Gang Stalking – Russia grants Edward Snowden 3 more years.

I don’t know if you care what happens to Edward Snowden, but I do. He was really the first person who spoke out and had evidence to back his claims about government getting into our phones, computers, etc. There were others before him, but few of them could prove what the government is doing. I know a lot of Americans consider Edward Snowden a traitor, but I don’t. He had the guts to do something he believed in. He knew he’d get in trouble once he spoke out about  what the U.S. government is doing. And he sure  did get in trouble. He no  longer has a U.S. passport. He belongs to no country. He’s a man without a country. He’s very much to me a patriot, as were Patrick Henry, and others who helped the U.S. gained independence from the Brits.

Here’s the video on Edward Snowden:

I hope you’re able to get the video. I know how they like to turn off anything about Edward Snowden.  If you can’t get it, go to Washington Post and type in Russia grants Edward Snowden 3 more years. You should then be able to get it.

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4 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Russia grants Edward Snowden 3 more years.

  1. So far to to date posting on the site my job ended after seven years six days a week only three days requested no holiday,it seems perps monitor it and act it out really is this the best government spooks wizards satanits can do really your hobby craft sucks tricks are for kids,have you people found any lately? masonic trash so sad and pathetic coming from the not so sad and pathetic by the way is that all you fags got readings non verbal communication floating around on the same spiritual cloud poof look at us grow up try the opposite sex be normal one of us its called heterosexual straight why the hell are you people still trying im not gay most likely will never be gay. I sure hope i can do my youtube video someday it will problably set research straight,stay strong targets ,back to the Russian woman who just e-mailed with pics just send me my eight percent never mind the useless rediculous freemason trash.

    • They do the gay thing to all of us. Try to play with our mind and convince us we’re gay. Don’t give it a second thought. Just put it out of your mind right away and stay busy. Sorry you lost your job.

  2. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    I think Edward Snowden embodies what many so called Americans lack: courage. You are exactly right in saying that he has no country, no homeland – but are not many of us who have been gangstalked and harassed by so called compatriots here in the Good Ole USA aka Amurkistan essentially ‘homeless’.
    I know I am at a crossroads. Where does one go anymore? Where does one live or set roots down? It is scary and unpredictable times we live in and thank God for people like Snowden. There are many that support him, but sadly, there are many who do not, primarily those little bureaucrats who push papers in so called jobs within the DC beltway who make their living off of making REAL Americans’ lives hell.

    • I responded to your comment and it was sent to trash and deleted. I also noticed that when you reblogged, there were #@$ signs toward the end of it so it won’t get where it’s sent.

      There’s really nowhere to go. Every country today seems to be in turmoil. And the U.S. is also in turmoil and not free, even though it tries to convince everyone it is.

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