Gang Stalking – America was never a freedom-loving country.

I really used to love America. I felt lucky to be living in such a free country where I could do and become what I wanted. When I heard stories from China, Russia, N. Korea and other countries which had dictatorships, I felt sorry for the people and was happy I lived in the free U.S.A. The country that pride itself on letting citizens live freely. But during those years, I began to notice that things didn’t alway jive with this American story. One day, I was watching the History channel and heard the story of the Japanese interment in California. The Japanese had their homes and businesses taken away from them and put in camps, where  guards watched and harassed them. But I felt better by  convincing myself that maybe they deserved  it  for what they did to the U.S.S. Arizona. The Japanese had blown up the ship and the soldiers in it. But I still had questions and went to work and asked  an elderly woman if this had really happened. She  answered, ” Yes.” I asked her, “Did anyone say anything about the interment of Japanese?” She answered , “No.”

After this awakening, I began to read about other atrocities the U.S.A had committed. What it did to the American Indians. It took away their land and killed many of them.  And in the South, blacks were told that the government was giving them free health care. So blacks signed up to get free health care, but they were not told they were test subjects. The blacks were injected with diseases like syphilis. Many of them passed the disease on to their children and many blacks died of the disease. And then the U.S.A. also made test subjects of Guatemalan people. They were also infected with syphilis and other diseases. And then  came the era of McCarthy. It was dark period where any American who was thought to be a Communist was blacklisted. These people couldn’t get jobs, go anywhere, etc. They were treated as we targets get treated today. Only thing, we have it worse. The technology today makes it easier tor us targets to live a worse life than the people who were thought to be Communists.    And there were tests done on poor women in New York. It went on during the 50s.  And there have been many atrocities committed throughout the years by U.S.A.  If you’re interested in find out more about the atrocities committed by U.S.A., Google it and you’ll see a long, long lists of atrocities committed by freedom-loving America.

I been a victim of America’s atrocity now for over 6 years. There’s not a day that goes by in free-loving America that I don’t suffer. I’m harassed non-stop by other citizens. At nighttime, I’m hit with electricity, my bedroom become an oven-like place, my food’s poisoned, my clothes ripped, clothes stolen, and I could on ad nauseam with freedom-loving does to me and other targets,

So far, we targets haven’t been able to get help from any government agencies, because they are all involved in what’s happening to us. But not only are we targets here in the U.S., but there targets like us all over the world. Other countries are also targeting their citizens. And I’m sure the United Nations know all of this is going on and won’t do a damn thing to help us! The United Nations is full of it. If the world were at peace it would be put out of business. And it should be. It doesn’t do a damn thing to help all the people all over the world who are suffering.

And still, it’s hard to believe that Americans believe that the U.S.A. is still free. The countries I didn’t envy are still dictatorships. And America’s become part of that group.

Americans are still asleep.  When are they going to wake up and realize that America is not a freedom-loving country? I don’t think it ever was. Not with all those atrocities committed by the U.S.A. How can it be?

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6 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – America was never a freedom-loving country.

  1. Excellent comments! All true. Gangstalkers and their handlers cannot handle having the tables turned, it is a one way thing for them, hypocrites. Not all government people are involved. And not all gangsters do it.

    • Did you notice all the white cars in the 2nd video? That’s what they do to me? And Homeland Security helped someone to hide? Why take any video at all? It shows a lot and if someone really wanted to find this person, he/she probably could.

  2. Cognitive dissonance and other human defense mechanisms, wants and needs have been exploited to the max by the governments of the world-Especially here.

    Nothing new here: I guarantee that most people in Russia, pre-Nazi Germany, Pre-Maoist China and so on never, ever could imagine that their government could harm their own and other people-It contradicts their entire mental framework or paradigm and honestly its easier, more comfortable and safer to believe lies even though that means a world of hurt for nearly everyone when the SHTF as it has repeatedly done in one “civilized” nation after another.

    And what people HAVE had the balls to speak up in Communist China, Nazi Germany, Stasi East Berlin, ect were………Gang stalked and/or committed to an asylum and so on for speaking the truth which if it spread to the entire populace including the armed forces of these nations would have STOPPED the fascist, communist, genocidal big brother takeover which is WHY the media distracts, censors, omits information, lies outright, why the flicker rate on HDTVs (and other electronics probably) are fucking hypnotic.

    No governments (that I know of) EVER wanted peace, a high quality of life for the “common people,” the right of privacy, for people to peacefully pursue their dreams and speak their mind, for people to be healthy and happy:EVERYTHING the governments of the world does is OPPOSITE of what would make a happy, healthy, optimistic;Hopeful and prosperous (spiritually) population.

    And gang stalking, I’m sorry to say is just one SMALL slice of the S–T pie of crimes committed by the nations of the world-Gang stalking is insanely criminal, absurdly Fkng weird and sadistic but TIs are not “special” when it comes to grief;I’m NOT downplaying the shit we put up with in ANY WAY-Just being honest relative to the corruption, the crimes and outright inhumanity committed by the sick, sociopaths and psycopaths who get off on:

    Suffering and hurting instead of healing.
    Destruction instead of building.
    Killing off slowly instead of nurturing.
    Conformity instead of free thinking originality.
    Sick in mind and body instead of in sync with the earth and life in general.

    Some “people” are not happy unless they are destroying, murdering and controlling all they survey.
    Its nearly impossible for TIs and any halfway decent people to try to BEGIN to understand how the sick fuck mind works-Its a stinking, black icy void of chaos.

  3. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Right on. I understand your sympathy for other groups of people like American Blacks, American Indians, etc. Do not forget that there is another form of terrorism being waged on Working White Americans, that being Financial Terrorism via usury or bad loans and currency manipulation from the Jew Fed.

    NO ONE is truly tree in Amurkistan. Blacks waging black on white crime (see Council of Conservative Citizens blog) believe they are ‘free’ because they can kill white people with impunity. The dumb Mexicans fleeing Mexico are tomorrow’s new slaves. All these minorities point their finger at Working Whites and scream the bogus chant “white privilege” when in fact lower class whites had it worse than black slaves in the South. America NEVER was a nation, but The Plantation. White women were ALWAYS enslaved – they were to be the lady of the house while their husbands fucked slaves, etc.

    America is a corporation. No freedom in that.

  4. Reblogged this on Mind Control Technology 101 Blog and commented:
    From the mouth of one of what some estimate to be nearing 500,000 US Citizens being denied even basic Human Rights, and who are used as human guinea pigs testing radio frequency technology along with Nazi style community organized stalking motivated usually by the agency targeting them after disinformation.

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