Gang Stalking – Oh, what a night!

Oh, what a night!

I was awaken at about a  little after midnight. The man next door kept coming to my front door and stomping his feet. The man upstairs walked noisily around his apartment and kept moving the machine he uses to hit me with electricity. Someone played loud music. Cars passed by my apartment blowing their horns.  I yelled to the someone who was blasting his music to lower it. The music kept playing. I’d had enough. I’ve been good 10 months. Have not uttered a word to any of the perps who live near me. I ignored them all. But there comes a time when it’s too much.

I got out of bed, opened the door and went in search of the loud music player. I yelled that I was going to call the cops (yeah, a lot that will do me). But they turned if off and I turned toward my apartment. I stood by the  railing watching the cars zoom by me and blow their horns. I took my little gadget and hit their lights. But they still kept coming. I kept hitting their lights. Pretty soon, the cars were going into the grass and turning around, or taking side streets to get back to where they came from. A few kept coming. But eventually they also left.

I stood by the railing and a young, blond-haired kid passed by me pulling at his hair. He looked homeless. He returned a minute later. I said, “Hey, what are you doing out this time of night?” He said, “Are you talking to me?” I said, “Yes.” He hurried away. He looked like one of those “lost” boys who people use for whatever purpose they feel like using them for. I felt sorry for him.

Black man who lives in apartment 210  came out, as he always does when I’m outside my apartment. He expected me to run back into my apartment, as I always do. But this time, I stayed put. He was not driving me into my apartment. I took out my little gadget and hit him. After a while, he went back into his apartment. A few minutes  later, he came out again. He stood by the railing. I kept looking at him and hitting him. While he was leaning on the railing, a young, white guy came out. He looked at me and went running down the stairs. I could hear the door slam behind him. Some hanky-panky going on? Probably.

The man in apartment 210 finally gave in and  went inside.

It got really quiet. No cars racing back and forth blowing their horns.  No man coming to my door and stomping his feet. No loud music. No strange boy running around. No neighbor from apartment 210 trying to force me into my apartment.

As I went into my apartment, I shouted, “You cockroaches can come out now. I’m going back into my apartment.”

It was quiet all night, for a change.

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12 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Oh, what a night!

    • It’s something you can buy in a toy store. I don’t want to say what it is because then the perps will know what it is and be able to use it against me. I don’t think you make it.

      • dunno what ur talking about. i just looked thru ur last 7 or 8 blogs and dont see anyone else with ‘dmatic’ in their name. do u remember who i am? i used to be sandesh pawar or deesh pawar or something like that, a google or facebook account. was it the same exact name or a similar one? i dont wanna type a novel here but u should know if its a perp or my account being hacked, unless u only get reminded of me when u see a comment of mine lol

        so yeah if u get past this, ur gadget u talk about has intrigued me. u say you “hit them with it”. i remember u pointing it at a guy’s crotch and he left.

        • Oh, yes, I have, and they act just as bad as the librarians who work for them. As with every place we live, no one will listen to us and are involved in our gang stalking.The hackers like to change the count on how many people read my blog. is usually good and changes it back. Thanks for letting me know.

    • I hope so, too. For what they’ve done to me and others. I know that the person who lived in the apartment before me was also a target. I’ve gotten her phone bills and electric bills, which I opened by mistake, and the bills are so high it’s unbelievable for an apartment this size. She also hasn’t changed her address, after 10 months, which tells me something.

  1. If your near fourty try two low dosage/baby aspirin at night watch the blood pressure. thay can burn out my inigma if they like ill just be calm when i act out people need to know what the law and masons are getting away with, we should make a registry of controllers/ perps send it to each target if they ever loss it, before they kill themselves to get the perps before, my computer has a mind of its own writing resume and dumps memory what i wouldnt give for permission

  2. This is clearly a combination of brainwashing, perp cellphone apps and computer notifications and lots of freebies from our govt to the perps-Think of the behind the scenes work required to coordinate your perping.

    It goes without saying that every time a perp makes a fool of themselves they s–t away more of their dignity and pride as a human being. But some people enjoy degrading and lowering themselves, believing that they deserve to think and act like scum for that quick fix of feeling better about their sad, empty lives and I don’t give a shit how many friends, family or how much money they have:If someone NEEDS to hurt another innocent human being for money, power and to feel better about themselves and if their main purpose on this planet is to make the world uglier and angrier-
    Then that person is totally and utterly worthless.

    People who do nothing, who take no sides but leave others alone are superior and far more worthwhile than the pieces of shit who find pleasure in making life darker, uglier and more fearful for others;The destroyers, the adult children, the adrenaline junkies, the sadists;Sociopaths and psychopaths.

    Again, I am thankful beyond words that I am not one of these hollow assholes.

    Did you get my last message, Neverending?
    How do I find your Facebook page?

    • Yes, I got your message. Do you have a Facebook page? I rather join you than post my name on here. And you can understand why.

      By the way, you’re a good writer. Why don’t you start a blog? is a good place to write.

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