Gang Stalking – As targets, we should always expect the unexpected.

I almost had a fire in my apartment.

When I want something toasted, I use the oven., I used to have a toaster, but the perps screwed around with the electrical system. I put on the toaster one day  and sparks came out of it. It was less than 3 months old. Since then, I don’t use the toaster, nor the microwave.

Anyway, as to the fire. I put some bread on a cookie sheet to toast. When the toast was almost done, I couldn’t find my oven mitten. It wasn’t where I always put it. So I grabbed a towel. Bad move. When I tried to get the cookie sheet out of the oven, it was too hot and I dropped the towel. The towel caught fire . I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off. Finally, I came to my senses and turned the oven off. and made sure the oven wasn’t letting in any air.  It took from 10-13 minutes for the fire to go out.

I did find my oven mitten. Someone had hidden it in the first shelf of my kitchen cabinet, way in the back. I always keep the oven mitten on the counter where I can easily grab it.

I was lucky this time, but I’d like to get the idiot who hid my oven mitten. I know who did it. She’s always near my apartment, but I can’t prove it. She’s the lady who cleans the apartments when someone moves  out. She seems to have nothing to do, but hang around where I live. She comes in when I’m gone and puts things in my food and steal things.

I wish I could find a camera to catch her in the act of stealing something from my apartment. I’d like to put her in jail where she belongs.

I know I should’ve had the oven mitten ready when I put the cookie sheet in the oven, but who thinks something won’t be nearby when we need it. I should know better by now. I should always expect the unexpected.

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6 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – As targets, we should always expect the unexpected.

  1. The perps have killed every toaster I have ever had. They also kill expensive coffee makers but will let me keep a cheap one for awhile. I had a perp come in at night a bit ago and found a very long hair not my color in my purse. I might try the duct tape.

  2. don’t worry you will all end up ruining there day/days if you haven’t already Lord forgive some of the directors? controllers how can they just remain anonimous Monson Police,Freemasons and Faculty Of Monson Jr.Sr.High School and St.Patricks Parish collectivelly practice human subject testing on abused children. In many decades of programming my primary attitude towards how i feel about your redicoulous experiments involving hypnotism community policing will proplably never change burn in hell you rediculous fools who follow a truly false god i would not follow bapmohet or his gay followers you fools are sad living through us targets im wasting your presious time perps i usually cut out mason obituaries knowing that that masonic rainbow job trash will never harm another child burn mason burn. we will tell the world hang in there targets

  3. You can’t assume that the cleaning lady is the only person with access to your apartment. Door Bumping is the technique most widely employed to enter through virtually all cylinder-type locks.  Look it up. When you are talking to police in the future, you can mention that you know for a fact that your door is easily picked or bumped.  The more authoritative you sound, the less likely they can steam-roller over your attempts to report crime in your apartment.   The reason that your toaster and microwave spark (and your breaker box panel will spark as well and probably pop a breaker, too, if the load is high enough) is because the perps are using a step-down transformer to steal power circuit amperage, but not voltage.  A voltage meter will show normal voltage, but measure of the applied power load (demand) on the circuit will be very non-zero even if you have no equipment on that circuit.  The step down transformer must be nearby (usually in the attic/crawl space near the common wall. through which your perps have hacked into your circuit, and probably the primary power feed line, into your control panel.   Thus, batteries and other equipment running on the circuit can be reverse-flow ‘drained’ (air conditioner and freezer/refrigerator will heat rather than cool) by the power sucking step down transformer.  It operates with a loud cyclic low frequency hum that you can easily hear when you put your ear to the wall.  It gets louder the more power you have in your circuits.   Turn off all unused circuits in the apartment to limit the amount of power they thieve through the wall.   The sparking circuit  is essentially overloaded by the perps, without your having any equipment on that dedicated circuit.  Perp loads include observation equipment (visible and IR camera, recorders, all remotely controlled), wireless internet router to hack your computer, power to run heaters in summer and air conditioners in winter that feed hot/cold air into your apartment, and weapons – infrasound speakers, audio spotlighting speakers, remotely controlled microwave guns blasters/cannons and lasers.   You will have to take time to think through everything you do.  That means you keep small quantities of personal care products, food, cleaning agents, etc on hand, because they will put nasty stuff in all of it.  Been there, done that (including having my fruits and vegetables coated with a light oil containing PCP or caffeine, or both).   To ensure that nobody is entering your apartment while you are asleep, buy heavy duty duct tape (the cloth-backed type) and cut a longish piece in two with a unique zigzag cut pattern.  Place the two matching bits across all door and window openings in the form of an ‘X’.  Perps cannot get in and out of the door without leaving evidence.  Make sure you also do the attic-access door usually found in a closet or hallway.   It won’t stop them from coming in physically, but you will have your proof of entry while you are there and the perps hate when we have proof.   Remember that the perps are watching everything you do to see what and how you do things at home.  They are looking for new items to trash or alter.  Behavior patterns and items to take advantage of, when setting up nastiness – that is what they are looking for, beyond your ‘hot button’ reactions.  If you make a fuss over something, they will use it against you to get the desired reaction (they want to break your spirit and body).      

    • I had every circuit off that I don’t use. I have only the circuit for the bathroom, kitchen and that’s it. I live in a studio, so I don’t need too many lights. I already put tape on my door, plus I have heavy stones I found, near my door. Oh, I do know that they watch everything I do. It’s obvious when I’m home that they do. Wherever I am in my apartment, I’m hit with electricity. Thank you for all the info.

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