over and over. Someone was saying it very loud and laughing. The perps have such originality, don’t they?

I noticed that I have a few new readers. People who have strange things happening to them, but don’t  know what in the world is going on. I just want to give you newbies a few hints.

1. You’re not crazy. Don’t let anyone tell you need to see a psychiatrist. You don’t need one. You’re very sane. You’re saner than a lot of the people who harass you. They’re the ones who should be seeing psychiatrists.

2. Don’t let anyone convince you to take medication for your problem. You don’t need it. And especially if they try to tell you to take antidepressants. If you begin to take antidepressants, they will use it against you. If you complain about what’s happening to you, they’ll tell people you’re on antidepressants and that’s why you imagine people are following you around. So stay away from the pills. If you don’t, they’ll tell everyone you’re crazy. They’ll tell everyone you’re crazy, anyway, but they’ll have nothing to back it up. If you take antidepressants, then they will.

3. I hate to have to tell you this, but it’s the truth. Usually, our families are in on what’s happening to us, and are part of the gang stalkers. Family will usually tell you that you’re imaging things and to seek help from a doctor.  Keep an open mind on this. I know you probably think I don’t know what I’m talking about, but I do.

4. Probably someone you know reported you to the government as being a dangerous person. It could be someone who has a grudge against you, a lawyer, family, it could be someone you had a run-in with, your boss, etc. It could be anyone. They’ve reported you under the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act encourages people to report anyone they think is dangerous to their community leaders. This gets you placed on a list of people who are dangerous. And your life becomes a living hell. You become a target and people in the community are told to watch everything you say and do. It’s like what happened in Nazi Germany.

5. And the lies begin about you. The people will be told you’re crazy, on antidepressants, a drunk, pedophile, anti-American, very violent, etc.

6. The perps will break into your home, or apartment, almost every day. They’ll steal your food, put poison in your food, rip your clothes, mess with your car, kill your pets, steal your money, hack your computer, put dirt in front of your apartment or home, etc. There is nothing the perps will not do to you.

7. You will be watched 24/7. There is nowhere you can go to get away from the perps. They’ll be everywhere you go. And I mean everywhere. It doesn’t matter where you go.

8. Don’t move. If you have a home and can afford upkeep, don’t give it up. If you’re thinking of moving to get away from the perps, it won’t make any difference. Wherever you go, there will be new perps to follow you around. Save your money and stay where you are. You can’t get away from the bastards! And don’t think that if you move out of the U.S. it will stop. It won’t. Gang stalking is happening in almost every country.

9. You really can’t trust anyone; not your doctor, cashier, friend, family, church members, librarians, your next door neighbor, priests, police, FBI, ACLU, US government, etc. No one! Don’t bother complaining to police, FBI, government,etc. about what’s happening to you. They all know what’s happening and will not help you. And you might even be arrested and accused of making up stories. So forget about getting help from any government.

10. Try to live your life as normally as you can. I know you’ll probably want to hide from the world with all the garbage thrown your way, but don’t. It’s not good for your mental state.

11. Be careful when you eat out. You will get undercooked food, given the wrong food, poison put in it, you’ll be given old food (sometimes they’ll even give you something they take out of the garbage), and raw food. Expect bad food wherever you go. If you do eat out, check out the food very carefully before you eat it. Or you might end up with food poisoning.

The things above are just some of the things that might happen to you. Expect anything and everything to happen to you.

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Gang Stalking – A pigeon is stalking me.



Columbidae (Photo credit: Iñaki Mateos)

Feral pigeon (Columba livia).

Feral pigeon (Columba livia). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, I’m not going to write about gang stalking, but I will write about stalking. We  targets all need time off from thinking about gang stalking.

I’m being stalked by a pigeon.  I know that sounds funny, but it’s true.  Let me tell you how it began.

Whenever I go grocery shopping,  I’ll take a break and have something to eat while sitting outside, and enjoy the fresh air.  Most of the times what I eat is a sandwich, and a  lot of times, I don’t finish the sandwich and throw it out.  I began to think that this is a waste of food while there are millions  of people  all over the world starving.

When I sit down, there are always a lot of pigeons around.  So I began feeding the pigeons whatever I had left of my sandwich. Sometimes I didn’t eat a sandwich, and the birds waited for me to throw them something.  I felt bad not throwing them something to eat, so I began buying seeds for the birds to eat.

As soon as the birds saw me coming, they came flying from everywhere.  One day I noticed that one of the pigeons had plastic on its claws.  I tried to get close to the pigeon to remove the plastic, but the pigeon would not let me near him. And for weeks, I saw the poor pigeon with plastic on its claws.

One day, the pigeon showed up with no claws.  His claws had been removed.  It looks like what our feet would look like if we had our toes removed.  I  really felt bad I couldn’t help the pigeon.

Anyway, every time I threw food, the de-clawed pigeon had trouble getting some of the seeds I threw.  I began to throw food toward him to make it easier for him to get some.  After a while, he began to edge closer to me because he knew I was trying to help him.

One day, I was sitting on a rock, while waiting for the bus and doing my crossword puzzle,  I noticed a pigeon walking around me. I didn’t pay any attention. And the pigeon kept getting closer  and shyly edged toward me.  I looked up and it was the pigeon I’d tried to help.  He shyly sat next to me, and cooed.  When the bus came, I ran to get the bus, and didn’t think twice about the pigeon.

I came  out of  my apartment one day, and guess who was sitting on the railing in front of my door?  The pigeon. Ever since then, every time I step out of my apartment, the pigeon is waiting for me.

I don’t know how the pigeon knows where I live.  Sometimes I come out of my apartment and stand by my railing, and I’ll see the pigeon on the roof watching me.  I can be three to four miles from where I live and the pigeon will show up.  So he’s stalking me.  So even the birds are stalking me.

But it’s kind of comforting to know someone is watching out for me, even if it’s a pigeon.

I used to think of pigeons as flying rats.  I no longer think that. Pigeons are very intelligent creatures.  How did the pigeon find me? He must have followed me home.    And now he follows me everywhere.  Sometimes when I don’t see the pigeon, I wonder if something’s happened to him.   I know some day, he’s not going to show up;  something will probably happen to him.  And when that day comes, I’ll miss the pigeon.

Life is strange, isn’t it?  Who thought a pigeon could get attached to a human, and a human to a pigeon?

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Gang Stalking – Moving? Read this to avoid problems.


August 2009 Mosaic

August 2009 Mosaic (Photo credit: Jill Clardy)

When I decided to find a new apartment, I notified the manager of  the complex I would be moving.  My lease was up in July.  I notified her in May I would be moving, and then, I repeatedly told her I would be moving.   A week before I was to move, the manager left a notice on my door that I hadn’t notified her in writing.  Since I verbally told her I was moving, it didn’t count that I’d notified her.   She told me that either I renew my  lease or she would deny me my security deposit and let others know that I’d run out on my lease, therefore, ruining my credit.  Of course, I went into the office and reminded her I’d told her.  She said it didn’t count.  It had to be written notice, nothing else counted.  I just bet.  I bet there were plenty of other tenants who told her they were moving and never gave written notice.  Of course, for me it didn’t count.  I’m a target and it always “screw her time.”

I had already found another apartment and put down a deposit, so if I moved into the new apartment, my credit would be ruined.  I decided just to pay rent for the new apartment and pay rent on my old apartment.   I kept the old apartment for the whole month of August. I wasn’t about to pay for something and not get my money’s worth.  At first, I cursed the woman every time I thought of her.  What a b—h.  She purposely waited for the last-minute to let me know of my written notice.  But in the end, it worked out well for me.  I had a whole month to slowly move from one apartment to another.  And I took the whole month of August to move my stuff, and was able to clean the apartment.

On the last day that I was in my old apartment, I asked the manager to check everything out before I left.  She sure did check everything out.   She began by blaming me for the door being off its hinges (her husband broke the hinges).  There were marks  on the wall (done by her husband) and I got the blame.  Her husband  tore the blinds, and again she blamed me for it.  And as she went about the apartment, she checked off how much I’d have to pay for all the repairs.  It came to over $500. Not only did she screw me  with the moving date, but she also was going to charge me for the damage to the apartment.  I’d had enough of her screwing me.  I told her she was going to have to take me to court to get the money.  I was not going to pay for damage done by her husband.

She also told me I had to be out of the apartment by 5 p.m. of that date.  I’d paid for the whole day, but she threatened to make me pay for another month if I wasn’t out of the apartment by 5  p.m.  Oh, yeah.  I went out after she threatened to make me pay for another month.  There was nothing in the lease about me having to be out of the apartment by 5 p.m., so I wasn’t worried about her threatening me.  But as I was walking around, I saw a police officer and questioned him about what my rights were about moving date.  He reconfirmed everything about the moving and my rights.  I had the right to stay till 11:59 p.m. on my last day since I already paid for the day.  I could not go over that time.

So I’m telling you about my  experience so it doesn’t happen to you.  Make sure that before you move, you give written notice and make sure you get a written copy signed by the manager, which is what I did.  I didn’t want her saying  I never gave her written notice.

Also, make sure your apartment is as clean as you can get it.  You don’t want them charging you for any damage to the apartment, especially since I’m sure you’ve caused no damage.  And when you turn in your keys, also get the manager’s written signature that you’ve returned the keys.  You don’t want her saying you didn’t return the keys.  Get a signature for everything you turn in.  You really can’t trust any complex manager.  They’re all part  of gang stalking, every one of them.  They get money for recruiting tenants, so it’s in  their interest to screw you.

When cleaning out your apartment, leave nothing behind, nothing.  I used to watch the maintenance man when he cleaned the apartments of  tenants who moved.  When the regular tenants moved, everything would go straight into the dumpsters.  When a target moved, he would put everything into a trash container, take it to the office and go through what a target left.  So leave absolutely behind they can use against you.  I’m sure there’s nothing you leave behind that means much of anything, but believe me, they’ll turn it into evidence.  Leave nothing behind!

Tomorrow, I’ll write more things about moving and some new things I learned about a new apartment and moving. Until then…

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Gang Stalking – Make sure you’re on the right site.

Facebook Notifications Management (Mark as Spam!)

Double Check

Double Check (Photo credit: vpickering)


WordPress (Photo credit: Adriano Gasparri)


If you read my blog,  I want to warn you about the phony site that’s added to my blog.  I saw a copy of it yesterday.  After I publish my blog it goes to Facebook. When I go to my Facebook account,  I always double-check my blog  to make sure I haven’t missed any mistakes.   I hit the title of my blog and it was alright, but underneath the title there was “wp.me” making it look as if it’s sent by WordPress.   I hit “wp.me” and what I saw was a mess.  The blog I’d typed was missing all the spaces between paragraphs and everything was just stuck together, making it unreadable.  I didn’t want to read it, so I can imagine no else would, either.  The paragraphs were missing, no spaces between anything.  Everything just lumped together.  So when you go to my blog, be sure you hit the title of my blog.  Don’t ever hit “wp.me”.  It’s just part of what they do to my blog.  Of course, if you want to see what they do, go ahead and look, and you’ll see what I mean.  “wp.me” is not part of WordPress, so don’t be fooled.

Have a good day.

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Gang Stalking – No tranquilizers, please.

Least Weasel (Mustela nivalis) at the British ...

Today as I was returning from the store, some little weasel spit on me.  I saw the spit coming and moved out-of-the-way.  I wanted to run after the weasel and beat the weasel out of him.  I controlled myself, because that’s exactly what they want me to do.  They’d call the police, tell the police I’m crazy, and before I know it , I’ll be put into some mental institution and turned into a zombie.  They’d fill my body with tranquilizers, and I’ll be in such a haze, they’ll be able to do anything they want to me. It’s happened to a lot of the T.I.s I know.

I know a T.I. lady who lost her house, because of the gang stalking.  She was so upset at losing her house, she checked herself into the hospital. Of course, she ended up on tranquilizers and she’s still on them.  She’s not aware that what she did, is exactly what they hoped she do.  Now she’s happily tranquilized and nothing bothers her.  Usually, when they’re able to get you on tranquilizers, they cut back on the gang stalking.  They get the target tranquilized out of oblivion.  That’s all they need.  Then when a target complains about being gang stalked, they can say the target is on tranquilizers, and how can anyone believe someone who is taking tranquilizers. They will say the  person is crazy, of course.

So I’m warning anyone who is a target, don’t take any tranquilizers.  Or any kind of medication that zonks you out.  They like having you in a zoned out state.  It’s what they work toward.  So far, they haven’t gotten me to take tranquilizers, although they been trying.  They got my doctor to ask me if I want to go on tranquilizers because of what I’m going through.  I firmly told him no. He hasn’t bothered me since then, because he knows I won’t take them.

So, targets out there, if you can, STAY AWAY FROM TRANQUILIZERS! I’m just giving you a warning.  Please heed what I say.  It’s for your own good. But, of course, you have free will, and you can do what you want.

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Gang Stalking – Have terrible odor in your apartment, probably pesticide.

English: Monsanto pesticide to be sprayed on f...

Image via Wikipedia

English: A sign warning about pesticide exposure.

Image via Wikipedia

All week-long I’ve told you how to defend yourself.  And today I’ll continue along the same lines.

I’ve told you about the pipes under the floor that carry water and are used to make the pulsating sensation you feel; plus electricity comes at you from everywhere.  Mix the two together, you get the pulsations.  Not only is this done to you, but you have gang stalkers, surrounding you, doing the same thing.

You probably don’t know this, but they spray pesticide at you.  Have you noticed that your clothes are brown?  Abnormally so.  They’re spraying pesticide at you.  It used to be a green spray, but now the color is brown. The brown pesticide stains all the clothes. The United States government must spend millions (I would love to see  their bill for pesticide) on buying pesticide.  Pesticide is something everyone uses, so if U.S. buys pesticide no one thinks anything of it.  They’re covered. I’m sure the same holds true for other governments.

I really worry about the pesticide that’s sprayed on me.  It must go into my lungs.  And what other damage is it doing to the rest of my body? Oh, you can tell if you’re sprayed with pesticide by the smell. Your apartment will always have a terrible odor. It’s not the normal pesticide smell that you’re used to. It’s a terrible odor; I can’t describe it.  But if your apartment has a terrible odor all the time, it’s probably pesticide.

Set up a “safe area” in your apartment.  A place where you can sleep and have some protection.  Don’t be all over the place trying to protect yourself,  it will tire you out.  So the “safe area” is an area you can use at night and during the day.  An area where you don’t have to worry about being hit.  You can have your t.v., radio, phone, things to keep you safe, etc. in this area.  And when things get really bad, you can use this space.  If you have some space no one knows about, that’s even better. Don’t worry about the rest of the apartment or house, give your all to this space.  Worrying about your furniture and other things in your apartment, or house, is, in my opinion, a waste of time.  Only worry about staying safe and your health.  These two things are the things you should worry about.  You have a lot of crap going on in your life now, so this reduces what you have to worry about.  I know your furniture and other things are important, but are they as important as staying safe and healthy?  I would say no. That’s why I believe in an area to keep yourself safe. Don’t let anyone see your safe area.  Once someone sees it, it won’t be safe anymore. I used to have a “safe area”, but I no longer do.  The apartment I now have is a studio and no matter which way I turn, there’s no place I can go to be safe. I regret I ever took this horrible place.  Of all the places I’ve lived, this place has been the worse.  The people who live here are sub-humans, really, on a lower level than sub-humans.  They’re all savages!  Especially the management people.

If you’re trying to find a place to live, make sure the property manager and her husband don’t live on the premises, as mine do.  Their time is spent watching you and encouraging other tenants to do the same. And they can get into your apartment any time they want. At least if they live elsewhere, you don’t have to put up with them on weekends and holidays. If they live on premises, they’re ALWAYS there! After a while…I’m not going to write what I was thinking.  But I’m sure you get my drift.

If you’ve found my tips helpful, please let me know.  And if you have any tips on staying safe, please let me know.  Thanks.