Gang Stalking – Americans are the living dead.

It’s been a week of more and more perps. I don’t know how many there are. It sounds like I’m  exaggerating, but I’m not. There must be at least 300 perps after me. It seems people in Las Vegas have absolutely nothing to do with their lives. Their only life seems to be harassing people and drinking. They do nothing else. They spend all day running after people who haven’t bothered them  and then spend the rest of the time drinking, or doing drugs.

In the last week, they’ve been ripping all of my clothes, putting oil into my barbecue sauce, smashing my fruits and vegetables.  Oh, I forgot, also stealing my clothes and then returning them a day later, or not at all.   And, of course, the daily break-ins haven’t stopped.

I never know when I return home, what I’ll find in my fridge, my bathroom. my bed, my closet. It’s the same feeling I get when I come to the library. What will they do to me at the library? And what they will do to things in my apartment when I’m gone?

No person should have to live as I’m living;  not me, not you, no one!   The crack heads and all the lowlifes  belong in prison.

How is it that no one knows what’s happening to us, but some twitter gets  million hits when he/she couldn’t get a table at a fancy Las Vegas hotel? And a host states that he doesn’t want hippos showing up at his nightclub.

It’s ridiculous!

No wonder the USA is going to the dogs.

The USA has become a place where no one thinks anymore.  They truly are zombies. I’ve used the word “zombie” for a long time now, but, really, I thought American citizens aren’t really zombies. But I’ve given up on that idea, they TRULY are ZOMBIES. They’re the living dead.

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22 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Americans are the living dead.

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    • I don’t even have a computer anymore, it was frozen by the perps. So now I have to come to the library. I tried Mozilla, didn’t work for me. The hackers got right in and changed all the settings to their advantage. Every software I installed to stop the spying didn’t work at all. You see, they made a copy of my Windows 7 and re-install in the computer every time I try to have it fixed. But you do have good advise. Thanks.

  2. They swarm me wherever I go, try to ignore them, Zombies have no conscious of good & bad hence no morals. That’s why they are used as a part of the MC experiment, they just do what they’re told to do without thinking.

    Also they don’t know the word justice, but its going to be served on them one day hopefully very soon. So hang in there!

  3. Neverending,

    Every time I hear TIs talk about “class action lawsuits” I shake my head knowing full well that any lawyer who DOES take a TI’s case on gets a visit from local or federal law enforcement criminals and whether they get bribes and/or threats they drop the case.

    Gang stalking and work place mobbing: Every legislative body from local to federal, every Flaw enforcement worker, EMS;Fire, doctors, lawyers, mental health professionals, surgeons (who could remove implants), dentists, local to federal media are all in on it.

    The plain truth is that those who created this program from the physical stalking and the technology, those who enforce it, the civilian perps (many KNOW its illegal) are ALL aware that if organized gang stalking went public the way it SHOULD that you would have a serious societal “problem” since “unknown” and famous people from the local to federal levels and in all careers are being perped:Imagine a half million or more functioning adults watching TV and cable news coverage breaking every aspect of gang stalking and the reaction to it.

    The evil cowardly retards behind our perping have, do and will keep on committing serious crimes because between civilians, fusion centers, NSA, pinhead law enforcement from local to federal to state, the entire mental health system and on and on COVER FOR EACH OTHER like any other sick F—–KNG secret society, “good Ol’ boys” club or whatever name you want to give these meaningless, empty people.

    I have heard a lot of TIs (on radio shows and websites) comment that as soon summer hit the perps came out of the woodwork more than ever-Don’t know how that would work in Las Vegas,

    I know it sounds shallow but you are not alone.
    These sacks of S are attacking you more than ever because your blog is really reaching a lot of people.

    I guarantee that some of your subscribers share your writings.

    Here it is in the simplest way I can put:

    The freaks in this program do not want ANYONE to give other TIs hope, information, insight, defense, a feeling of “community” and anything else that goes against their “laws.

    These stupid, sad sons of bitches actually believe that it is “their power” to “put us in our place,”

    They aren’t just zombies, they are brainwashed, directionless, sad assholes who THINK they’re happy, who THINK they know what a “good time is” but like any other sick F–K junkie the short adrenaline/energy rush they get from perping and their other crimes is short-lived, Just like their attention span.

    You have to keep reminding yourself how lucky you are that you are NOTHING like these things, Neverending.

  4. I really have no sympathy for them but they are trapped, can’t you feel it? When I remind them of it they put their head down and hunch their shoulders. Eleanor said if they quit perping they would get targetted worse than us. Also, they have made a deal with the evil one and don’t think they can get out of it. I think they could if they really repented. I don’t see them wanting to leave as they get a thrill out of hurting us and I believe a lot of them were very lonely before they became perps and they would miss having so many “friends”.

    • I agree. Most of them weren’t very popular, and are trying to get even for whatever was done to them, so taking things out on us makes them feel better. “Friends”? The perps will turn on each other in a New York minute.

      • They are like those real ugly mean girls at school who plotted revenge on people all the time since they felt cursed by their bad looks.

          • They read what I say. I lost it with them yesterday. My “neighbor” was bringing in newbie perps to her house to train them yesterday. One of the newbies told me he’d kill my cat.

            • The perps always try to start your day right, don’t they? Always something to start our day miserably. I’d complain to the police about the man saying he’d kill your cat. This way if the cat ends up dead, they know who to look for. This way you have proof (hopefully). I know the police are useless when it comes to any complaints we have, but maybe it’ll work.

  5. Hi: I think parts of World War “Z” was filmed in Houston they didn’t have to cast any extras just started filming downtown. Stalkers/Perps think are practicing Zen philosiphy it is what it is cause it is so to speak, That is only groups mentality.How the fuck should they be wasting time on you or me when missing children,predators,drug dealers,crack heads,panhandlers rarely get any mention yet fuck withs altering your thoughts they are wasting time and alot of money surviallence resources could be better alocated.

  6. Don’t you dare give up. I feel your pain, they put dog food in my drawers, closets, stole my shoes, paper work…you name it (recently not just all the past bs) ……these people are the most vile human beings that could perpetrate such harm on another let alone on someone that might be family………… don’t lose faith the Lord, he is with you! I am Melody Jones(smith my target name), you can call me anytime 901 378 5404…I have not blogged what they did to me, I just kept the paper work.. I am feeling about to expose what the perps do to me……I am done.. with this chit…. we as TI need to stand together and lift a hand to our fellow TI,s Like the under ground railroad!!!!!!!!..for TI’S… the caution we need to use, is the perps aren’t policing us…which they are normally doing they are try to convert us into their evil chit………..Keep the faith, if you need me call me, contact me, whatever, I am on board!! need a place, money , I will do it.. I want to stop this chit…. ..

  7. Their souls are completely dead. They have given themselves over to the evil one for a little “fun” harassing others and ruining lives. They are dead dogs, the eternally lost. A few stop perping according to Eleanor White but very few. I doubt any of these ahem, people knew exactly what they were getting into when they signed their lives away to become tools for evil.

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